Sunday, June 30, 2013

Of Cows, Cookies, Cake (banners) and Cafe (Rio)

 Yep, another week full of fun and unexpected happening ... first of all there were cows ...

On my way home from walking with LaVern in Genola, I was stopped when a farmer moved his cows from one side of the road to the other ... not something you see everyday, not even in Payson.

Later that day I babysat a sleeping Beckie, so Emily could go and clean a studio apartment that Davin and Bri manage that was coming up for rent ... Emily had taped Coco before Chanel, which I watched and liked a lot. (My kids know me so well!)

 Tuesday morning my visiting teachers came, which is always a great way to start the day.  Then I met my friend Stacy, above, at Dear Lizzie's in Highland for lunch ... always a good time. I am to the right.

When I got home I did a couple of visiting teaching visits, before taking over Grandpa's care and feeding, so that Dad could do his last shift at the temple for a while.  6 weeks to be exact.
 I worked on Wednesday, as usual, and spent some of my time there making this banner for Stacy, she had seen a 'cake' banner at Dear Lizzie, but had choked on the $40 price tag ... (Of course I also got a Pollyanna blog post out of the deal!)  That night I finished reading our ward book club book, so I could pass it along to Emily.

Thursday morning I was off to work again.  This time I spent my spare time there making envelopes out of fancy papers.  It was pretty fun.  When I got home that night Dad had made dinner, bless his heart.  I had book club here that night, which is always fun.
 Friday morning Emily came over to pick up grandpa.  Beckie first grabbed a tomato off the table, I think she thought it was a nectarine, but since I had one of those, I traded her ... she loves them, so cute.
 I met up with my cousin Debbie at her daughter Mellisa's house in Lehi.  They are doing Debbie's youngest daughter's wedding reception next month, and Melissa had posted on face book that she needed some old lace and pearls, both of which I have in spades, so I gathered them all up and headed north.  It was great to get to visit with Debbie for a bit, and also to see Melissa make these cookies that are made from a cake mix with an egg and a square of butter.  So pretty and yummy too!

That night Dad and I met up with the Kews and went to see '42' the movie about the first black baseball player to play in the major league.  We both actually loved it.  Then we headed to Café Rio for dinner.  Always fun to get together with them.

On Saturday Dad took of to run in a 5K with Trevor for one of Trevor's friend's who has cancer.  I went to a few garage sales

.  Then in the afternoon, I put together the items above for a photo shoot for my reclaimologist and other crafty chicks postings.  I have contracted to post once a week, and its nice to have a deadline.

Dad ran to Home Depot to buy some new box fans as it is so hot here, almost a hundred every day all week.

I stopped by my visiting teaching partner, Andrea's house to drop off a TV tray and stand she had wanted, and which I had.  This is her with her new baby, how fun is that?

Then it was off to Emily's house for a minute where Sam showed us the fish he had caught.  He had some fun stories to tell too.

Becca dropped off her babies at Emily, as we were to watch them overnight, while they, Becca and Brady spent the night in Park City to celebrate Becca's last day of work!!  Of course Becca still watches Grandpa one day a week, manages the rental of a condo, and almost has her Real Estate license. I think it was Bri who said, yep, that is how young mother's get to stay home these days.

 It was fun for Dad and me to watch Titan and Beckie playing in the pool. 
Then Emily scooped them up and bathed them and got them ready for bed.  Dad and I ran over to Salem for the wedding reception of the daughter of a ward member, before grabbing some take out for Titan and Aunt Cheryl.  I read a couple of Dr. Suess books to Titan, who is great at being read too, and helps me a lot.

 Sunday morning, Dad let me sleep in, then did everything to get the kids ready for church while I got me ready.  He even made the bed while I was in the tub!!  He's my hero!!  Then it was off to church where both kids were great ... I even snuck this picture of Reagan in Grandpa's arms.

Becca and Brady came and got the kids right after our church, and Dad headed off to his second block of meetings for the day
 That evening we all met up at Trevor and Nell's for faux Café Rio ... yummy, Nell made assignments and it always comes together deliciously.  Ben brought along his friend Hanna for us to meet for the first time.  She will be going to California with us in a  couple of weeks so it was nice to meet her.

 Here are more pictures of my kids and grands interacting.  Love this shot of Ben and Reagan.

 Nell was very popular with the two year olds, upsidedowning them.
 And this is a three generation people stack ... not poor grandpa on the bottom, to the far right.
 Eleanor had just been awakened when we got there and was in the funniest mood all night .... actually quite adorable ... at the end when Trevor and Davin were swinging the little kids, she had just seen them throwing dolls to the ceiling in the blanket as they planned something new for the other kids, so she was worried that they would do that to her and kept saying ... "Don't want my turn!"  So cute!
 What a cute family, eh?
and Trevor looking hot in Dad's bow tie with is plaid shirt and Davin's Hatchet Sun Glasses!

Becca gives kisses to those irresistibly chunky cheeks and its time to take grandpa and head home. 

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