Monday, February 23, 2015

Our 200th Post, The Orem House and Chinese New Year!

Since Monday was President's Day, we celebrated by working hard ... after all that is just following the example of men like Washington and Lincoln, right?

Darby came by the house in Orem to help with cleaning and painting projects ....

 She also went out and bought Lunch at Mama Chu's for Dad for Lunch ... but not for me, because I got to go to lunch in Springville at the Trolley with Dad's cousin Karen, with whom I play words with friends on line.  

To the right Dan and Trevor, who also came to help, take out the furniture in the living room so that the carpet could be cleaned the next day.

As evidenced by their passenger, Becca, et al came to help as well. 

Then we stopped and got cookies on the way home before heading to one of Dad's care centers, as he was in charge of family home evening there.  BTW do any of you want to come next month and put on a Family Home Evening at the care center?  It would be great for a mom or dad to give a short lesson and for their kids to do a musical number ... what do you think?

On Tuesday I got to go over and help Sherri on her quilt again ... it was fun to see that she had hung the Pooh banner I made for her on the occasion of her first quilt and tea bee ...

On Wednesday I worked on pricing and displays at the mall, including switching out my Valentines display for a spring look.

I also put this cute depression era spool shelf on the Reclaimologist site for posting day ... happily it sold, and surprisingly to a young woman who will use is as a display in her sewing room. 
 I also put out the plethora of clocks I bought at the Acorn Antique show the previous weekend.

On Thursday I brought the blue van, and was able to place most of the merchandise left from the 3 Dotters sale.    After work I headed home to participate in our Relief Society's get to know you night.  Dad and other family members went to Becca's client appreciation night, Death By Chocolate, and I may be able to post a picture of that latter. 

 Here are the ward ladies getting to know each other by playing games!!

On Friday I decided to take a day for junking.  I'm in need of new merchandise, and its been nearly two months since I've done more that attend an antique show, or hit a DI for a half hour.

I ran into Tom, Brittany's FIL, and a friend, at one of the estate sales ... always fun to see him!!

That night, after dinner, Dad and I spent the evening reading, including 2 hours worth of Rough Stone Rolling for me.  

On Saturday morning we were off for Orem again ... I had Dad stop and drop me at a Garage Sale across the street from Ashley's, so I took my goodies found there over to the Hall's for temporary storage, since Dad had continued on to the rental house there in Orem.

I got to snap a picture proving that the inevitable has actually happened, Ian is now taller than Kim.

Kim had a date to Preference that night, and I was able to steal this picture of her off Andy's FB page ... I felt a tiny bit of ownership though, as I had given Becca the necklace she loaned to Kim to wear!!  What a beauty!
 Becca and family came again to help with the house ... this time she and Brady brought Titan up the stairs as they replaced the furniture in the living room on the clean carpet.
 Her kids also provided a bit of slave labor for us ... as she kept them busy helping!  What a good Mom!

 Later we ran home to change into our Asian clothes .... thanks to Brittany who rescued these Japanese Men's Komonos from her in law's garage sale for us to use for Bethlehem Dinner!!  

Robin hosted a Chinese New Years Party, and everything was perfect!!

 Krista even came over and ate with us while waiting for her date to arrive!!  Isn't Barb's dress amazing?  She had it made while they were in China staying with Randy's sister who was living there at the time ... Randy picked up his shirt, ready made, in a market while there.

Robin had bought herself, Barb and me this Q and A journal, pretty sure its the one I coveted at a cute shop in the Riverwoods a while back... because, You Know, a girl like ME can Never, no Never have too many journals ... Ha Ha ...  When I got home I noticed that it matches my other journal and my current reading material!!  I've already caught the 5 year Question journal up to date, using my Jane-a-day journal for Day particular questions.
On Sunday morning, I spent too much time working on the Q and A and had to rush to get out the door ...  Saying morning prayers is one of my New Years goals, so I quickly said a very, very short praying, just thanking the Lord for the day and asking that I would feel the spirit in Church ... oh my, such a tiny prayer and such a hugh answer ... I felt the spirit so strongly all day, that I thought back on what Barb had said the night before about going to extra meetings and the temple because one wanted to feel the spirit  more often ...  It was just amazing, and I loved every single minute of the day. 

After our first two meetings full of spiritual feasting, I headed to the Medalion care center where Dad was conducting that day.  The High Couselman, Brother Pemberton spoke, and the spirit was wonderful.  Afterwards I asked these girls from Medallion to let me take their picture with Dad ... most of the residents at this facility go home on weekends, but these girls are regulars at Sacrament meeting then there are at least 3 boys to do the sacrament, two members of the branch presidency, their wives, someone to give a talk, and one to three people to do a musical number ... along with the handy man from the home, and another gentleman, who comes, not sure why.  Oh and forgot the pianist.  So for four people to attend the meeting we have a staff of 12 .... but the spirit is so strong, and it is so good to be there!!

This home is for high functioning handicapped people, and they are taken by vans to part time jobs during the week.  These girls have been such a joy to get to know.

This week, Amy, needed to renew her temple recommend, so Dad stayed after to do the first interview, then he and I went over and picked her up to take her to the Stake President's office for her second interview.  Afterwards she was asking about and talking about the new temple, wondering if she could walk there from the home, but its too far.  We did take her over to see it ... we are so excited about having our own temple in Payson.  

After our quick trip to see the temple we dropped off Amy and headed home for dinner with Cheryl.  After dinner, we went to the Micheal Kennedy Fireside at the stake center.  Micheal is the first descendant of Joseph Smith's to have received the priesthood, he is about Dad's age, and had a wonderful story to tell.

So that was our week, hope yours was full and fun!!  Thanks for all the help we had from many of you in making this week one to fondly remember ... even the working on the Orem house part!! 

PS. I thought I would share a great story that Hal Peery told in Sunday School.  He said he'd suggested and supported a project for his company in Texas ... they had hired a small company on  the line to start the work  ... but the man in charge of their work there seemed to be going very slow, dragging his feet.  Hal thought he was incompetent, and because of his personal interest in seeing this project succeed, he became very angry with the man ... so angry that for three nights in a row he had been unable to sleep ... he said he thought he was beginning to hate the man.  He was seething, imagining how he would make sure this man never got another contract, after how he had sabotaged this project, etc.   It was three in the morning and he despaired, afraid he would not get any sleep this night either .... as he silently prayed, he was prompted to pick up his Sunday School lesson and work on it.  His phone was on his night stand so he picked it up and touched LDS tools, so he could continue on with the lesson he was preparing ... it came up at the spot he had been at when he quit the last time he was working on it. 

 It was ..

But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his
brother without a cause shall be in danger of the
judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca,
shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall
say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire..

 and to make matter worse when he checked the Joseph Smith translation it omits the 'without a cause' phrase ...

He said he was just sick, but after some serious prayer was finally able to sleep.  He later asked a colleague who knew the man in question and found out that their small company had just 2 employees and that the man had been working 6 - 12 hour days a week, trying to catch up, and on top of it all, he has a grand child in the hospital.  Lovely learning story!!

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