Monday, January 2, 2012

Belinda and Jared's Visit on New Years Day!

Hi All,  Just wanted to let you know that Belinda and Jared stopped by yesterday.  I've had a bit of a cough, which has gotten worse, so I came home early from church.  Our new block starts at 1:00, but I was home at 3:30 when Belinda and Jared stopped by for a visit.
What a happy surprise.  We visited, and then Spencer and Emily had a chance to visit as well.  It was after five when Dad got home from choir, and then I made dinner while he got caught up on all that is going on in their lives. Emily and Spencer joined us for a nice family dinner and it was fun to get to know Jared better.

Belinda is doing really well, after a week in St. George with Jared getting reacquainted and celebrating Christmas.  She had been in a treatment programs for a few months before that, and is excited about holding on to the commitments and changes she made in the program.  She will continue with outpatient involvement. They live in Murray.

I told Jared that I thank Heavenly Father every day for his support and commitment to Belinda.  He teared up and she cried.  She said she is so grateful for this wonderful, patient and loving companion.  Please remember both of them in your prayers, as we hope that she will be able to continue in this positive direction.

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