Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gardening, A Sleepover and Family Dinner

So this is how our week started. On Monday I walked with LaVern in Genola, and got home in time for a visit with my visiting teacher.  I did some house work, and prepared one of the planting boxes and put in my tomatoes, and planted some morning glories.  I also brought this hanging plant out front to grace my iron pot on the front porch, and loved how it looked.

That afternoon I headed out to Olson's Garden Shoppe to get some ground over, and a flowering almond bush, like the one my mother had when I was a girl.  I seem to know so many people that work at Olson's.  above are Chris Olson, one of the owners, and Cristie Peterson, who is the one who suggested we do flea.p.logy out at Olson's in January.  I ran into Cora Lee, my neighbor, as well.

Dad and I had dinner, then Dad had a quick nap, before we delivered this cupboard we had sold to Debbie Payne from the Park ward, at the last flea.o.logy.  It was very cool, because as Dad, Debbie and I where trying to Maneuver the huge thing, two different cars stopped, and men jumped out to help us!  lovely small town living!

I have always heard that Debbie was an amazing decorator, so it was fun to get to see inside her house.  Her husband, Eldon, always came faithfully to my Gospel Doctrine class, when we lived in the ward.  He was such an amazing thinker, and I loved his comments.  Besides which he always told me I was an amazing teacher, so I had to love him.  He was made the next bishop after we moved, and then had a stroke, and lived with brain damage for a couple of years before his death.  Debbie struggles with that, of course, she is so young, about my age ... Quitcherlaughing! !

That night, Davin came by to borrow the blue van about 11:00 to deliver some furniture Briahnna had found at a good price.  We cleaned out the van together, which was kind of fun.  Dad had been exhausted, and had gone to bed around 9:00, I guess there is something to be said for having both an early bird and a night owl in the family.

On Tuesday, I walked with Ginny, then headed to Salt Lake.  Dad worked out in Tooelle, so he missed out on our monthly lunch bunch group with our Salt Lake ward.  I am shown above with Zenabeth and Darryl Fereday, who came for the first time since I have been going, they said they see  Dad all the time at the Dan's on Fort Union.  It's always fun to visit with former ward members!

I then spent the afternoon junking, before hitting Trader Joe's for some Lemon Curd, before picking up Eva around 5:00. We were having a Relief Society activity and Ginny, who is the Relief Society President, asked us to bring grand daughters between the age of 5 and 18, to buff up the numbers, as they had a magician coming.

I had agreed to bring cucumber sandwiches for our 'ladies' lemonaide', and had found a recipe for lemon-dill cucumber sandwiches.  I also brought the lemon curd.  You can see Eva helping me to make the sandwiches.

Here she is at the event.

Then here she is at home with a TV dinner, which she insisted on eating in front of the TV with Aunt Cheryl, after she asked me why they were called 'TV dinners'.  It was pretty amusing. Of course Dad was at the temple that night, so it was a girls' night at home too!

Then she got to sleep over, and Dad took her home early Wednesday morning.

On Thursday Brittney and Spencer got home, it seems like they'd been gone forever.

Also, on Thursday, after walking with Ginny, I worked all day at Treasures, except for when I ran to the dentist to get my crown reattached.  I also found time at work to make the wreath above, so that I could do a craft blog post on my pollyanna blog.  Those have been few and far between of late.

After work, I had book clubs in Elk Ridge and we discussed The Runaway King.

Also that evening, Brittney was in charge of our ward's New Beginnings.  I love her decor ideas, doesn't the room look amazing!?  The theme was Adventure Awaits!

On Friday morning, as I was heading out to a couple of sales, I caught Brittney and Spencer working on their garden box ... They planted it before they headed to Europe for their cruise, etc, and since they were gone almost three weeks, they had a lovely surprise when they got home.

One of the sales I went to that morning was by Debbie Reynolds in Pleasant Grove ... I just met her at the last flea.o.logy, and she invited me to come and see her house.  I have heard of her for years, so it was fun to meet her finally.

Isn't her old house adorable?

... And she is a lot of fun too!  

After junking, I met Dad's cousin Karen for lunch in Springville at The Trolley. We have been playing words with friends for over a year, after finding out we both play at a funeral last year.  We've been meaning to do lunch, almost from the start, so it was fun to have it really happen!

That night we got take out pizza with the Kews and watched 'Finding Forester' at their place, which we all enjoyed.

I worked on Saturday, and it was fun when Bruce Alison came in to visit.  He has moved to Wyoming, and was in town for Memorial Day!

That night Dad had made arrangements for us to go to Salt Lake to see 'Belle' which is in limited release ... We both loved it!  

Afterwards, we went to Friday's for dinner, so we could see our dear girl, Ashley!

The late night on Saturday meant an early Sunday for me, as it was my lesson day.  I thought all my lesson helps strung out across the bed made for a great picture.  The lesson went very well, one of those times when the lesson went a different direction than I had planned, and I could feel The Lord directing it.  I love when that happens.

In sacrament meeting the Relief Society Presidency spoke, and Jane York told a remarkable story.  She talked about her time away from the church, and her strong desire to feel at peace, then she started going to church more and then prepared to go to the temple, on her own, since Brent didn't want to go. She said she always felt at peace while at church, while praying and while reading the scriptures.  After she went to the temple, she said she felt at peace almost all the time.  One day when they were working on the house they were fixing up in Salem, they needed to move a load of dirt they had dug for an intrance to the basement.  They got a back hoe to move it, but found they needed to shovel dirt from the top of the pile into the shovel. Jane and her two boys stood on the dirt pile, Brent drove the back hoe up to scoop what he could and they shoveled more In until it was full. They did this over and over... One time as Brent was approaching, she felt impressed to get off the dirt pile, she shouted for her boys to a jump off too.  Brent thought she was crazy, but when he went to stop at the pile, his foot got entangled in a hydrolicnline and the back hoe went up and over the dirt pile, where Jane  and the boys had just been standing, and then into the whole they had dug.  It wasn't too long after that that Brent also went to the temple and they were sealed.  I wonder if he was impressed by the experience.

After church Brittney and Spencer helped us set up tables and chairs, and we all had family dinner outside..

I love that the grand kids were playing in the garden house.  Here Addy looks like she is greeting guests.

Elias is roasting his hot dog in our new 'fire pit' , or fire place.

Here He is showing me what a great job he did.

Addy is enjoying the watermelon.

So that was our week!  Hoping your week wa fun too!

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  1. I just adore your blog! I love living your life vicariously!