Monday, January 9, 2012

Our 37th Anniversary + Trevor's Birthday + Movie Marathon + Glass Glitter!!

This week at Broadstone Manor we barely managed to keep busy!
Monday was our anniversary and Dad and I went to dinner at Los Amigos and then 'red boxed' Larry Crowne, which we liked a lot.
Tuesday I finally painted our kitchen 'tea cart' table black with enameled spray paint, OUTSIDE the temps were in the 50's!  (I decided it need painting two years ago!)  That evening Dad was back at the temple after it reopened, for his regular shift.
Wednesday I made glitter at work.  Glass glitter is tricky to find and can be spendy too .... so I figured out how to make it from old glass Christmas tree ornaments. Hooray!!
Thursday was a normal work day for me, with some DI shopping and Grocery shopping afterwards.  Dad took Grandpa Carlo, Emily, Spencer, and Uncle Kelly to dinner in Salt Lake ... I missed the party!! But when Emily and Spencer got back, and Dad crashed, they played Scrabble with me.  They both beat me, in case you were wondering, but let me just say, it was a lively game.
Friday I spent hours and hours and hours working on organizing my craft room.  Dad and I played scrabble after dinner that night.

Saturday Dad and I joined up with the Moes (and later the Heuers) for Barb's birthday Movie Marathon!!  We saw the New Mission Impossible, Hugo, The Muppet Movie and finished up with the new Sherlock Holmes movie.  Dad and I ran off to a funeral in the middle to Elk Ridge (Judy Dimond from my book club) while Randy and Barb saw the latest Twilight movie.  Lucky Randy, and just when he thought he had dodged that bullet!!

I actually loved Hugo and Dad and I have already made arrangements to go and see it with the Kews this weekend.

Sunday evening we celebrated Trevor's 31st birthday.  We missed Ben and Davin et al, but the rest of us enjoyed English Dinner (Trevor's Choice).  Our gift to Trevor was a pair of eyeglasses from this amazing online wood glasses store.  He loved them!!

Now for just a quick note.  It is so fun to have baby Becki in the basement (sounds like a children's book title eh?)  Anyway, Emily runs her up on and off for quick visits.  In the picture on the left she is waking up Uncle Spencer and is getting a sweet kiss as a thank you for her excellent service.

In the picture below Emily came up to show me how cute the brown polka dot onesie I gave Becki looks with this cute outfit.
That's it for the week.  Hope to hear how some other Perkins' (and Tallys and Halls and Summers and Mitkos) are doing.

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  1. I looked! CUTE baby! I am impressed that you can make your own glass glitter. There's nothing you can't figure out how to do! Thanks for being party people and always joining in on the movie marathon! It's a fun tradition and wouldn't be nearly as fun without you!