Monday, January 30, 2012

16 going on 17 - Davin and Bri

Well, this week is a neat one for us! Our little man is 16 months old, AND our future little lady is 16 weeks along! For those of you who haven't heard, we are expecting and due on July 15th! We are struggling to come up with a name (we had a hatful of boy ones we loved, but are having a hard time nailing down one for a girl).

Elias is learning new words all the time and is understanding more and more. Some of his favorite things to do is laugh after he hears other people laugh and to "dance". Dancing for him consists of a series of deep squats followed by as many tight spins as he can get in before he loses his balance :) He also had a first this week of interlocking his fingers for prayer. He loves reading and will bring you book after book after book for you to read to him. His lovely locks are getting really long, but we can't bring ourselves to cut them for fear those darling curls will be gone forever. Some days he really looks homeless, but most days his curls bring ooo's and aaa's from fellow shoppers. He also is learning to enjoy sporting sunglasses...
Davin is doing well, loving his 3 day work weeks for the most part (to clarify, he loves the 4 day weekend part at least). He is enjoying spending time with the scouts and is looking forward to the Klondike this weekend. I am so glad that is something only the guys have to do! While we were in Minnesota he was trying to find a good outfit to wear for his Klondike campout... None were tall enough for him unfortunately ;) Didn't stop him from testing it out, just to be sure! His opera glasses business is doing well and is enabling us to go on a getaway to Oahu in only 11 more days! We are staying near Waimea Bay and Haleiwa and I couldn't be more excited! North Shore was my favorite while I lived on Oahu. We have plans for hiking, PCCing, beaching, snorkeling, tanning, sightseeing, sushi-ing, and just relaxing all around :)


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