Monday, March 23, 2015

A Week That Started and Ended With Darby!

Monday started out with me checking out Darby's, soon to be, townhouse. The layout is wonderful, and it's charming too!!
The master bedroom is huge!! 
Afterwards I ran to the DI in Provo, among other errands and ran into my friend Joanne.  She's the one with the charming playhouse. 

When I got home I did some blogging.  Then after dinner Dad took me to see the new Cinderella, which I liked but didn't love. 
On Tuesday I did more cleaning, more blogging and more errands.   I made my collage of seventeens to celebrate St Patrick's day!!
I cleared the dining room table, including adding this cute blue small chest to the mantel for a couple of months. It will go to be sold at the Reclaimologist sale in May, but I thought I'd enjoy it in the meantime.
Then I painted some projects and stenciled them with these numbers I found on Pinterest.
I worked on Wednesday and after work and dinner headed over to Payson cottage to tear up carpet. We had a good crew and did it quickly. 
Bye bye old green!! 

A little child labor.... 

Thanks all, many hands make light work. 

I worked again on Thursday. After work I'd meant to watch Becca's  kids so she and Brady  could go on a date, but realized it was our Relief Society birthday party. (Sorry Beck) 
Such cute decor!! 
And such good company. 
Tasty and pretty food!' 
And charming entertainment. 
On Friday morning I took Dad for a colonoscopy where he checked out great. Then I checked out the Provo DI a block away while he dozed in the car. 

Next it was to Trevor's where Dad fixed a knocking sound in their swamp cooler and visited with Nell and her who is in town from Arizona. A couple of errands later we picked up some Cafe Rio goodness and headed home for an evening of Big Bang Theory. 
Saturday morning I headed out garaging and ran into Davin's friend Kenneth Abbott. Turns out they raise their own turkeys and were selling this surplus guy. That was a first for me.  Also found out his wife's brother's family now lives in our Ward and I had sat next to her at the RS activity two days before.  Small world. 
Dad then worked on chores at Payson cottage while I cleaned up at home.  He is shown here painting window trim. We eventually met up to load up the old carpet and pad and give them a ride to the dump. 

Dad then headed to American Fork to help Brady install their new sink. They ordered granite countertops when we got ours for the Orem house to sweeten the deal for us all. 
Then we met up with Moes at Sizzler inOrem  for dinner before going to see a really lovely production of Les Mis.  

It was amazing that they could manage it in such a small theater, but the very well done production was amazing as we were so close, I felt like I was at the baracade, it made it so intense. 

On Sunday it was grand to get to attend all my meetings, as Dad had to work, heading to Cedar City for an inventory, so I didn't need to attend the branch with him.  Yeah!! 
Then it was off to Becca's for family dinner. 

The meal was great.  The turkey was juicy and the potatoes were so creamy. I sat by Eleanor and she said they were 'so good', and Addy, who didn't have potatoes on her plate kept putting her fork into Titan's for tastes of his potatoes until Gramdpa got her some of her own. 
Trevor pulled up Becca's facebook to show us his shirt design ideas for our First Family Reunion and Fun Run coming up in July ... Then, being signed in on Becca's page he had to write bogus posts.   ...  Yeah, that. 
Then it was time to light Darby's cake, thanks Brady. 
And sing. 
Then Darby opened the vacuum cleaner Briahnna had gathered money for for her new house!!! Happy Birthday Darby!!

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  1. I sooo enjoy your blog! it is so fun, creative and easy to read! What an interesting life you make happen! I'm so glad to have a part in your life!