Sunday, June 2, 2013

Plumbing, Fire and a Graduation.

 Yep, it was a wonderful and fun week, filled with lots of memories, and most of them were good. Monday we had a stay at home day full of laundry, blogging, church callings and gardening for Memorial day.  I love that Emily drops by to print stuff off on our computer, that means we get to see her more!

 Dad did a crazy amount of plumbing stuff this week. Monday he fixed the sprinklers, replaced Emily's bathtub tap downstairs, fixed the leak in my kitchen sink that we have had for 10 years ... guess he was in the mood.  He found out why he waited ten years too, it was a pain and required twisting and damaging the drain in the sink, until he could maneuver it out and replace it with a new one.  Then he  replaced the shower head in our newly remodeled shower with one that is on a hose, so both grandpa and Aunt Cheryl could shower in greater comfort. Last of all he installed a filter on the sprinkling system, so that he won't have to clean out heads all the time.
 Tuesday included meeting Dad at Trevor and Nells so we could attend Eva's graduation from Kindergarden.  Here she is shown with her class mates.

 Eva's daddy brought her flowers, and grandma brought her the makings of a new princess book.  Aunt Darby came to show her support as well!!

After graduation, Dad headed back to work and I had a buying appointment with Robin's mom, Pat in North American Fork.  Robin came too, which made it even more fun.  It was raining, so we had to wait for dryer interludes to carry out the furniture I had purchased for resale.  Matt came down from Highland to help with the heavy work, thank goodness.  It was super fun to see Pat and John's new 'smaller' place.  As always Pat's great style is making it mark, and the place is charming.
That night I hosted the missionaries, even though Dad was at the temple and could not attend.  We love feeding the missionaries, and I couldn't pass up the chance to do so, as they are so rare around here.  Emily drove up and got them, using Liam as a chaperone, since Grandpa (who was going to be my chaperone) ended up in Highland with Becca, as Dad was late getting his car back from its inspection. (long convoluted story, and Sam was the hero of the day picking up grandpa later.)

 Above is a picture of Emily with the missionaries and Liam.

On Wednesday I had a normal work day, which included moving stuff around to make room for the new antique Victorian furniture I bought from Pat.  I have moved away from Victorian, and don't even have a booth, as I did for years.   I had to create a booth for it, which meant moving a lot of stuff to the store next door and being really creative.  I was exhausted when I got home, and Dad had made dinner.  He had gotten off a bit early and decided to make it, how sweet it he?

Thursday morning Ginny and I were walking and passed my friend Cristie's house.  She was outside and invited us to her deck to share some of her amazing gardening skills.  So fun! I love the bird bath to the right and thought maybe I could repurpose an antique repro stained glass light fixture to look like this.
Also on Thursday, my friend Patti Hansbrow, middle, invited a few of the We Can ladies to see her new place.  It was so charming, and lunch was so fun, even though I just had a bit more than a half hour to visit.  Kathie Tervort is on the left and Carolyn Shirley is on the right.  Patti's place is just minutes from my work, which is why I was able to sneak away.

 When I got back to work I finished up changing out our largest front display.  Its been getting rave reviews, which is always fun.

While we were finishing up dinner that night, a local man stopped by and invited me over to look at some antiques he had for sale.  Dad and I went over later and I found some great stuff there as well.  It was a super buying week all in all, with two buying appointments, then the flea market at Treasures on Saturday followed by a bit of garaging. Lets just say I am totally out of cash!

Also on Thursday Darby posted on face book that she wished her new disposal would install itself.  Her Fairy God Mother was not available, however, her father the plumber was.  Yeah Dad.
 On Friday I worked in the yard, most of the day, and went to one yard sale after a good customer called and invited me.  After Dad got home from work we headed over to Kews.  They were babysitting 2 grandchildren, as their daughter Hilary is here from Maryland.  We ordered out and watched a movie we missed in the theaters, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which we all loved.  While Dad and Steve were going for dinner, they saw smoke.  It was in a line from Kews' that could have been our house so they drove over and it was Dr. Taylor's house on the bend of the highway.  After we got back from the Kews', I walked over there, and was just heart sick.  Its a total loss, which seems so unfair when Dr. Taylor (former mayor) has done so much to preserve historic structures in Payson.
Saturday morning dawned early for me and I was off to the Treasures Antiques birthday sale and flea market.  My antiqueing show partner, Bruce, always blows out his stuff at these sales and I got some good deals, but they required moving more stuff around in the mall.

Afterwards I ran to Highland as the Heuers and some of their neighbors were having garage sales.  I didn't find much, but Donelle was out 'weeding' her flower beds.  I asked if I could have some 'weeds', as they were really flowers she was thinning.  Here she is with a clump of Johny Jump-ups, miniature pansies, which are about the sweetest flower in the world.
Kylie came over while I was there and gave me a big hug.  I love her haircut, so very cute and so very happy and Kylie.  The white bag I am holding has the 'weeds' in it.  Thanks Donelle.  She promised me more weeds next year too!

 When I got home I found that Dad had been busy too.  He removed about 8 large above ground roots from our big trees.  He is shown here with the largest one.  He had also replaced and moved several sprinkler heads.  We then went shopping, with grandpa too, to Home Depot, where Dad got the fertilizer spreader I had been unable to find at a garage sale, along with a new hose, a bunch of plumbing parts, a pump for our new fountain feature, and a few plants to add to our flowerbeds which I have been redoing.  When we got home, I worked on the flower beds, while he got to it, and weed and feeded the lawns, the then he worked on the plumbing for the new fountain, of course. It was dark by the time I was adding the tiny ground cover between the bricks that surround the fountain, yawn, so much for red boxing a movie, eh?

 Didn't it turn out cute?  Moving it into place about killed us both, it is solid cement and heavy as heck, but we finally got it in place ... note some of Donelle's weeds in their happy new home.

Today Dad had his High Counsel meeting, so grandpa didn't get showered and got out of going to church.  I guess next week it will happen.  Church was great as always, but as Dad was heading back to church again for his other ward, he got a nose bleed which wouldn't quit.  He's been taking mega doses of ibuprofen, a blood thinner, and by the time he got his white shirt into cold water, and got it stopped, he decided to just stay home and take a nap with me.  Next it was dinner, and then blogging for me.  So that was our week.  Lots of fun memories, and things accomplished, but we are heart sick about Dr. Taylor's house.  Hope you week was wonderful too!


  1. Bleed Arrest at Walgreens. Kinda spendy but worth it if you have one that won't stop.

  2. I read about the fire in the newspaper and thought about you....knew it was a neighbor and a historic home Sad. I like the fountain! I like the yellow and blue outift you wore at the graduation! The variety in your week amazes me! Very entertaining. Keep them coming! I saw Trevor at Thanksgiving Point Megaplex. That was fun! When will I see you again? Next Wed for sure!