Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After Palm Springs

 So this is the rest of the story.  After Dad went to take his nap, I got started on the set up of my own booth.  I visited with dealers as they came, and checked out their goodies.

To the left is the very beginnings of my booth.

Dad got up around 5 and headed to Orem to meet up with Darby and the Heuers and Moes for dinner before attending Guys and Dolls at the Hale Center Theater.  Everyone enjoyed the play, including Darby, who said she loved visiting with our old friends .... its amazing, we have been friends with them since Darby was 12.

Meanwhile back at the 'Salt Mine' I was getting my stuff priced and ready to go.  Trevor and Nell got here around 10:00 P.M., and got their kids into bed in the library.  Then they worked on setting up Nell's booth.

They kindly took over the watch for the rest of the night around 12 and I got to sleep.  Since I had just slept for about 3 hours on our overnight drive home, I was very, very grateful to them.  I know they had just finished the same drive, and were very tired too, which makes it even more amazing that they were willing to do that.  Thanks you guys!
 One of two dealers that we donated a booth to, was Andrea, my visiting teaching partner, who is a blogger and crafter too.  She made some pennant banners to sell, doesn't the one above look custom made for me?  When I bought a different one, silly me.  She is trying to pay off their recent adoption, and wanted to try her hand at the sale.  The other couple, who are also fund raising to adopt a baby, were able to collect 25c admits, which gave us our first entry count for flea.o.logy.  They collected $300, which indicates that there were 1200 visitors to flea.o.logy.

 Quite the crowd, eh?  Well Dad went off on his normal Saturday morning run, then worked on projects.

Nell's friend Liz came and did face painting again.  Here she is with Eva and her adorable face.
 We were thrilled when Becca and Brady and the kids showed up later in the day.  Here is Titan with his painted face.  He was so cute, he kept seeking out mirrors and saying "I a tiger, Mom!"


That morning, I had showed Dad that I noticed that we had had water running down the wall of the newly remodeled bathroom on the main floor while we were gone.  A bit discouraging for him I am sure.  Thus he spent a large part of the day tearing up the tile in the upstairs bathroom, where a slow leak around the toilet had slowly eroded the subfloor.

That night he and I walked over to the new Mexican restaurant in town, and lets just say its will probably be my third choice of the three we now have in Payson.

On Sunday we went to church as always, me to one set of meeting, and Dad to two.  Dad was the High Council speaker in our ward, and did a really great job, especially since he was speaking on chastity.  Lets just say, he does have a testimony of the concept, and gave a very moving sermon.

Of course we missed being able to be with Spencer on his 23rd birthday, but expect to be able to celebrate it a month late, when they get back from Cambodia.  What a wonderful experience they are having, I doubt he will ever forget how he spent his 23rd birthday.

After dinner I spent the evening doing our eternal Palm Springs blog post for three hours, while he took Grandpa up to the concert in the park.  Grandpa seemed to enjoy himself as always, what a good son he has.

So that was the end of our week.  This coming week we should be back to normal Monday to Sunday blog posts.  Y'all come back now, hear?

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  1. Love the facepainting! You had a great crowd and I love that you are also doing fundraising! That's cool! You are cool!
    Sorry about the leak! Bummer!