Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hatchet Wood Glasses: Handmade Wood Glasses and Sunglasses

I have stumbled upon quite a beauty in fashion. Hatchet Wood Glasses makes and sells these glasses/sunglasses made completely by hand from wood. They offer a few different styles, their flag ship model being the Vancouver model, which features the classic wayfarer look in either red oak, or zebra wood. They are hand made in the USA. These glasses are incredibly light on your heard and are almost form fitted to your nose to feel amazing. I own a pair of their Vancouver wood glasses and they are great! I recommend these to anyone who is a fan of supporting natural beauty.
Visit their website at: www.hatcheteyewear.com
A pair of their Vancouver Model in Red Oak


  1. Wow. I'm hecka interested. I just wish they had more models........