Sunday, June 9, 2013

Of Potlucks, Plumbers, Potagers and Princesses!

 Another week has gone by, full of fun memories, and work.  Monday started with my attendance at We Can, where we made cards for deployed service men and women to use in their correspondence home.  Afterwards there was a delicious potluck luncheon.

Then I took some dolls that needed restringing to the doll lady in town, which is always interesting.

Next it was to Emily's.  I am still trying to figure out how to use my iPad that Dad gave me for Mother's Day/my birthday.  The plan is that I will be able to take it to work, and when things are slow, I can do my blogging there.  She helped me figure things out and I was able to move pics from my phone to the iPad, and then I was able to do a blog post.  A couple of things are different, so I had to get on and fix them at home.  So glad Emily is willing to help me with this.
On Tuesday I worked on the yard most of the day ... I am loving how this old crumbly window well planter finally looks good.  I do have to remember to water it, as the sprinklers don't reach, but so far so good. 
Dad brought Grandpa home around four, which brought me in the house to do chores.  Of course, Dad was off to the temple for his normal Tuesday shift.  Then I made dinner for grandpa and Cheryl before heading over to Emily's for our ward book club, where we watched the old Scarlet Pimpernel movie that was  made in the early 1930's. 

 On Wednesday I was off to work for my regular shift.  I spent a lot of the day reorganizing one of my small booths into a junky craft supply area with lots of buttons, zippers, post cards, old photos, silver plate silverware that people use for crafts, old maps, clothes pins and vintage greeting cards ....

Dad got off work a little early that afternoon, so that he could go over and work on the tap in the tub in Emily's basement bathroom.  Yeah plumber man.

When he got home we had dinner, and then we red boxed, renting Safe Haven, the newest Nicholas Sparks book to movie, which we both liked a lot. I think Robin would even like this one, if you know what I mean.

On Thursday, after I got home from walking, I made a potluck item before heading off to work.  I worked on blogging with my iPad again, with the help of a coworker, who is pretty knowledgeable, and even deleted the blog post that I had done at Emily's on Monday .... arrrgggg ..... fortunately, the pics were still on the iPad so I could redo it .... ah that learning curve ....  Dad got home early enough that afternoon to pop the pot luck item the oven.
 Then I met him at the ward patriotic event and potluck dinner, which was fun.  I think that Dana DeWitt, Dad and I were the only ward members there who didn't have a family member participating. LOL

Dad did make himself useful though, taking on a new neighbor's baby for the duration of the evening, even eating (I filled his plate) with the little one on his lap.

 It felt good to be there to support the ward, of course, and we were some of the last to leave.  I did get a chance to do some fellow shipping with a sister whom I visit teach, who works with the cubs, so that was a good thing.

 On Friday I ran to Salt Lake and met up with Ginny,(shown to the right photographing a plant with her bling phone), to host one of the houses on the Utah County Master Gardener's Hidden Garden Tour.  It was held in Salt Lake this year because they don't have a group there.  The shot above is at the house we hosted.  After four hours of hosting, we spent another four hours trying to hit all of the 11 houses we could before the tour was over at 8:00.  We saw 8 of them, all told, which was good, and we both loved it.  Some Café Rio rounded out the day.

Dad worked a normal day, then stopped at Trevor's to repair an outside faucet that had broken off. Yeah plumber man.  Emily, mean while, had an extended day with Grandpa.
 I loved the look of the statuary in the middle of the birdbaths, and since I have the exact fairy as the one found on the birdbath to the left ... can you guess what I have sitting in my birdbath now?
 I thought this garden, off 9600 south and very far east was amazing, and I found a ground cover there that I love called Sweet Woodruff, that loves the shade .... so excited about that find ... now I just need to find a nursery that carries it.

I loved that a couple of the houses had kitchen gardens, or as they are called in England, 'Pottagers'.  This one was my favorite, and at the back of this picture is a potting table.  Also note the only bell jar (or choche jar) that I have ever actually seen in a garden.
 On Saturday Dad and I were both off early, after hiding grandpa's shoes and setting out his breakfast ... Dad went to run a 2 mile fund raiser race for a former bishop in our stake who had inoperable brain cancer, just to help with medical expenses.   It was his first run in three weeks, as he finally has his tendonitis under control. 

I went garaging, just around town, and it took me two hours to spend the 15 dollars I had left in my purse.  After getting back I worked in the garden some more, then Dad and I cleared out the van in anticipation of the rest of the day.

Next we headed north spending a bit less than an hour at fleattitude, the sale that Jenn and Cathie are doing now.  It was fun to visit with friends, and it was good that Dad stopped at the magic money machine.

Next we headed to highland where we picked up 6 free pallets to use in woodworking projects ... thanks Randy.  They had gotten all kinds of stuff on pallets when they were opening Maui Chill, and these were some of those he had left after getting rid of most of them at a yard sale last week ... and hey, I didn't have to pay the 75c each that the others had fetched. LOL

Barb was busy getting ready for Krista's open house the next day, and we got a chance to visit with her for a bit.  Of course it was great to see their extended family too.
Then it was time for the highlight of the day ... we headed to Timpanogos High School where Eva was to have her year's end dance recital.  Here is Eleanor, get ready for the big event.
The theme was princesses, and Eva was one of 6 Mulans.  Their second number was a cute one about tea cups and saucers ... all the dances were quite entertaining, and Eva was really very serious about following the routines, it was so cute to see.
When we got home, we got to watch Beckie for a couple of hours while her parents went to their adult session of their stake conference.  She was adorable, even though she is cutting teeth and was cranky... I actually ran and did our grocery shopping and grandpa watched her for most of the time.

This morning we had to start early to make it to Highland for Krista's missionary farewell.  Jake Heuer spoke as a youth speaker and they both did an amazing job.  Jake, and Krista's brother Ryan will be going later this summer or this fall.  We love these kids, and it is so good to see the good things they are doing with their lives.  It was also fun to see Trina and her family, and Kelsy and hers, who all came for the farewell of their sister, with Trina's arrival being a surprise.

We headed back after the meeting as Dad had to get to his High Council assigned ward's meeting block. 

 It was a nice surprise when Davin and Bri stopped by on their way home from an evening walk up to the Grotto in Payson Canyon.  It was fun to get to see Adilyn crawling, and to see Elias singing Primary songs he is learning in the nursery at church.  In the picture to the left Davin is doing the 'popcorn popping' movements, while Elias sings ... very softly!
And it was also very entertaining to watch Adilyn playing with the top of the block sorter with her hands and feet ....Briahnna said that when they first gave her a bottle she held it with her hands and feet.  So cute!

Well that does it for our week, hope you enjoyed seeing some pictures of the memories we made, and we especially appreciate all of those of you who were part of those memories ... we love you all!

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