Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Lip Got Hurt By A Lion and a Giant Mouse at Grandpa's House.

Yep, another week slips through the hour glass ... and becomes history.  This one started with a visit from my visiting teachers, then I was off to a luncheon at a friend's house in Salt Lake.

I loved a lot of her amazing antiques, like the charming pink dresser and green side cabinet above!
Her daughter manages the local Restoration Hardware, so she received the big horn IPad dock as a gift.  It was the IPhone dock that Trevor saw and replicated, so I thought he would enjoy seeing this.
As you can see, my friend Lauri is the one that 'adopted' my parlor doll, for her parlor.  I asked her if her kids are as creeped out by it as mine were.  She said "Not at all."  Ha, I knew it!
I did love her stair case photo gallery of family photos and I am thinking of doing this in the third floor stair case, once the bed room up there is down.  What do you think?
.... and you may recognize this desk, as one I bought from Bruce Alison and painted ... She's actually been one of my best customers!

.... And look what a charming table she set.  The other guest was Jennine Ashley, who is one of my favorite 'off again on again' flea.o.logy dealers. 

Loved this sweet black and white striped French awning and flower box. 

After the luncheon I headed out to do a little junking before digging in at grandpa Carlo's house.  The house had been sold and the closing was to be Friday, which meant an insane week for Dad and me.  I found this sweet portrait of grandma Ida holding Aunt Karen as a baby, so I ran it over to Karen's house!

I was amazed by the boxes and boxes of photos, all mixed together, pictures of our children we had given grandma and grandpa over the years, and crumpled pictures of Dad's childhood all mixed in with pictures of grandpa Carlo as a child.  I sorted out crumpled garbage bits and put the boxes of photos, albums, histories etc, in the van to later stack in my library to await a time when my life slows down, so I can get them sorted.  

Of course there where boxes and boxes of books and other goodies for the Deseret Industries.  Thank Heavens Becca brought me lots of boxes when she came to unlock the house for me.

That girl has been a wonder ... She has spent so much time and energy researching solutions to a multitude of problems over the last year in the sale of this house, and she really did manage to pull it off!  I hope the mortgage company appreciates her, most people would have handed them the key a year ago.

Dad joined me around 6 and we kept at it.  When we got home around 9:00 we had a late dinner while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory before crashing.  

On Tuesday I was off to Salt Lake again.  This time I had lunch with my friend Arlene, before heading back to Grandpa's for more fun and entertainment.  This time there was no Dad, as he was at the Provo temple doing his regular weekly shift.  

On Wednesday it was work as always, then I picked up Spencer at the MTC , where he was leaving their car for Brittney when she got off.  When we got to Salt Lake we met up with Trevor and Nell, Davin and Bri, Dad, Darby, and Becca, who were all hard at work!

Above we see Davin checking out a nice double knit sport coats of grandpa's, doesn't he look so very GQ?!

Everyone had a chance to hold this sweet bundle! 

 Becca and Darby had discovered the door to the crawl space in the laundry room  and between them they brought up 20 very heavy boxes of books, albums, photos and year books ... Thank heavens they thought to look.  Having never lived in a house with a crawl space, it never even occurred to me! ... And since the house is being bull dozed, all that family history would have been lost!!

... and Eva even pitched in to help me load things for the DI!

Davin and Trevor did the honors further back in the crawl space, deep under the living room, literally crawling through a shallow tunnel to reach it all.  They didn't find a thing worth saving, just as Davin had predicted, but at least I won't worry that we missed something of family significance ... Loved this old mouse mask, that Trevor came up wearing, tons are fun... But unfortunately it was too broken to salvage. 

Dad and I stopped for Slurpees and got home sometime after 10.  Yawn!

Dad's Thursday included getting to work early and getting off early to get back to Grandpa's house.  He called Ben and got him to come and help him as the dumpster had arrived and it was time to fill er up! Then the rest of the kids showed up later, and with the deadline looming, they all managed to get er done!!

My Thursday started with my normal walk, but Ginny and I walked down to Payson Market to pick up the stuff I needed for the Tea party I was hosting after work that night, instead of our normal route.  I got home in time for some general house keeping to get the house ready ...  Then it was off to a regular day at work.

When I got home, I got the table set up, and the food set out,  before ...

Shanna, our book club leader in the ward, arrived in her finest tea party attire!!  It was so fun, we had purposely chosen a book that would lend itself to a tea party!!  The book was Eden Brooke, and we all loved it!!
Ginny, Shanna and Lori!

