Monday, February 9, 2015

Charlotte Turns Two, and Other Wonders!

This week started with my first of the month double fun Monday.  This awesome sign is on the garage of a friend and fellow We-Can member.  She hosted We can, and we made Valentines for the care centers in our stake!

Afterwards I filled my day with blogging, cleaning, and meeting the plumber here, who is going to be doing the work for our bathroom in our garret suite!  

That evening we hosted our Family Home Evening group.  Dana DeWitt gave the lesson.

Also, on Monday, this cutie turned two, and Brittany sent me these pictures of her opening her package from Grandma and Grandpa.  (in Idaho of course)

 On Tuesday I got a visiting teaching visit done before heading to DI in AF, and later picked up Scott and Eva to take them to the final dress rehearsal for A Mid Summer's Night Dream, at BYU.   The puppets were made by Jenn's (of 3 Dotter's fame) husband Nat, and it was Jenn told me about it.  I think that both kids liked it.  Scott's been studying Shakespeare at school, and told be two of the story lines for a his plays on the way there.

On Wednesday, it was off to work as always.  Becca took her kids and Eleanor to see grandpa at the home in Spanish, she even took him for a walk .... bless her cotton socks.

It was fun to see the kids, as always!! I love it when she stops by with them. (I get to show them off to friends too, so that's always fun!
 I also brought the rolling cubbie shelf I found at DI last week, into the mall and got it cleaned up and painted to use for a display.
 Then, of course, with a show looming, I brought in all the goodies I'd gathered to make this bike basket into a picnic date ... and put it together to take to the show.

Since I had brought in the shelves I'd hauled around for 4 days, out, clearing my cargo area, I had room to put in the white drop leaf table, I'd had at the mall, along with a set of chairs, to go to the Orem house for staging.  Dad came by and rode with me to Orem to get the goods into the house there.

 I know its hard to tell, but Thrusday I mainly worked on loading up more stuff to take to the 3 Dotters show.  Here I am shown with a pyrex casserole dish on my head, sorry.  I belong to a group on Facebook called the Pyrex Pirates for collectors.  I mainly follow, rarely posting, but the leader of the group has this bowl on her head in her ID pic, so I posted this with the caption "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  Yeah, I did that.

Julie, who I was working with, and also a Pyrex Pirate (not shown, that is Keith who was visiting from next door), laughed and said I was 'authentic' ... is that a compliment?
 After work, Dad came by and picked me up and we went to the temple with ward members.  Our half of the group missed the session, as there were tons of original endowments scheduled, so we went on the next session.  That was probably a good thing, as they were short handed and were able to draft Dad to help.  But it meant we got to Cracker Barrel afterwards, about the time the other half of our group got their meals.  It was super fun, though, we got to know the Pecks better and realized that we have a lot in common.  I've known Trudy since she co produced Little Women at Peteetneet, when Emily and Becca were in their early teens and were in the play.  But, I didn't know that they are Landlords, and flip houses.  She was even nice enough to offer to let me see their current project.

And how fun is this?  Trudy folded all of her tip bills into oragami, this frog actually hops!!
On Friday morning I was up early to finish organizing and loading the van.  I was worried it wouldn't all fit, but with some scootching, piling and tucking, I just managed.  
Then I ran into Provo to check out the house the Pecks are currently flipping.

The house is so fun, its had three separate additions since it was built about 1900, and some of them were pretty quirky.  The Pecks are doing some amazing stuff though ... so fun to see.

They put a bedroom in the attic, up a spiral stair case.  I love this exposed brick chimney in the room!!
 Then it was off to Pleasant Grove to set up for the show at the old Rec Center.  Dad and Trevor and Nell came and helped too.  Here is the booth all set up and ready to go.

Of course there are always shenanigans at these things.  This is Steve, who made me the '60' earrings last year for my birthday, and Jami, who's the head of our Reclaimologist group!

After set up was complete, Dad, Trevor, Nell and I headed to dinner at a local place in PG that they like.  It was great pizza, and we had a great time talking.  Trevor was in the mood to share and kept us laughing and laughing.

 Early Saturday I headed back to finish up pricing, etc.  Above are Jaqueline and RaNae.

  Jaqueline and hubs had left their little girl with his brother's family while they did the show.  That meant their 'alarm clock' was out of the house and they slept in.  The early bird tickets were from 8 to 9, and they were still home.  They got a call from Margo and Clam, not sure which one actually called, and they rushed down.  But they live in Sugar House, so quite a drive ... RaNae jumped in, leaving her booth in the able hands of her husband, and took money for them until they came .... such wonderful bonding moments.

I walked around before the show started and introduced myself to other dealers, some of whom I know only on line.

Later in the day it was fun to see old friends, like Wendy, as they come to shop.  Really these shows are like big parties, where you do a really lot of work, especially during set up and take down, but there's always room for a lot of fun in between. I appreciate my crew for their help in the take down as well!!

On Sunday I was off to church, where I sat with Brittney and Spencer.  The Peck's son had just gotten home from his mission and was reporting.  He was clearly a great missionary.  He told an interesting story.  He was serving in Chili, and said that one day they were walking down the street when two large dogs came up and started playing with them, nuzzling their hands, and licking them.  He's not a dog fan, but petting them, and moved on.  A few minutes later a man who had been watching this, called them over and said "Those dogs are a menace, they attack everyone who walks by, I can't figure out why they acted that way with you.  What is it that's different about you two?"  Of course the man, and his brother ended up taking the discussions ..  The interesting thing to me is that the dog could feel the Spirit about them.  Later, at the nursing home, for my second sacrament meeting, I paid closer attention to the sacrament prayer, and was impressed that we are exhorted to keep His commandments, and remember Him, that we may have His Spirit to be with us.  I know that people can see and recognize active (sacrament taking) members of the church by their 'spirit', or the look in their  eyes', or the  'glow' ...  But its amazing that a dog would recognize that as well.
Anyway, I took this picture as the site kind of made me giggle.  When I got to the nursing home, the small lot for visitors was full, so I parked behind the two 'home vans', and fit right in!!

After church these two came up to visit.  As you can see Dad had brought down the big mahogany bed from the attic on Saturday.  He's trying to clear it to make room for us as we finish the attic.  He also took our white iron bed to the Orem house for staging ... Spencer helped him haul it out.  I was just so surprised when I came home and saw this Saturday night.

BTW, Dad also did electrical and other chores at the Orem house while I was selling at the show.

Anyway, visiting was fun, and Brittney 'dreaded' Spencer's beard ...  while we chatted, doesn't he look like a really big leprechuan?

We also watched the Joseph Smith movie they play in the visitor's center.  Since I am reading his biography, Rough Stone Rolling, I found it more interesting than ever.

Also got talking about ancestors who were in Nauvoo, and asked Trevor who it was that was an ancestor of Dad's that was with Joseph Smith in the Carthage Jail, the night before he died. It was John S. Fullmer, who is an ancestor of Grandpa Burt's (Philo Dibble is an ancestor of Grandma LaRee's)

We had a great Sabbath, in fact we had a great week.  Thanks to all of you who made it special.  We love and appreciate you all so much.

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  1. Reading your post is like enjoying a novel! Love living your life vicariously! I've never seen dreadlocks in a beard! I like the cubbie shelf with all the white dishes....and the bike basket! I've always been impressed at how service-oriented Becca that she goes to visit Grandpa. See you on Friday I hope!