Monday, January 9, 2012

Keeping up with the Summers

I’d like to pretend that there is a lot to keep up with but the truth is life has been pretty mellow around hear. Which can be nice some days.

I got all four wisdom teeth out last Monday and it wasn’t to bad. One side still hurts, I might have gotten a dry socket. I go back in today to get the stiches cut out. oh joy!

Becca hatchet eyeware This was taken last night can you tell that my left cheek is still swollen. The sexy wooden glasses are from

Titan is learning to eat with a spoon and fork. Must say its hard to watch him make such a mess. He also is getting really good at cleaning up his toys. Almost to good he often will put things away in draws that perhaps need not go where he is putting them.

Brady is going in to the chiropractor Wednesday. He loves going but hates spending the money so he goes about once a year. He also need to get into the eye doctor but we just keep putting that off.


  1. I hope all went well with getting your stitches out. And you do look mighty good in those wood glasses!! (Then again you look might good without them too!)