... And Ginny even had her girly IPad available for research during our discussion! 

Then Dad got home from the marathon loading day at Grandpas. We both so appreciate all the hard work and hours the kids put in to help us, we would never have made it on our own!

Then Spencer and Brittney came up and gifted him a pair of 'Helsinki' hatchets, their newest line!  How fun is that?

On Friday, exhausted me slept in until 9:30.... Boy was that luxurious, unfortunately, Dad did not have the same privilege, as he and Becca got to go and do the signing on Grandpa's house.  

I cleaned up the tea party mess, I had abandoned the night before, then did my Pollyanna blog post spot lighting the tea party.

Dad got home about the same time the roofer brought his family by to clean up debris in the yard.  Pretty fun to see a family helping the family business, eh?  This is the same man, Pabloita, who will be doing our custom rain gutters! 

Then we headed up the canyon to meet up with ....
the Heuers, Moes, and Gearhearts at the condo in Park City where the Moes were doing a little get away ... We had dinner and played games, and laughed and laughed.  We basically had a great time!

On Saturday I was off to work again.  Dad worked on getting the lawn mowed for the first time in a month, then he went and picked up the kids in P.G., as Trevor and Nell had gone to San Francisco for their 11th anniversary.  Then Dad had errands to run and stopped and got Slurpees for the kids, and one for me!  How nice is he? Here he is with Eva after they delivered mine!  

Later he took the kids to Aunt Briahnna and Uncle Davin's house for the evening, before picking me up and heading to a wedding reception in Lyndon for the Brimhall's middle daughter, the Brimhalls lived up the street when we lived where Ashley and Andy do now!!  

After the wedding we headed to the Hale Center Theater, where we saw a Steam Punked version of Peter Pan, that I more than loved!!  Heuers, Moes and Gearhearts joined us there.  In fact I am thinking Gearheart is the perfect steampunk name ... You know like a robot must have gears for a heart!?!

 Here's a picture of part of the stage, and Barb too!

 I took the chance to meet the actors afterwards,which I rarely do, because I am too honest to be able to pull off telling them I loved the play when I didn't.  This time that wasn't an issue, I adored every minute!!

Turns out Mr Darling/Captain Hook was the director of a play that Daniel Heuer was in in high school ... very cool!

After the play Dad went to Davin and Bri's to retrieve the children we were watching for the weekend, and while there he delivered the lederhosen that I had found for Elias, about three months ago, and finally made the connection.  Look they fit, and Briahnna, who spent part of a school year in Austria during high school, can actually appreciate cute leather shorts for her son! Doe, Ray, Me, Fa ....

 Then it was home and time to tuck the munchkins into bed.  I set up our short camp cot for Eleanor, and it barely fit!  Scott slept in the library.

But clearly Eleanor and Grandpa did not get enough sleep, because here they are snoozing in church ...  Of course after Dad's week hauling and hauling and hauling stuff from Grandpa's house, that was to be expected.

 ... and here are my three men after church!

 We spent part of the afternoon watching Pollyanna in my room.

Eva and Eleanor also put furniture into the dollhouse.  More decorating is needed still, but I think they enjoyed it.  Kim played with the doll hosue when she was this age, but its been in storage pretty much ever since.

Scott was playing Risk with Brittney and Spencer, when Britt and Mike and their kids arrived for our Father's day Home Made Icecream evening.

 and here are cousins who rarely see each other eating home made icecream together in honor of their amazing grandfather.
 ... one last funny story for the week.  Not sure you can tell, but this is supposed to show Eva's sore lip.  When they were all playing at Elias' house the night before, Elias did something, not sure what, that hurt her lip.  She had a big sore, and later a blister ... when Emily called to wish Dad a happy Father's day, Eva was talking to her on the phone and said ..."My lip got hurt by Elias" ... and Emily thought she said, "My lip got hurt by a lion!"  We all got plenty of giggles about that.
.. and last of all is my poor blurry picture of Britt Squared!!


  1. On top of all this I was busy getting the Macey's Tooele store ready for their re-grand opening on Wednesday. We ended up taking 4 van loads to the DI and completely filled

  2. (Continued) a 20 cubic yard dumpster full of garbage. No wonder I fell asleep in church! ( Besides the fact that I am a high priest) It was indeed an exhausting week.

  3. Dad, I can't imagine anyone blames you for taking a well deserved rest! (even if it WAS in church. ;))