Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baby Sitting, House Touring and Father's Day Celebrating

 So, while I was walking on Monday morning in Genola with LaVern, we saw these giant weed seed puffs.  Since I had just seen something on Pinterest about burning dandelion fluff and having it burn multi colored, so LaVern pick a bouquet.  When we got back to her house, we went in the garage and closed the door, so we could see if the flames was colored, in the dark.  Then I thought ... here we are like hiding in the garage, light weeds on fire ... so I said, "LaVern, does this mean we are smoking weed?"  See the bad influence Ben is on me? By the way, the big puffs were boring ... guess I will have to wait and try it again with some dandelions.
 Becca and Emily met at my house to go couponing, later that morning, and left Beckie and Titan with me, while they went shopping.  I was working like mad on projects for the reclaimologist group I belong to, as we were to have an online sales event that Wednesday.  After the kids were picked up, I had a chance to get some painting done, and was able to style some photos for the sale.

That night Dad brought Trevor and Nell's kids home with him, after work, and we had a fun evening. They were off celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

The kids know Grandpa really well, because Nell watches Grandpa two days a week, which I guess means that Grandpa knows them pretty well, though he always calls Scott the cub scout because he often sees him in uniform.

 Here I am playing a game with Eva and Scott.  Eva beat me, but just barely.  Scott was the official banker.
 We got to use our hide-a-bed for only the second time.
 On Tuesday, Dad took grandpa to Becca's, since Trevor and Nell were still away on their get away.  We all walked over to Emily's for play time in the pool and she invited us to ...

 stay for lunch ... the red head is a neighbor girl who saw all the water fun and came over and joined us.

To the right, you can see Eva, with my jewelry fixings as we make a necklace for her mom for her anniversary.  Eva really wanted to make her mom a necklace and chose the components from among my supplies.  She was pretty excited about that.

I also worked on getting sign boards done to make a literary sign post to sell at the reclaimologists event the next day.

Dad brought grandpa home, and I had volunteered to make dinner for a neighbor who just had a baby.  Lots got accomplished before Trevor came and picked up the kids.  We had had a great time.

Dad, of course was off to the temple for the evening.
I finished up the directional sign on Wednesday morning and got my post up just before the event started. The sign sold for $75 within minutes.  I later sold two items out of my group of stuff I had photographed on Monday.  Good sale!  Of course I spent the day at work.  I am still working on changing the one smaller booth into a craft supply sort of place. I have enjoyed doing it so far.
That night Dad picked me up from work and we had a quick dinner at Café Rio before heading to the Hale Center theater to see Urine Town, which was fun, energetic and completely inappropriate for our community ... makes me wonder if I like the direction this theater is going. Of course time spent with Heuers and Moes is always good.

 Thursday was another work day for me, but I got someone to come in for the last half of the day so I could take off and go to the old house tour in Provo with Dad. 

This home belongs to one of the men he works at the temple with on Tuesday, who also happened to be in charge of the home tour.  I thought it was amazing.

Of the three homes we saw that night, we knew someone who lived in half of them.  (The other two were customers at the antique store.)

 After the home tour it was off to Maui Chill, Barb and Randy's frozen yogurt shop for Seriously Thursday Night, a program done by KSL radio's Nightside project at local businesses. 

Becca and Brady go to Maui Chill about once a week, so they came to help celebrate, as did Emily and her date.

To the right is Emily, Barb and Dad.
 In this picture of Randy, you can see the Night Side guys set up and broadcasting in the background.
 Robin and Jake came over and joined us for a while .... which made it even more fun, of course.

 Please note that Liam and Reagan are holding hands in the picture above, how cute is that?

.... and it was finally Brady that got a cute smile out of Reagan ... look at her cute Shirley Temple dimple on the right hand side. (her left)

I love their yogurt and mix ins and we all had a great time ... but eventually it was time to go home and blog ... which I finished up in time to go to bed at 2:30 A.M. ... yawn!
 I was up early on Friday and off to go junking in Salt Lake with LaVern.  We ran into Tom, Brittany's father-in-law at this estate sale not to far from his home, which turned out to be a good thing, because I bought an enormous cement fountain, which he helped me load into the van!

 Later, while LaVern and I were having lunch at Café Rio, Dad called to say he was having problems with the fuel injectors on his car, and needed me to stop on the way home and pick him up at the repair place in Lindon.  Here LaVern is shown rearranging the loot to make room for another person!!

When we got home, he let me take a nap while he mowed the lawn, how nice is he?

Next it was off to the second evening of home tours in Provo, which we also enjoyed very much. 

That evening we got a Red Box movie.  A young couple in the ward was also getting a movie, and were surprised when we got 'Warm Bodies' a zombie movie we had heard good things about.  In the end, the movie was OK, but it was still a zombie movie, and we were not the target audience.!
On Saturday we ran errands and worked on the yard.  I got a great deal on flowers at Hanson's Green House in Benjamin, which was nice, because I still have a lot of work to do in the garden.
We finished up the day with another Red Box movie, Guilt Trip, a movie with Barbara Streisand, which we enjoyed quite a bit more than the zombie movie, as we are its target audience.

 Here he is shown with half of his children, and nine of his fifteen  grandchildren.  
 Sunday was typical with us attending our ward, and then Dad attending his other ward.  I spent the afternoon making a special father's day crown for Dad, which he marginally enjoyed, but was good sport enough to wear.

Here he is shown with Liam opening his gift from some of the kids, a pair of running pants and shoes.  He also received some running socks and a tie.

 Here he is with three of his four youngest grandchildren. 

To the right is a great photo bomb by Adilyn, with the help of her father, the original photo bomber.
 We all had a great evening, and it was fun to be able to eat outside and enjoy the antics of the grands! Happy Father's day to the best dad and grandpa ever!


  1. Thanks for coming out to Maui Chill! You have been so supportive and we appreciate it so much!
    Love Scott's crown and the picture with the three babies!
    Next week, I start writing missionary letters again! Won't be as good as your blog though!

  2. I can't believe you are a pyro!