Thursday, June 4, 2015

Gathered Face Book Tributes to Grandpa Carlo

I was so touched by the face book statuses of family members that I thought I would collect them and save them .... These are in age order.  These are the ones I noticed by the morning of June 4th, if you are aware of others, please let me know so I can add them - Mom

Carlo Milton Perkins continued his journey toward eternity at 11:22 pm on June 1st. We are sure the reunion with his wife and baby boy will be joyous. If heaven is truly heaven I believe there will some barbershop chords ringing very soon as well. - Scott Perkins (son)

  • Bruce Perkins A Facebook comment is impersonal but our thoughts are with you. My uncle Carlo was a sweet, loving and caring man with a whose sense of humor was an acquired taste... I have find memories of the fishing trips he took me on.
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 This comment is from Scott Cousin, Grandpa's nephew through his brother Leeman. 

My wonderful father-in-law has been reunited with his bride! He passed away tonight at 11:22. Because my own father died when I was ten, to a large extent this good man filled that hole in my heart. Goodbye for now Dad! We all love you! -Paula Perkins (Daughter-in-law through Scott)

My father in law, Carlo Perkins, passed away last night. He stayed with us for a few days last summer and while he didn't know where he was or who we were I remember a particular tender moment of clarity when he said he said he was looking for his wife and that he missed her. I had a good cry in Katies closet and I know that he and Connie are finally reunited today. I love you Carlo. - Wendi Perkins (Daugher-in-law through Rick)

My wonderful Grandpa Carlo passed away last night. I drove down to Utah last night to be with him. Although I wasn't there when he died, I was able to see him shortly after and was able to say my goodbyes. Six hours of driving gave me time to reminisce. I loved the summers when they would flood the lawn with irrigation water up to my ankles. The world's best slip and slide. I spent many a night camped out in his yard and many a night camped out in the Uintahs intermingled with fishing and hiking. Perhaps my favorite memory was as a child driving his truck while sitting on his lap. He was a drivers Ed teacher and as he got older and Alzheimer's took its toll he would take on the teacher role as I drove him to family dinners. My need for speed was always very concerning to him. He would teach me all the way from Salt Lake to Payson. I think had he been my drivers Ed teacher I wouldn't have passed. I will miss you but know that you are no longer in pain and hope that you and grandma are together. Love you with all my heart.  - Brittany Mitko (Granddaughter through Scott)

My wonderful grandfather has left this world for a better place. I pray he is reunited with his beloved wife and son. Thank you for being such a great example. Truly the kindest and gentlest soul I've ever met. Love you grandpa, until we meet again.  - Darby Perkins (Granddaughter through Scott)   (The picture below is cut from a vid of her dancing with her grandpa at the care center.)

My grandpa Carlo passed away last night. We lost him a little bit at a time as he lost layers of his memory and ultimately personality to Alzheimers. My first memory is a playing games in the back of his red, carpet-kit clad pickup on a family road trip back east when I was three years old. From that moment he and my Grandma Connie were always present in my life. My thoughts are full of the fishing and road trips that he took me on where he was always sure to tell the same corny jokes. I'm sure some of my odd sense-of-humor came from him. He loved to sing barbershop and I have fond memories of him performing with his comedy quartet the Harmony Hijinks. I had the opportunity to sing in the Beehive Statesmen barbershop chorus for a couple of years when I was a teenager with Grandpa Carlo and my dad. I didn't realize at the time how much he must have loved us sharing in his passion and those are now memories that I will treasure. He perfectly filled the role of grandpa and always seemed to have time for us. I remember when Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt Cheryl drove 24 hours round trip to my cross country race in Seattle unannounced, just because it was the only race we had on the mainland when I was running at BYU-Hawaii. Janelle assisted in his care for some time before the family could no longer meet all of his needs. It was tough seeing grandpa leave us by degrees, but I was always impressed by the kindness and optimism he displayed even as he was stripped of his defenses. As I sat next to him yesterday afternoon I had the chance to say my goodbyes-for now. I love you grandpa. I'm so happy you finally get to be reunited with grandma and Curtis and all our loved ones on the other side of the veil.  -Trevor Perkins (Grandson, through Scott)

My grandpa Carlo died late Monday night. He had advanced Alzheimers and hasn't recognized anyone in over a year. His passing feels more like a celebration of his life than a grieving of his death. Even when his mind was far gone enough that he had no idea who I was, who my husband or kids were, or why on earth he was at my house, he was still so kind, so sweet- after I had William, he would go over to his bassinet and 'tuck him in', all the while jabbering to him and Bekie about how "You've got to just take care of them and just hold them and they're just little, and he's just a little guy, so you've got to keep him warm and you'll be doing just fine." He said the phrase "Well, you're doing just fine" so often when he didn't know what else was going on around him, I'd imagine he must have said it countless times when he was still himself. I think in him slowly losing himself to Alzheimers, we were all able to see the kind of person he was to the core: kind. Because he really was kind in nearly every situation, regardless of how lost or scared or alone he felt, something which is very rare in Alzheimer patients. I doubt I would be as kind and caring as he was, should our roles have been switched. さよなら, Grandpa Ice Cream. 'Til we meet again.  Emily Talley (Granddaughter, through Scott)

My wonderful grandpa passed away last night. I'm so grateful for these past few years where my children got to know and love him.  - Becca Summers (Granddaughter through Scott)

It breaks my heart that I don't have any pictures....but my Grandpa Perkins passed away last night in a home where he was surrounded by his loved ones. I can only wish I was there to be with him in his final moments. Grandpa was always singing, always making jokes, and teasing us. He made for a really great time. I will love and miss you Gramps...give grandma and Curtis hugs and kisses for me. I'll see you again some day  -Katie Perkins (Granddaughter through Rick)

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