Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grandpa's Big Birthday Bash and Other Fun!

Well, its been another busy week.  Scott spent the week in Cedar City working on a store reset.  I  babysat Becki on Monday, did some shopping on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday, worked and went to book club on Thursday, met with my flea.o.logy partners for a working lunch on Friday (3 hours worth) and went to see Breaking Dawn with Dad (his idea) on Saturday.

All week I have been working on getting my craft and scrapbooking stuff out of the guest room as Spencer is on his way home with Seth, who will be living with us until summer.  We expect them tomorrow.

In other notable news, on Thursday we had a shoplifter at Treasures who cut the locks off cases, stealing jewelry and two Roseville vases from me. (ouch!)  Kathy saw him leave with something apparently under his jacket and followed him out, but he was quick.  We called Confetti antiques when I saw my open case and knew what was missing.  He had already been there trying to sell the Roseville.  We got to visit with a nice Springville Policeman for a while.  Ah the memories.

But the MOST notable news is that my dear husband of 37 years turned 59.  We all gathered at Brady and Becca's to celebrate and had a wonderful planned potluck Mexican Meal.  Yummm.

Oh and I have to show you how my grandchildren are learning and growing.  Today Becki discovered her tongue and spent the whole day sticking it out.  So, so cute. 
Elias found out that he could give 'crusties' and practiced them on us all at Grandpa's birthday party, oh so priceless.
Such smart grand babies we have in this family.


 Here are more pictures of the whole crew holding babies, talking, holding babies, laying
down to rest, talking,  AND holding babies while talking and laying down to rest.
And this picture is my favorite of the whole evening.  Eleanor is just entranced with her Uncle Brady, who is obviously entertaining her very well.

Thanks to all of you who came and helped Dad pass another milestone.  I know he loved that you all came.  Brady even made arrangements to get off work so he could be there.  Dad loves you all so much and your presence was the very best gift he could have received.

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