Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gardens and Parties and Hoes ... Oh My!

 As usual my week started with a walk with LaVern in Genola ... we saw some alfalfa along the road and picked it for LaVern's lamb ... then a neighbor came out of his house and gave us each a nice cold apple ... I thought it looked sort of funny to walk along eating an apple and carrying an armload of alfalfa ... even if our ancestors are responsible for the alfalfa grown here in Utah!

(My Great Grandfather Clark, lived on 13th East in Salt Lake City, and had brought Alfalfa seeds (then called Lucerne) with him from England, I think.  He had fields around his house growing it for feed, and as new emigrants drove out of emigration canyon by his home in their wagons in the 1850's, they asked about the purple flowering plants, and he sold them some of the new fangled seeds!!)
 Here's little lambykins munching on our hand carried breakfast.

Dad's car was having issues, so after walking, I picked him up in Provo after dropping his car. Then I drove him to Salt Lake to work.  I spent an hour at the Sugar House DI, then hurried south to meet up with ...

 Robin and Kim, as Jenn Walker was in town.  We always love seeing her, and talking about old times in the Geneva Heights 7th ward is nothing short of lovely.

After lunch I checked out this sweet shop that my friend Laurie had told me about a couple of weeks ago.  I was charmed.

 I absolutely loved this pink dresser, with the striped drawers, and since I have a couple of dressers to do for flea.o.logy ...
 Then I did some more junking at the 45th DI were I saw this plate.  At first I wanted to buy it and send it to Emily, then I thought a picture would be just as good, don't you think?  Afterwards I picked up Dad and we headed home.

On Tuesday I did some work on my Mom's bio, some laundry, and cleaned the bathroom,  before making this
 cool ribbon flag to hang on my front door, and to provide fodder for my blog post for the next day.  Dad came home early and had me drive him to get his car in Provo.  (He had driven Spencer's car to work that day)  His car just needed a small part, not a new transmission, as he had worried.  Dodged the bullet again.  Then he was off to the temple for his regular shift!

 When I walked with Ginny on Wednesday we stopped and saw her garden.  Isn't it beautiful!?
 Then it was off to work ... Emily called me and told me that Becki was asking about me again, so I took this picture of me 'kissing' and sent it to her.  Emily said she actually kissed the phone.  Its almost too painfully sweet.

The when I got home from work, I was greeted by the smell of spaghetti.  Dad had made dinner for me!  Isn't he just adorable!  I loved it.  Then when I went upstairs, I found a skinny hoe on my side of the bed ...  hmmm.

I had been complaining that I couldn't find my stirrup hoe, and my garden is blooming weeds.  Don't I have the sweetest husband in the world!!

Maybe now I can make my garden pretty like Ginny's.
 .... and speaking of gardens this is what remains of the mini garden I did three years ago.    I decided it was time to clean it up, so before work on Thursday ....
 I redid the garden in faux materials.  I even spray painted the little bonsai tree ... I was rather pleased with that, and I got more fodder for my pollyanna blog, in this case, the Friday posting.

After work on Thursday I ate dinner alone, as Dad was still at work.  Then I headed to book club in Elk Ridge, which was lovely, as always.

But before bed, I used the bits and pieces of old glassware I had gathered at home and work to make a garden whimsy.  I glued these together in sections that night.

 Then on Friday I took them outside and glued the sections together to complete my bird themed garden totem and bird feeder.
 I also weeded the garden, cleaned out the van, did some house work, and did my blog post for the day, before Dad got home and I made dinner.  
 We finished up the day by watching Persuasion ... which, of course, is always a good time.
 On Saturday Dad wore himself out with an 8 mile run, getting ready for his half marathon next week with Davin and Trevor, then he just seemed to want to lay around ...
 Of course, what he is really doing here is taking this old organ base apart to make it into a desk for me to sell at fleaology in two weeks.
I was also busy doing projects, like painting this black suit case ... I thought my balancing method of supporting it while it dried was pretty clever.
Dad took off to go to a father-son BBQ at the care center ...  He had found Dad hearing aids at his house, while cleaning up, and took them for him to use.

I took a break too, to run up to Elk Ridge  as they were having their city days, and had invited several of my flea.o.logy dealers to come sell at the fair.  I thought I should show them some support since they were so close.  My friend Denise, of Two Ole Crows did the mason jars, how cute are they?

That night, after a day of projects and painting, Dad and I freshened up and went to see Maleficent with the Kews, with Chinese food afterwards.  Steve really hated the movie, and Terri didn't like it much.  But they tend to be much more sophisticated in their tastes than Dad and me. We both enjoyed it, both times we saw it despite seeing it with naysayers both times.

On Sunday, Brittney came up early and was practicing to sing at the nursing home branch.  Dad was speaking in the branch as the High Councilman and Spencer went along too, so I got to sit alone in our ward, but that's OK, I like sitting with sisters who usually sit alone.

That afternoon I did my visiting teaching on the way home, then I got started on this blog post, then ended up taking a nice little nap with Dad ... I love Sunday naps, but I always have trouble getting awake afterwards.  I this case we had to wake up, because we took Spencer and Brittney ...
 and headed up to Trevor and Nell's for family dinner, and general fun night.

 Emily called and face timed partway through, and it was fun to see Becki and William ...  You can tell how much Dad loves it.  You can also see that Dad had me cut his hair ... for the first time in several, maybe five years.  He's been going to a barber in Salt Lake, because he wanted to help him out, but with our over runs on the new roof, dormers and rain gutters, he thinking more frugally.  Good for him!!

 Brittney, who has always thought it was weird that Spencer can bend his toes up like, this noticed that Davin's did the same thing ... so when Trevor got home from his fireside they had him demonstrate his elf toes as well.  Turns out both Dad and Briahnna have this skill as well.  Who knew!
Of course it was lovely snuggling babies, and laughing and teasing.  

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