Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday America and Adilyn!

 What a week this has been, what a good mood I'm in, well its almost like being in love ... with life that is.   As always, life was busy with lots of projects and events, what's not to love about that?

For me it started with listing some of the stuff I found when I cleaned out the hall closet last week.  This bedding set was one we used for a several years ... it was put together by a decorator back in the day, and I spent a hundred on it at an estate sale ... whoa.

 Next I was off to my monthly We Can meeting, here you see most of us at lunch after our service project is completed, a couple of gals left early and another is taking the picture!
 That evening we hosted our family home evening group.  Grandpa Carlo came for the first time, and was eating up all the attention he got.  He was a little disruptive with a continual stream of chatter, but everyone said they didn't mind, so maybe he will join us the next time we host.

After FHE Dad and I got to run into Provo to pick up his car, that was finally done ... after more than two weeks of  going from repair place to repair place (3 in all), but the warrentee on the transmission held, so it was not a pricy venture, just an inconvenient one.  We dropped off Davin and Bri's car, which they loaned us for more than a week, while Davin took his Deuce and a Half to work a couple of days.  So funny. Thanks to Davin and Bri for their generosity in loaning us their car.

 Tuesday morning I was up early, as usual and walking with my friend Ginny Taylor.  She had gone through this garden the week before with the quilt walk, a part of the annual quilt show at Peteeneet, and had procured permission to stop by again and view it.  It was really amazing, what a treat.  Before heading out for the day, I finished up this door hanger to the right, a blogging project, and got it hung on the door.

Then I was off to Kaysville for lunch with my friend Arlene, and a conference about the chairs she is recovering for my living room.  I did some junking on the way home, and met up with Dad at home, as he had spent the day in Richfield and Price doing an inventory and store visits. 

After dinner we both worked in the yard for a while, with him mowing, while I watered and cleared pulled weeds from the lawn that had been accumulating from my weed attacks for a week or so.
On Wednesday I worked at the store, as usual, putting together this lacy lamp shade, in fact two of them, for this pair of lamps I bought about a month ago.
Dad delivered the new floor plan for the Orem store, which must feel weird, since he managed that store when it was new .... now its being remodeled!  He spent the afternoon at the meat packing plant at the Lindon Cannery, and was the only volunteer for the day.  But then, we all know, Dad can do as much work as four normal men, so I am sure that was good!
 I  was off to work on Thursday, even though it was the fourth of July, but Dad had bigger and better plans.  He and all of his boys who are in the country at the moment, ran the 5 and 10ks at the Freedom Festival in Provo.  Eva even got to go along in a jogging stroller to enjoy the excitement.  BTW, it was Davin that did the 10 K.  Dad was off his best run, by more than a minute, but still managed to take 5th place in his age category.  What a guy.

I stopped by the store for groceries on the way home from work, then enjoyed a dinner that Dad had made when I got home.
 On Friday it was all work and no play for Dad, as he did a 13 hour day, visiting all the southern stores, as far south as Overton, Nevada.

I on the other hand had a day that was all play and no work.  Ann Shumway and I headed up to Hoytsville for a sale called the Vintage Market ... Here we are in front of the old milk barn that they use for the sales.  Note the Eastlake headboard and footboard behind us, that is one of my purchases there.  They always have great deals!
 This is Dad's second cousin, Kathy Pace.  Her maiden name is Perkins, which is how we figured this out last year at one of their sales that I went to with Aunt Joyce.  She has the greatest style, and I love this outfit.  The wonderful European lace top she is wearing is actually a bra from the 1920's.  So, so pretty.

Ann and I had lunch at Subway, there in Hoytsville, then headed to Nephi to check out the Picker's Paradise, which is run by one of the two men in the Reclaimologists group I belong to.

I did have to get home in time for Emily Wright to come over and help Grandpa with his shower.  Grandpa still hates it a lot, and yells and even swears a bit, but Emily is undaunted.  She is a nurse's aid and works at the hospital.  She lives in our ward, and her parents are in our Family Home Evening group, which is where her Dad suggested we might hire her for this.  It was an inspired idea, and we are grateful he thought to mention it to us.

We are actually going to have her come and start helping Aunt Cheryl with her showers as well. :-)

 On Saturday, while I was at work, Dad made a double payment on the Orem house, paying it off.  He, along with a few of the kids, are very into Dave Ramsey, a financial Guru. So he was in a very good mood.

I, meanwhile, was at work, as I mentioned.  We had a bit of a catastrophe when a customer knocked off some vintage products, including this bottle of Mrs. Wrights bluing.  I was lucky in that Noel, who I was working with, just jumped in and cleaned it up!!

We also had a great sales day, with me selling 3 different things with a price tag of a $100 or more, as well as lots of smalls.  Happy day.

Dad, of course, was in charge of Grandpa and said that he finally had to take his shoes, after he wandered out of the house, not once, but twice ... always fun, of course.

That night, when I got home from work, we headed over to Davin and Bri's to celebrate Adilyn's first birthday.
Here we see Davin showing off his new toy ... now wait a minute, its Adilyn's birthday and they told us not to bring gifts as she is too young to understand ... then her Dad gets a new toy?

 Grandpa had fun, playing with balloons and eating cake and watching the grandkids.  He is always happy watching the kids, which I think is an important reason for him not to be in a nursing home, as long as we can help it.  Of course all of his day care options include children and babies.

Emily says if he is upset about something, all she has to do is put Liam in his lap and his mood changes almost immediately, well, almost always.

 Here we see Elias seeking balloons.  Well the cupboard does look like stairs, doesn't it?

Becca came with the kids, but without Brady, as he was off to work.

Emily and Sam had to pass because Becky has been sick for the last few days, darn it.

 And of course, there was cake ... two kinds, one for the one year old, and ice cream cake for the rest of us, yum!

Dad played games on his phone, and Eva even played angry birds on my phone ... good times!
On Sunday we had a great day at church, one set of  meetings for me, and two sets for Dad as always.  In the afternoon, I did this 'Imperial Street' on my laundry press, since I had nothing to blog about for Monday. 

Then I put together this patriotic mantel for another blog post, since I have to have three extras ready this week, as we will be having fun in the SUN next week.

So that was our week, full of fun, work, historic moments (paying off a house, and celebrating Adilyn's first)  We hope your week was just as fun!

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