Monday, March 2, 2015

A Slow Week in Payson AND the Orem House Sells!!

On Monday I spent part of the morning sorting through Grandpa Carlo's papers, that have managed to overtake our library.  I also got in some blogging before heading out to Orem to paint the cabinets in the upstair bathroom.  Dad came by and got me and we took Eszie to see the last Night in the Museum movie, which we all enjoyed.

After we got home, I started reading, around nine, but never got tired.  I tried to go to bed several times, and took a hot bath, nothing worked, and I ended up being awake all night, never even dozed.  It was kind of scary.

 On Tuesday I was out early to get a check for Darby who was planning to get a condo in Lehi at that point.  I took it to Becca 's, and got a 15 minute nap before heading up to Arlene's for a group 60th birthday party luncheon with Katherine and Nancy too.

Becca called and asked if I wanted to see an old house that had just come on the market, so I stopped at her place to see this beauty.

It still had the original false grained floor in the upstairs hall, I can't imagine that it held up to the traffic all those years ...

As you can see the munchkins came along on the trip of discovery as well!

When I got home at 6:30 to meet the plumber who is working on the attic, I just dozed in my chair until Dad got home after 11:00 ... I had no trouble sleeping that night.
On Wednesday I was off to work, a couple of friends stopped by, Patti and Laurie, and it was fun to visit with them.  This picture made me laugh because Tom, another dealer photo bombed!!

I took some pictures of my white booth, and used them to do a quickie Pollyanna blog post on my I Phone ... such a nice fill in for getting my 2 blog posts a week done.  I include this picture of the wire basket turned cloche, because I thought it was fun, and since it sold that day, I wanted to remember the idea.

Of course I worked again on Thursday, this time with Nikki and later Richard.  We had Sue Balmforth, our big California buyer come in, and she always expects us to stay late with her.  I stayed until 6:30, 

 before I left to get in a couple of visiting teaching visits, before heading up to Elk Ridge for book club.  Carol was hosting, and since the book had an old violin as a large part of the plot, she showed us her grandfather's violin.  She also made homemade bread for us, since the main character made and sold bread as a small business.  The book is set in pioneer times in Wyoming, and I thought Carol's house was the perfect back drop.
We also got the amazing news that day that the Orem house had sold before it was even put on the market.  Becca had put up a sign, hoping to attract a sign caller, and that is just what happened, a neighbor came and look through the house of Thursday, the day before the pictures for the listing were to be taken.  They wanted the house, and we accepted their offer the next day!  Happy Day!  We had always worried about selling this house because of the somewhat decaying neighborhood.  Becca called a month ago, after she heard our renters had moved out and told us if we ever wanted to sell it, this was the time.  With interest rates still low, and no more foreclosures, the market was short on houses, and it was a Seller Market for the first time in years.  Turned out she was exactly right!

On Friday I did my Pollyanna blog (about my book club) and then headed to the Payson Library ...

to get books for the Dr. Suess party I was to give on Sunday ... I was so surprised when I saw this cat!  I had painted him many years ago for another Dr. Suess party, and then, not wanting to throw it away had given it to the Library.  It was fun to see they've been using him!!   I then shopped several places for favors and paper products for the party.  That night Dad and I went to the Indian place, here in town, to celebrate the sale of the Orem house.

I worked on Saturday, and managed to find the time to make a couple of Suess banners for the party the next day.  On the way home I was sad to hear from one of the kids with kids that they couldn't make the party.  YIKES!  I texted back and asked if we could have their kids YES!

After work Dad and I had a quiet evening, we watched an episode of Big Bang, and read in our chairs.

Sunday was pretty normal, with church meetings as usual.  Then I got a text that another of the Kids with Kids, couldn't come to the Dr. Suess party that night .... double Yikes, I postponed the party, because really it was for my grands ...  Hopefully everything will work out for next week.

Brittney and Spencer came with us to visit Grandpa that afternoon, which is always good, then that evening they, and Darby, came by to help us eat up leftovers for dinner.  We had a lovely evening visiting, but I NEED to get my couches back from Orem ... I though I would hardly miss them as we used them to stage the Orem house ... I was so wrong!  So that was our rather slow week!


  1. I am so glad your sold so easily!! Woo hoo! I love the Dr. Seuss stuff! Sorry the grands couldn't come! This Saturday is Hale play I think! See you Saturday!

  2. Not THIS Saturday! The 21st!