Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Window, Italian Food Twice and a Hoarder's Estate Sale!

 On Monday Dad was off to work, and I ran Scott, Eva and Eleanor to Davin and Bri's to be watched, before heading to a rare Monday work day.  Since it was our every other Monday for an Eszie date, Dad picked her up, then they stopped and got lunch before meeting Spencer, Brit and me at the antique mall for lunch.  Eszie is having fun meeting family members, and we are having fun getting to know her better.

On Tuesday Dad and I met with our old Salt Lake ward lunch bunch at a nice Italian place we like for lunch.  It was fun to visit and renew old friendships.  Afterwards, Dad went back to the office, and I did some junking.  It was raining like mad, so the roofers had not worked that day ....
... but when I got home, the sky was so pretty, sort of apologetic for the dark and gloom day, don't you think?

 On Wednesday, I was home, because I had traded with another dealer, so they could be off Monday.  It was the day that the construction guys cut into the roof .....
 and built the second dormer.  I did some housework including laundry and spent a couple of hours in the garden.

Dad got home early and just in time, because a Payson building inspector noticed our work while driving by and wanted to fine us for not getting a permit for building a garage.  Our contractor went the rounds with him, and when Dad got home he went over to the city and explained that the garage structure had been there for 40 years, and that we put the garage doors and front plywood on 2 years ago. He saw all the construction and ladders and thought the garage is what we were building, since we have yet to stucco it.  He was a bit embarrassed, I think, and made Dad get a permit for doing the roof instead, really?  We aren't adding any square footage, oh, and he is insisting on a structural engineer to make sure the dormer windows don't compromise the structure.  ah well.
 That night we invited Spencer to come up for dinner, as Brittney was at girl's camp all week.  That was fun.
 I worked on Thursday, but Spencer and Dad came and picked me up after work to go to Rylie Hien's wedding reception in the Willow Creek area in Salt Lake.
 Dad ran into Mark Steven's a former Stake President in Salt Lake, and the man who played both Little Abner and  Harold Hill in stake performances that Dad worked in, back in the olden days.
 Here we are with Floyd and Janell with whom Dad attended high school.  They were in our Salt Lake ward when we moved there in 1977 and still live there. 
 It was also fun for Spencer to run into Travis Harley, his best friend from our time in the ward there.  They both worked at Macey's back in their golden days of youth!

After the reception we all went to LaCocina for dinner and free virgin margaritas!!  Dad used to take grandpa here for their weekly dinner dates, but its been a while.
The next morning I was in line for the much touted Hoarder's sale in Sugar House.  This man died in his 80's but had sat at the Sugar House DI every day for the previous 40 years, bring home his finds and packing them in boxes, which literally filled his house.  They have been working on the house for 6 month. The boxes were stacked 7 feet high in every room, with just walk ways in between.  He also had a full basement and several out buildings filled with stuff, as well as metal and stone stuff filling his back yard. The estate company hauled out 12 of the big long dumpsters full, and at least that much in loads to DI.  

 The man was said to be in possession of 1,000 light fixtures, by count.  The estate company filled several storage units to even be able to set up for the sale.  The sale will go every day from June 20th until July 4th.  Whoa.
 After that sale I headed to Bountiful to support one of our flea.o.logy dealers in a sale she was doing.  This cute stone sink is part of Vicki's garden decor ... I thought it was charming.  I also went to the estate sale for an antique store owner there.
 I got home in time for Dad and me to head back north to Spanish to take care of some cute munchkins we know there.  Davin and Bri had gone to see one of her brothers perform in Provo.  It was McKenna's first time to be left.

 The next morning I headed out garaging again, meeting my friend Wendy at Jenn's vintage sale in Orem.  Eva was there too, keeping an eye on her mom's goody pile.  I love the doll she is holding, Nell crocheted it for her, such a talented mom Eva has!!
 Then when Wendy and I were at another sale, the home owner showed us this milk door.  This is the outside view.  It is big enough to hold one quart of milk.  The dial on the back is set to let the milk man know when to leave milk.  How fun is that?  Then the inside door is opened for the homeowner to retrieve their milk.  I had never even heard of this before.
Then, of course, I took Wendy to the hoarders sale for fun and entertainment.  We both found goodies before hitting a couple more sale and finishing up with lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which we both like.

When I got home, Dad had installed the new dark bronze window in the addition, and then had painted the trim black.  It looks awesome!!  The roofers finished the roof and rain gutters on the main house.  Now they need to finish the the dormers and install the windows in them.

Today Dad was off to an early inventory in southern Utah, and I had my lesson.  Dad's cousin Gerry was there, as her granddaughter had been baptized by the missionaries and was being confirmed!!  (Uncle Blaine's daughter) Gerry's daughter and granddaughter don't live in the ward, but chose our ward for the baptism and the confirmation that was in our Sacrament Meeting today.  The family is being sealed next week, which is very exciting.  Gerry seemed very supportive, though their family hasn't ever been active.  It was nice I recognized her and could chat a bit with her, since Dad wasn't there.

In the evening Dad was off to another inventory, this time in PG.  Unfortunately he lost his transmission again.  This will make our fourth time if we replace it again.  Fortunately two of them have been under warranty.  Not sure what we are going to do, but alas, it should be interesting.

So that was our week.  A little bit of everything!  Old friends, reunions, remodeling and grand kids, all the things that make life great!!

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