Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Slow Week and a Grandma Date!

 This past week can only be described as slow ... The high light was Monday, when I got to take Eleanor on a Grandma date, since Nell wasn't feeling exactly splendid.

The date was lots of fun, junking in Salt Lake with Grandma, where we hit four different thrift stores ...
 ... and where I picked up an item I had bought on line at this house, that had a couple of cute dogs....
 before stopping at Maui Chill on our way home for treats!!  Yep the highlight of the week, and sort of down hill after that.
 On Tuesday I was in and out of painting clothes as I got my visiting teaching all done, four visits with one at 10, another at 10:30, then a no show at 5:00, which I went back to at 6:30, before my last visit at 7 that lasted an hour ...  But in between, when I was in my painting clothes, I got this chest painted for flea.o.logy along with a white drop leaf table ...  Dad of course missed all the fun, working then going to do his regular temple shift.
I worked on Wednesday and Thursday, and Dad worked on getting an application into the State Historic Society for a tax rebate for putting on a new roof, which we will be having done this summer.  This is a picture that he sent in to them

Also, on Thursday, Dad stopped by and saw Grandpa, who looks like he thinks he's pirate in this picture.  Actually Dad said he was quite subdued that day.

 Of course all week I have been working on advertising for flea.o.logy, as well as getting emails out to the dealers who will be coming this time.  This picture is one I posted on Instagram.  Nell did a post for people to enter to win flea bucks, on our blog.

On Friday I spent more time painting furniture, and finished up a green wood rocking bench I had found last week at D.I.  Its turned out super cute.
Then on Saturday I was off to work.  Dad worked around the house,  painting the window frame of the kitchen window in our new accent color, which will match the new black roof we are putting on..

That afternoon he had the priesthood leadership meeting for our Stake Conference, then there was a dinner for the High Council and their wives ... I worked until 6, but managed to get there at 6:20, just as they finished up serving ... wearing a dress to work helped.  Then we attended the adult session of our conference, sitting by Trevor and Nell's  friends the Bartholomews, who we enjoyed chatting with.  We normally go with the Kews, but Steve blew out his knee this week.  Getting old really stinks.

Today we attended Stake Conference by video feed at our own building, which always feels so remote ... then did some reading in the afternoon, before having a nice pot roast with the trimmings, and ate at the dining room table with Aunt Cheryl, which doesn't happen too often anymore.

After dinner I finally cleared the dining room mantel of its Easter decor and put up some bright chintzware that will look good until I decide to do something patriotic in the summer.   So that was our slow week.  I did get to read a book I enjoyed ... and of course Stake Conference is always good, so again the high light for me was my Grandma date on Monday.  I am thinking I am going to start doing these regularly, starting with grands that are 3 and a half or four.  That means I can have a highlight every Monday!

P.S., it was fun to see a video on Face Book of Reagan walking!!  Now we just have to wait for MeKenna ... :-)


  1. Mom, I really like the treasure chest that you painted- it's very cute!

  2. We should have gotten together during your really slow week!
    Glad to see Maui Chill was part of the highlight of your week!
    Love the Chintzware.