Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fabulous flea Markets and Grand Babies too!

This week was historic for me and for Dad.  It was my first trip to First Monday Trade days, and his first trip to Emiy and Sam's house.

Monday was Memorial Day and Dad took off for a run, then went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetery.  I mean while headed to Provo to meet Nell at my friend Jenn's storage unit sale. She has closed down her vintage furniture business, and was liquidating her inventory.

That night Dad and I picked up Eszie for her bi-weekly date.  We all three went to Highland to the Heuers to help Terri Quigg celebrate her birthday ...   

Here is Eszie and Ben with his friends.  She had a great time!

The next morning Dad and I were off to the antique flea market in Texas ... We are shown above in an open jail cell in the park in Montecello ... As we are about to leave Utah ...  We spent the night in Albuquerque.   Then on Wednesday we drove all day and ended up staying in Garland, Texas, just out side of Dallas.

The next day Dad and I drove an hour to Canton, Texas, the home of the first Mnday Trade Days ... The oldest and largest flea market in the United States! 

I got these two antique plates out of a plastic bin full of dishes from Walmart.  The flow blue plate was worth about $75 ten years ago, and the majolica plate would have been worth about a hundred ... Not too bad for a four dollar purchase.

This is one of many pictures I took at the sale ...

Then that night we meet up with Steve and Sheila Talley for some wonderful Texas Barbeque, and even more wonderful conversation! 

The next day we spent another. Four ours at the flea market before taking the shuttle back to the van and heading to San Antoinio.

We arrived at Emily and Sam's around 8:00 for lots of sweet grandbaby hugs. 

... And a view of Emily's lovely garden!

On Saturday  morning Dad was off on a five mile run, while Emily and I went to another flea market about a half an hour away.

Here are Emiky and I at the flea market.

... And when we got home we hauled all the goodies out of the van, and while grandma was resting in the shade of the back of the van, and Beckie came and climbed in to sit on his lap!

Here she photo bombs my enventory pictures ... Isn't she a sweetheart?

Sunday was church as usual, and I loved getting to attend gospel doctrine ...  After church Emily made us all lovely Margarita pizzas .. Then we watched some Downton  Abbey, season four ... And thus ends another week.

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  1. So fun to see pics of Em! I just love that you can find plates worth over $200 for $4.00! Amazing!