Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Missionary Week!

On Monday I walked with Emily and the kids along my favorite nature path in Payson.  Beckie was very distracted by the park, and had a hard time when swinging time was over.
Dad called about then saying that the place that was to have fixed his car was now saying it was the transmission ... around and around we go.  Emily drove me there to get the car ....
and Beckie was exhausted from her overt sadness about the swinging ending, so she fell right asleep in the car.  While at the car place Emily called Becca thinking we should hook up since we were so far north (Lindon), but Becca was already on her way to meet Ashley at the McD on 8th north.  We headed there and all of us got there within about a two minute span.  Cool, eh.

 Here are some of my pretty girls!! and Titan too.  While there Dad sent me a cryptic text saying his job was changing in big ways.  I had to suffer and wait until he got home, but I will tell you now so you won't have to suffer like I did.  They have added center store supervision for the southern region to his plate, a job that was full time for the guy that had it, this was added to his other two or three responsibilities (formerly done by another two guys) ... Whoa Super Dad!! (He is actually very excited and Emily is a little jealous, she said when she worked at Macey's being the boss of all the Grocery Managers was her dream job!)
Then we delivered Dad's car to the transmission place in Provo, again, still.  They had to take it to the dealership for approval, again, (last time the dealership had us get a new catalytic converter) and the new transmission was finally approved, bringing a 6 week long odyssey to an end.

 Tuesday morning I walked with Emily again, only this time, she walked to a visiting teaching appointment toward the end of the walk, while I watched Beckie at the park, so Beckie go her fill of the swing and everything else at the park.  Much happier baby girl!

Next I was off to Pleasant Grove to take Eva and Scott on a grandma date.  We went to DI and searched for treasures then went to Macey's and got ice cream cones.  We all had a pretty good time, and I cannot believe that I forgot to take pictures.  What was I thinking?

I got home in time to say hi/bye to Dad as he took off for the temple.  I made dinner for Grandpa and Cheryl before heading out for a visiting teaching appointment myself.
That night I was able to face time with Spencer and Brit, while Dad was doing his session at the temple... he felt awful missing it, so we rescheduled for Thursday.
On Wednesday I woke up with a tummy ache, not normal at all for me.  I figured I could tough it out at work, not.  I called someone to come in for me, and was back in bed by 1:30 P.M., I slept on and off all afternoon, then in the evening, when Dad got home from a grocer's convention, we face timed with just Spencer, while Brit was at work. (8:00 P.M. here is 7:00 A.M. there the next day.)
Thursday morning I was back to being myself, I was up early and managed to get this old tool box planter painted before going for my walk with Ginny, then filled with plants when I got home.  I have been working very hard trying to find homes for all the double flat deal of flowers I got the previous Saturday.

 Then I was off to work.  I felt so great, and got a lot done in my new booth area I am focusing on.

I got a call from a gal from Payson who wanted to sell me some windows, so I dropped by there on the way home ... she was so interesting.  She is a glass mosaic artist, and is shown above with some of her work.  She is also an amazing gardener and showed me her garden.  When I got home Dad had made spaghetti for us all, such a great Dad! (Brother and son!)
Then after dinner it was off to see Ryan open his mission call!! Hurrah!  He is going to the southern most province in Japan!

 Afterwards we headed over to Maui Chill, which Grandpa loves ... it wasn't exactly torture for me either, and it was fun to see Eric, as it has been at least 10 minutes since we had seen him ... LOL


 On Friday I stayed home to fight the fight of the wild rose bush.  I have let it grow for years, but it was really out of control and only blooms for about a week in the spring ... besides it was trying to take over the world.  See it on the right above.  It did not, however, go down without a fight!

I also managed to get the above weather vane ready to sell on the Reclaim-ologist site I belong to.  We are required to list once a week.  I have had this deer for 6 months, and it was time to make it sellable.  The vein did not have an arrow, so I made one out of an old tine ceiling tile, which meant doing some painting to match.
That night Dad and I got a movie from Red Box and watched it, while waiting for Spencer and Brit to call again.  We face timed for over an hour.  They had gone to the church early Saturday, as there is WiFi there.  

 On Saturday, I managed to find time, while at work my one Saturday a month, to sew these buttons on these cards I made from a graphic I found on line.  It was a real success for me, as its a project I will do on my Pollyanna blog, and I was NOT doing it at midnight ... something that has been happening too often, just to meet my own self applied deadlines.  I had also hoped to blog about it, having taken my ipad to work, but that didn't happen.  Still I did the blog that night, rather than at midnight on Sunday night.  Good stuff.

Dad worked on the sprinklers mostly, and was there when Emily Wright, a girl in the ward who works at a care facility, came by to shower and shave Grandpa.  Its some money for her, and saves Dad the grief of dealing with it himself.

Then Dad dropped Grandpa off at Emily and Sam's where Sam took this cute picture of Grandpa with Liam.  Then Dad picked me up from work, and we headed to dinner at Café Rio before going to one of his work associates wedding receptions in north Orem.  The man lost his wife to Lou Gehrig's disease about three years ago and just married a gal in his stake whose husband had a heart attack in church last year.

On our way home Sam texted to say we need to come over and see the super moon, the brightest in years.  He has a telescope and it was fun to see the texture of the moon.  He was right, it was super bright!  The we picked up grandpa and headed home.
This morning Dad dropped me off at our ward so that I could attend Kevin Stringham's missionary homecoming talk, (He was the only missionary out from our very tiny ward.) and Sunday School, while Dad gave his High Counsel talk to the Spanish Speaking ward, and got Grandpa ready to go to church with us.  Then they picked me up at church and we headed to Salt Lake where ...

Leigh Martinez was having her farewell talk.  She is such a cute girl, and we loved seeing her whole family.  Uncle Clark and Aunt Jo, and all their kids except Brooke, who has moved to Denver, were there.  Jill was there with her baby who was born the day Spencer and Brit got married.  I guess her husband John was called to be bishop three days before she had the baby ... guess the Lord knows how capable she is, and she is almost back to her normal energetic self, despite this sweet surprise of a baby at age 43! The only other family there was two of Bruce's boys, Jon and Matt and their families, but we had fun visiting with them all.

Dad and I and Grandpa then went over to  Kristin's stake center, just behind their house, to watch the missionary meeting that broadcast for High Counsels and Ward Counsels.  We were both pretty touched by it all, the spirit was very strong, I had tears streaming down my face to the point that I was super glad I knew no one there in the meeting ... anonymity definitely has its place!

We stopped on the way home to pick up a car that Davin and Bri are loaning us until Dad's car gets done ... we hope soon.  Everyone has been so great to share!!

So that was our week, full of missionary experiences and family!!  Definitely a good week ... well other than that touch of flu and the attack of the rose!

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