Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Great Eva Goat, Glass Glitter, French Food and Moving the Piano!

So here is our week again.  Lots of fun, creativity, food and rubbing shoulders with people we love!
Monday - I had my We Can group and spent the morning tying a quilt to be given to the Shumway family. (Whose house burned down the week of Christmas) That night Scott and I had our monthly Family Home Evening group where we study Preach My Gospel.

Tuesday - I picked up Eva and we headed north.  First we got glitter stars on our cheeks at Dear Lizzie in Highland.  The last time I went there I got one, and then stopped by Trevor and Nell's on an errand.  Eva was impressed with my star and I promised her a glitter star the next time we went out.  

Then we headed north again.  Eva started talking in a funny staccato voice that sounded like a goat.  Since I was telling her we were on our way to see Great Aunt Cheryl, I ended up calling her Great Eva Goat.  She didn't like being called 'Great' until I told her it means wonderful, fabulous, and amazing, then she liked it.   
Here we are visiting with Aunt Cheryl.  We also played a horse shoe toss game and had ice cream too!
I went visiting teaching after I got home and spent the night crafting because Scott had his shift at the temple.

Wednesday I  worked, as always and made bags and bags and bags of glass glitter.  Very Pretty.  Scott took his Dad to dinner that night because he would be out of town the next two days.

Thursday I worked again, this time making heart banners with glittered edges from copied 30's Valentines.  After work I stopped to grocery shop, then Spencer and I got to have dinner at Sam and Emily's.  Emily had texted earlier in the day inviting me to dinner and asking me to choose a country.  I chose France and we had some lovely French Meat Balls with rice and asparagus and an amazing layered dessert. Yummmmmy!

Friday, before heading home, Scott went to lunch with his brother Rick, where he found out that Rick and Wendi had put their house on the market for a test run, and it had sold within 24 hours.  Now they have to decide whether to buy an exisiting home, or build.  Not a situation that happens much anymore. 

As for me, I finished up making the junk flea.o.logy sign I had been working on for a month or so, and took it to a girls' 'night in' at Jennifer Reed's home.  We had a great time crafting and watching movies. 
 Saturday was moving day, in the literal sense of the word.  We moved the piano back to the living room, then moved the huge and heavy oak angel desk to the opposite corner.  Next we brought in a large cupboard to occupy the space where the piano had been in the family room.  Spencer was pivotal in these operations, and we are appreciative of his brawn.   That night we went to see Hugo with the Kews and then to dinner at Wingers.  

Sunday was a normal church day.  After church Todd Ekins, our former bishop and current first counselor grabbed me and dragged me into an empty classroom where he set me apart.  The room light works on motion sensors and half way through the prayer the lights went out.  It was pretty funny, really, but I am now officially serving as the Humanitarian Leader in the Relief Society here.

Scott and I finished up the evening with a game of scrabble, no surprise there.


  1. Always glad to see Cheryl smiling.

  2. I like the sign! Very cool! I love that I get to keep up with what you are doing, even now, when you don't have a missionary to write to anymore!