Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Moving Furniture, Valentines Kits, Flea.o.logy and Seeing My Girls!

Yes indeed, another week has gone by and here is what happened.

On Monday we managed to get the rooms arranged and finished up moving around the furniture we had moved the end of the week before.  The Piano looks just right in its old place. Thanks Spencer.


The 'amazing' table looks great in the corner, decorator Scott's choice.  (And that will make setting a second table in the parlor for family dinners so much easier.) The narrower cupboard in the family room, where the piano was, makes the room seem larger.  I love the trunks I finally selected (and which Dad moved) for more functional storage in the family room.

Then yesterday, Dad was at it again.  He moved my huge scrapbook desk out of the guest room, by himself, and into our room, as Spencer will be living in this room when Seth comes next week, and he will need the drawer space.  I love the funky shabby chest of drawers.  Dad Hauled it up from the garage single handed.  Super Dad strikes again. 

Also on Monday, I was working on getting items together for my Valentine kits.  It was off to see Briahnna to get our jointly owned Cricut machine.  Unfortunately our adorable Elias was having a nap, bad timing I guess.  I also went to Becca's and she taught me to cut on her Cricut, and in so doing I was able to get the dye cut hearts for the kits.

Tuesday I put 11 kits together, and listed two on Etsy.  I took the rest to Treasures the next day.  I had lots of time to do it because Dad was doing his shift at the Provo Temple.  It took hours, but I loved doing it.

Wednesday morning I found out that one of the kits has sold.  I was so excited, because that was my first sale on Etsy.  Yeah!  It was also a work day for me.  Dad worked too, as always, and took his Dad out to dinner afterward, since he knew he would be out of town on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was another work day, of course, and my friend Nikki shared some craft store coupons with me.  Since Dad was in Cedar City, I went craft and book shopping after work.

Friday I spent a lot of the day straightening the upstairs and changing beds.  Since we had flea.o.logy the next day, I knew that my good friend Cathie and her husband would be spending the night.  (Just remember I love having guests, so be sure to let me know when you want to stay!!) Now that I no longer had a double bed guest room, that meant getting my room ready. (We slept in Spencers room, as he was babysitting for Trevor and Nell, and found out that his bed is pretty darn comfy!)

Of course I spent a lot of time finishing up odd projects for the sale, and since I was in the mood, I did a few other projects I have been putting off.

Dad got home just in time to help me load the van for the sale. (I love this man, did you all know that?)  Then we headed over to Olson's Garden Shoppe, a store in Payson that had invited our flea.o.logy crew to have a winter sale there. It was our first time to use the flea.o.logy sign I worked so hard on last week. Jenn brought a great old ladder to work as a stand, and Dad added the chain.  I LOVE it and so did a lot of customers.

Nell, her friend and Becca all sold at the sale.  Emily came by just for fun, and we got to visit a bit.  With seeing Briahnna on Monday, I got to see four of my eight girls this week, and that was a real treat.

Unbelievably, after the sale, leaving Cathie and Jenn to finish up the accounting, Dad and I went to the HCT with the Moes and Heuers to see a very fast paced and funny play called 39 Steps.  It was great to get together again, as always.  We adore these friends, and miss getting together as much as we used to. (No Sunday night cards for months!)

Sunday, today, was a pretty normal one.   Dad sang in the choir for ward conference and their song brought tears to my eyes.  After church Dad and I got our temple recommends renewed, and Dad was told by the stake president that he sees our family as 'pillars of the stake'.  That made Dad feel good I think.

Last of all Dad and I had dinner, played Scrabble and watched a show we had Tivoed.  The End.

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  1. I LOVE the family room. Beautiful!
    Cute valentine kits! (you are so productive and creative)!
    I found out night at the play disappointing. We didn't even get to talk...Let's do dinner next time before the play (if you can). Let's get together next Sunday for games? (is that an "off" night or an "on" night.
    I think it is a true sign of Christ-like love to give up your bed for someone else (something I don't think I have ever done)! You are my inspiration!
    Love seeing your girls!