Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Painting the World Blue and Valentines too!

On Monday I spent the morning making birthday banners for my We Can group.  We've been putting together birthday kits for the Food Bank, and we were short on the banners ... not sure why I didn't just go to the Dollar Store and get some, but I guess this was a labor of love.

I also got some blogging done.  That night we were supposed to take Eszie out, but she cancelled, so we spent the evening watching the Big Bang Theory, which is always a good choice.

On Tuesday it was my monthly junking and temple day ... I worked in the Provo Temple laundry for four hours before hitting the DI, in Provo, where I ran Amy Bailey, now Amy Morris.  She lived in Park ward ... so it was fun to catch up.  She belongs to the Pyrex Pirates group I belong to on Face book, and I didn't realize I knew her, so that was fun to make the connection.

I hit a couple of other DIs before heading out to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in Day Break ... as you may recall I have a 'temple passport' for Utah temples and I am trying to hit them all.  Arlene met me there, and it was fun to go to this temple that is so small and so different from other Utah temples ... we finished up our day with our usual visit to Zuppas. 

 On Wednesday I worked, as usual, and listed an item, a vanity on the Reclaimologist page, as well as on Instagram and my FB page ... Bri and Davin saw it and came by the antique mall to see it in 'person' in case it would fill a need they had ... it didn't but it was fun to have a minute to visit with these cuties, anyway, 

On Thursday I worked on unloading the van  which was still filled with the stuff I'd taken to the 3 dotters sale the week before, and accomplished quite a bit.

On Friday I spent the morning cleaning and blogging, then ran some errands to get ready for a day of working on the Orem house, we are selling.  That included a $60 (cough, choke) gallon of paint from Sherwin-Williams, that is made for painting cabinets.  Dad and I then met up and headed to Salt Lake to meet up with Barb and Randy, during their romantic Valentine's weekend at a Marriot there.   We met at the Cheesecake Factory in City Creek.  Here we see Barb giving me a vintage Valentine.  How sweet is she, and oh how well does she know me?
 ... and here we are at dinner at the famous Cheesecake Factory ... Penny of the Big Bang Theory is a waitress at the CCF ... and it was our first time ... the Waiter even mentioned that his wife, who's a  BBT fan, teased him about his work, and Penny, before he finally watched a few episodes and concluded that the mock up on BBT is NOTHING like the actually restaurant.  After dinner we all walked over to Anthropologie, where I used the gift cert Darby gave me for Christmas to buy three more letter mugs ... I got her initials, DP, and also Q since its my favorite letter.  Don't ask.

We parted ways, as they headed back to their hotel and we headed to Trevor and Nell's to watch the kids for the rest of the night.  Ben and Hannah had come to paint the accent wall in their house a deep turquoise, while they were on a romantic over night stay for Valentines,as a surprise for Nell.  They did a great job!  Hannah says she likes to paint, and has done a fair amount of it ... a kindred spirit evidently! You could tell she has skills, it was a great job!

Saturday morning the kids, Becca  and we were off to the hardware store to get the goodies for the quick spruce up we are doing at the Orem rental house before selling it.

We got new light fixtures for the top two floors in brushed nickle, as well as silver door knobs. 
Back at the house Brady came by bringing their kids, including cute little chocolate faced Reagan, as we worked on the house.  Titan had fun playing with his cousins too. I mainly  painted cabinets in the kitchen with  Becca and while Dad was installing door knobs and light fixtures.

I also repainted the front door, as you can see here, with a bit of the green showing in the bottom right corner.
Here it is after Dad put it back on ...

While we were working Ron Willmore, Dad's former bishop's counselor and current Bishop of the ward, dropped by to visit.  It was fun to see him, and to realize we're are really cutting ties with the old ward. ... its kind of funny that this is the first house we have decided to sell out of the family ... we will never be in this house again, after its sold.  That is so final, and I always loved this house ... 

 I did sneak away around 2 to meet my friend Wendy in Ogden to check out the Acorn Antique Show, that's the one I did for years, before my friend Bruce Alison moved out of state ... it was fun to see lots of dealers I've known for years, even some fleaology dealers ... and of course I love antique shopping.  Wendy's hubs had driven her up on his motorcycle,  yes, I know crazy on Valentines day in Utah ... but its been so mild here, with days in the 70's its just crazy ... so it was a nice for her to ride up and then we had a nice visit on our way home.

Above you can see the lamps that I sold to some out of town dealers who were on their way up to the show on Thursday at the antique mall ... so glad they are off my hands, though they were so lovely.

After I got back from the show, the Kews picked up Dad and me and we went out to dinner to Cubby's at their new location in Spanish ... its was a little annoying to be served by such new staff, as the store is so new, and they made several mistakes ... but as always, it was great to visit with our friends and try out new yumminess ... 

When we got home Dad gave me a box of sugar free chocolates in a heart shaped box. What a darling boy!

 On Sunday I was up early to bake cookies to include as hand outs for my Relief Society lesson, which I then spent an hour packaging individually along with the recipe as part of an object lesson ... unfortunately when I got to church I realized it was ward conference and the Stake RS presidency would be giving the lesson.  Oops. Unfortunately the councilor over me, told me a month ago, I just forgot ... stinkin old age!

In the afternoon I drafted Brittney and Spencer to come up so I could give someone the lesson ... aren't they great?!

Then it was off to Trevor's house for family dinner.  We had Navajo tacos which is always a favorite!

Here are some random pics of the family.  To the right is McKenna, who is a  lot like Ashley as a baby. Ashley didn't walk until she was 15 months, and by then she could stand up and sit down in the middle of the room, so that she NEVER once fell.  McKenna is shown here standing, and Briahnna said she can also stand up and sit down in the middle of the room, she is almost 15 months too.  What a cutie. 
 Here are some of my favorite people.
and this is Davin, disappearing camo style in from of the new blue wall!

... and as always my kids were making up fun games ...  I love our family dinners!  Thanks to all my kids for being so amazing!

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  1. Are you working in the temple laundry every week!? How long have you been doing that? If I didn't work everyday, I could so get into visiting all the temples in Utah...or all over the world! I actually have a "Temple book" with pictures of us in front of different temples we've visited or family has been married in.... Love the blue door and the blue wall!