Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hi Ho ... Its Off to Work We Go!

 A slightly slower week this week, so hopefully I can make this comparatively short ...  On Monday I worked at Treasures.  Then that night Dad and I went to see 'Heaven is For Real' at the Water Garden's in AF.  Then Dad called Becca to see if we could go and see the house in AF that Becca and Brady had had their offer accepted on!  Yeah ... Spencer and Brittney came up to see it to.  Its a great house, and will be a lot of work, but will also be a great investment!!
 On Tuesday I painted stuff for flea.o.logy all day, then finished the stars on my pallet flag so I could list it on our ROCC sale day the next day.

Dad didn't have the temple, as it is closed for two weeks, so he went with me to Treasures to pick up the fountain bowl I was going to use to do my fairy garden on the short stump in the front.

On Wednesday I had the day off, and stayed home to do more painting for flea.o.logy.  We had our first Single Young Adult meeting that night, but Dad had to take a load of peanut butter to Saint George, and I went to the meeting alone.  Its going to be a great calling, and one I believe in too!! Not that I don't believe in any of the other callings I have (this one makes 5)  Its about helping to keep track of kids as they graduate from High School, and dive into life!!

After my meeting I ran and got plants and dirts for the fairy garden.
Then when Dad got home, we had a comfy, cozy 'read and doze' in our chairs.  Yep, that's it, its the old folks at home.  :-)

BTW, my pallet flag sold that day too, so I took it to work on Thursday and the lady who bought it picked it up there.  About 5:15 Dad dropped off Eva, as we were to make my fairy garden that night, and took Scott to go fishing up at Payson lakes.

Scott was very excited when he caught the first of the three fish they brought home later.

 When we got home from the antique mall, Eva and I started by filling the fountain bowl with dirt, ....

 ... then gravel and finally the plants.  We also used sculpty and made fairies for the garden, but the face on mine got broken, and Eva wanted to take her fairy home.

When the Scotts got home with the fish we cooked them, then covered them, and went out to shoot off fireworks in the driveway.

Eva wanted to take home some poppers, so I told her if she could eat a whole fish by herself she could take a whole box of poppers home.  She had previously declared she would only eat a tiny bit of fish.  As it turns out the trout, being so fresh, was delicious, and Eva did indeed eat the whole fish ... Big Scott had his own fish too, and J. Scott and I shared the third.

 On Friday, Dad was up early and off to the 5 K in Provo with Trevor and Davin, so I took the kids home on my way to work, again. Don't they all look great in their running duds? 

  It was the fourth of July, and by the time we got to their house, Trevor was already home from the 5K and had changed into yet another spiffy outfit and was just ready to embark on a bike ride. I got a chance to visit for a minute with Nell's Mom and sister, who are staying, and who are amazing women, whom I always enjoy visiting with.

Unbelievably I also worked on Saturday.  Dad worked on some projects for flea.o.logy while I was gone. When I got home we had dinner then got a decent, for a change, movie from Red Box and watched it.
 On Sunday, I had my lesson on the Psalms to give.  I found a recording of the 23rd psalm being sung in Hebrew on You Tube and played that on my Ipad for my class, that was pretty interesting.  We also talked about the role of poetry in personal worship, and I found a beautiful red book by Wordsworth, and as I was handling it, wondering how it would look in my display, it fell open to a poem he had written about Jesus' life.  Since I was telling the class that poetry can be a tool that brings us closer to the Lord, the poem was perfect.  I don't think it was an accident, personally.

After church and a short nap, I had Dad help me carry out chairs and a table to get ready for the Mad Hatter Tea Party I was having the next day.  The charity workshop part of our meeting started at 10 A.M., and I knew that this was the only way to be ready.

So that was it for our week.  I managed to keep busy, with the four work days, but we were so glad we thought to do the fairy garden/ fishing date night, especially since we had no real fourth of July celebration. Dad is quite excited to be fishing again ... so who knows what the summer will bring that way.

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  1. I LOVE THE FAIRY GARDEN! !!!!! Will all the plants stay that small? Or can you keep them that small? Or will it still look like a fairy Garden as they grow?
    Your week still seemed full--even with four days of work. You are amazing and your life is interesting! I love living it vicariously!

    I also thought the running outifts were great! Not sure I loved the picture of your (plural) feet but it was a clever shot!

    Love ya,