Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Flea.o.logy and Service Project Week

 This past week was just a tad busier than the week before ... and started as usual with my Monday walk with LaVern, here we are in the center of town in Genola, at Main and Center ...
 Back at LaVern's she shows me the lamb she is bottle feeding.

 After I get home I make my smothered burritos for We Can, our pot luck was all Mexican in honor of it being Cinco de Mayo ...
 Our service project was making washable sanitary pads for girls in Africa who have to stay home from school during their time of the month, since they have no supplies ... these octagons have the side flaps folded in for use and are put in a reusable holder.  As it is, girls who have to stay home for a week every month end up getting way behind, then leaving school early, which makes them eligible to marry as early as 12 or 13.
 That night Papa attached my new garden sign to the corner of one of the garden boxes.  That evening we hosted Family Home Evening at our house and the couple who was to have done the lesson was not able to come, so we sort of free lanced ... of course we are using Preach My Gospel, and we all follow along, so it worked out ok.
 Tuesday morning I walked with Ginny, then she showed me how her plants are coming along in the green house she had built last fall ... she even gifted me a tomato plant!  I was so inspired that when I got home I worked in my own garden a bit.  The rest of the day was spent painting things for flea.o.logy.  Dad of course, worked as normal before spending the afternoon and evening at the Provo temple covering his normal shift there.

On Wednesday I managed to work in the yard and get a table painted before heading to work. Davin called and offered to bring me an early Mother's Day gift, lunch from Cafe Rio, how cool is that? With Bri's brother's wedding that weekend they knew they would miss our Mother's Day dinner.  I thought that was so thoughtful!

Becca and her kiddos also dropped by! Which I always love.  She brought me supplies for the project we were doing together the next day.

After work I stopped and did our grocery shopping for the week.

Then on Thursday it was time for the big project!  Becca had volunteered to be a sub captain in a project her Real Estate office does every year for charity.  This year they chose to paint murals in a library on the west side of Provo, so Becca drafted me to be her artistic adviser.  

We sponge painted stones along a corridor, trying to match the wall papered stones on the archway that another group did.

It was fun because the kids in the school kept stopping to watch us.  One little boy asked another "Why are they painting zebra spots on the walls."  I am pretty sure he meant giraffe spots.  LOL! 
This is how it looked through the stone arches we were trying to replicate. 

And here is the crew!  Becca drafted her mother-in-law, another realtor, and a guy from a real estate related financial business to help.  It was a great crew and we all had fun!  Even when I dumped the gallon of paint into my expensive sandles .... Oops!

Helping Becca turned out to be a help to Flea.o.logy instead of a hindrance, because I took the day off work, and we were done by 3, so I got a lot of flea.o.logy work done afterwards.  Thanks Becca!!
Then on Friday, set up day for flea.o.logy, Dad stayed home so he could get his car fixed. That meant running to Lindon first thing, and then a morning of sweeping walks, setting up the fountains, and general yard clean up.  Because rain was threatening for the afternoon we just had two dealers set up earlier.  The couple who had taken the back patio space and Debbie Pain from the Park Ward,who had requested the garden house, were able to set up earlier. Debbie's  hand crafted toys and animals were perfect for the space, and I loved her use of antique quilt squares as pennants on this banner.  Such a clever woman! 

Dad and I ran off in the afternoon for a minute to sign on the refi for the house, as there was really no other  way to finance the new roof, and stuccoing being requested by the insurance company.  But it was fun to find out that the bank officer we were signing with, was my friend Ginny's daughter. 

It did rain heavily in the afternoon, then everyone came to set up in the evening, including Trevor and Nell.  They slept in a tent over night, and did sentry duty, which I enormously appreciate!

Morning comes early on flea.o.logy day, and so do the customers.  We had fewer customers than normal because the weather was over cast and rain had been forecast in Salt Lake where a lot of our customers come from, but we did have a lot, as you can see.

These pictures are from my booth. The Union Jack was super fun to do, one of the projects that got done because I'd taken the day off on Thursday!

I love it when family comes down to visit of course!  Aunt Joyce came too, but managed to dodge my camera.
It was fun that Steve, one of my vendors who makes jewelry, made me these "60" earrings, since I was to turn 60 the following week.  It was a great gag gift, but I loved them, and wore them all day!!

Then during the sale Dad brought in the mail and handed me an antique post card made out with a birthday message from Shauna Fairbanks.  I thought it was such a thoughtful gesture, but was a little surprised that Shauna  would have thought to do that, since she is so not Frou Frou. Then  Dad said I would be getting more of them, and I realized that the kids had organized a 'party by mail' for my 60th, how fun is that?  Nell had thought up the idea, and Brittany took on the project ... I Love it ... I later got 12 cards Monday and 3 more on Tuesday, this is just too fun!
Ginger and Tami Heuer came down and collected admission fees to benefit James' autism therapy. Ginger said they made enough to pay for a weeks worth of therapy!  

It stated to sprinkle around 3 so everyone started cleaning up early, which was a good thing for us, because it meant that we could make it to ...

... Riley  Rodrigues' eagle court of honor, the first eagle our ward has had in fifteen years! Dad has home taught their family for years!

Dad loves it when he gets to sit in the Eagle's Nest!  They had a nice dinner afterwards, which was nice too.

After the court of honor we headed north to attend Briahnna's brother Gabe's wedding reception.  The weather had really turned cold and wet, but the house they held the reception at, had a pool house, so that was nice.  Here are Nell and Briahnna.
They had dancing afterwards, that was a lot fun because the style was very animated, and Elias enjoyed both dancing and watching, as you can see.

I even got to watch McKenna for a bit ...
I taught SundaybSchool, and thought the lesson went well, then after church I took Mother's Day flowers to my visiting teaching ladies who weren't there.  I stopped at Andrea's house, and saw this cute display, and had to snap a pic.  We also had a nice long visit.

That evening we headed up to Darby's for family dinner.  Darby gave me some flowers, which was very nice, and Becca gave me a greeting card assortment too. Such nice kids, especially since they were part of the my Mother's Day gift, the printing of the second volume of my Pollyanna blog, which was such a lovely and nice surprise.  So I have to thank all my children for their kind generosity in getting me such a nice and meaningful, but boring to give, gift.  
As always, we had fun, and Trevor was a 'slide'. Kind of funny, all the pics I'd the other grand kids sliding were blurring so you get this one of the biggest  of the sliders.   After the party we met up at grandpa's house to pick up Grandma LaRie's china cabinet for Nell.  We then took it to their house, and that was it for the week!


  1. Thank you so much for the donation to James' therapy! That was an amazing thing you did!!!!

  2. Great week! Looked like lots of fun and lots accomplished! I am impressed the Davin and Bri thought to bring you Mother's Day early! What good kids you have. Fun to see you and some of your kids at Gabe's reception! So love being related!