Monday, March 9, 2015

The Week in Which We Finally Celebrate Dr. Suess' 111th!

 On Monday, I worked, due to a trade with another dealer ... Andy, of Andy and Candace, who rehabs houses and did the amazing house in Payson, came into the store .... this is his baby daughter, who he watches a couple of days a week so Candace can work on their rehabs too ...  He told me he would swap me our house here in Payson for the amazing one he just did ... I have to say its tempting, but with no garages, where would I put my 'in process' goodies?

After work and dinner, it was off to the Kew's house for our family home evening group ... Steve taught and did a great job, as usual!

On Tuesday, I had made arrangements to go and take pictures of this glamper in Springville to use for a Pollyanna posting.  It was really fun, and she has such cute girls ... starting with 6 year old fraternal twins, then two girls who are younger.  I kind of miss that stage of my life, to be honest.

 After photographing the glamper and a quick trip to the Provo DI, I stopped at Treasures North to redo the front display of which I am in charge.  That night, since Dad was doing his temple assignments in Provo, I made Cheryl and myself dinner, before spending the evening blogging and reading.

 On Wednesday, the day I normally work, I spent the morning finishing off a book, before heading downstairs to start getting things ready for the upcoming Dr. Suess Birthday party.

I also sanded off the finish on the old table top we had used for the top of  our rolling kitchen island/prep station, and stained it.

After which I made some dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls, before making dinner, followed by Dad and me reading in our chairs.
 On Thursday, it was time to take down the red and white display I'd had up for a couple of months at Treasures South ... I had loved that display and had so much praise for it, it was sort of hard to make myself change it out ... but alas it was time.
 As you can see, I love pastel pottery, I just wish it hadn't gone out of style, so thoroughly!

On Friday I was up early for some dreaded house cleaning chores.  Then I finally got around to painting the rolling island!  Hurray!!   Then I took some stuff into Treasures, before heading to the DI in AF for an hour or so ....

Then Dad met me at Rumbi's in AF where we had dinner with the Moes and Gearhearts before heading back to see a movie in Gearhearts Theater ... we saw The Tourist, which was the perfect choice for a mixed group ... given the action, intrigue and romance ... and what's not to like about Johnny Depp, Right?   After the movie we went upstairs for goodies and games ...
This is Dad's picture of smores ... I thought it was perfect, look at his ability to use perspective ... I had no idea he was such an artist!!

On Saturday Dad abandoned me ... he had an inventory early and one late, and spent the time in between at his office getting some stuff ready for a reset he's doing next week ...  that made a long lonely day for me.  I got the house ready for the party the next day and, of course, did a large amount of reading.  Really the only redeeming thing I did, was to go through a box of Grandpa Carlo's papers ... my gosh, they seem to just go on and on ...

On Sunday Dad was up early for another inventory, and got back in time for his church meetings ...  I of course, headed off to my meetings, including another excellent Sunday School lesson, by the best teacher ever, Becky Call .... then dad and I met up at the final branch Sacrament Meeting at the Medallion, where Nine men and One Woman, were there to provide the meeting for, count them, ONE resident ... kind of funny, but still a lovely meeting.  

Then we headed up to Elk Ridge where we heard Cathie and Dave Tervort's mission farewell talks.  Cathie is in my We Can service group, and is such an amazing person.  They are going to Omaha Nebraska. They gave amazing talks!

Then it was back home, and time for me to complete my party prep and make the food while Dad headed to Salt Lake for another Inventory.

We had:
Green Eggs and Ham,
Who Hash
Poodles Noodles,
Red Fish Blue Fish Jello Cups
Better Butter Battle Bagels with Butter of course
And Truffula Trees 
(that looked suspiciously like broccoli)
and of course Dr. Suess's 111 year birthday cake

Then it was time to let the partying begin!!

Don't you love Elias' cool sun glasses?

After dinner we had readers share four different Dr. Suess Books ... Eva read Green Eggs and Ham.
Trevor did the Star Bellied Sneeches, making Sylvester McMonkey McBean's voice Scottish, which was hilarious and perfect!!
Davin did a great job reading, though he'd also prepared to do Green Eggs and Ham, he graciously let Eva do it, as she had also prepared ... He still did a great job, as you know, doing crazy on a  minute's notice is what he does best.
Steve Kew read  Happy Birthday to You, which had been given to his grandfather by Dr. Suess ... It was fun to see the signature and the original drawing he signed to Steve's grandfather.
I love knowing that one of my favorite Suess quotes is from this book. "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You".

I think the grandkids enjoyed playing and listening to stories ...
See Eleanor with her dad on her lap!

Then it was time to sing and blow out candles ... happy birthday Dr. Suess!

....  and to all a good  night ... sweet dreams!


  1. Makes me wish I were 5. Glamper can't be a typo. A glamorous if rather dated camper?

  2. You are so fun and creative! Love the Suess Party!!! The Glamper is cool and I love the pastel pottery! Not out of style in my head!

  3. You are so fun and creative! Love the Suess Party!!! The Glamper is cool and I love the pastel pottery! Not out of style in my head!