Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Wonderful Wedding Week and more...

We had a full week this week, with Ben and Hannah's wedding at the pinacle on Thursday!   

But we'll start with a fairly normal Monday.  I walked with LaVern for the last time in a while as she heads back to New York to work on the Hill Cumorah pageant.  Afterwards I worked another make up day at the antique mall 

Dad had inventories in Price and American Fork that day. 

Then that night we did some painting on this house to help out a friend.  Later we finished up the evening with a less than remarkable dinner at the Family Tree in Santaquin. 

Tuesday I walked with Ginny.  I hurried home to meet my garden hirelings. We moved two more rose bushes and finished up the last garden box. 

As I was finishing up with the girls, Dad called saying Gustavo was at Payson Cottage working on our formerly leaning garage there and needed to access power,  so I ran over with the key and saw this state of the garage.  Yeah Gustavo. 

Dad worked at the office then did another inventory before heading back to Payson for his temple shift. 

After Payson cottage, I got busy in the kitchen and made dinner for a neighbor and for Trevor and Nell and did the food deliveries along with stopping in Highland where I got to do an antiquing consult with Barb, whose managing part of her mom's estate. It was great to visit and to hear all their plans!!  

On Wednesdsy as I walked to meet Ginny I saw that she'd been way laid and was talking 'garden' with Dana DeWitt.  We had a great walk and then my visiting teacher Carol Marshall came around nine for a nice visit before I headed to work. 
While at work I saw this cute picture of Kim and her friend on Instagram, and thought I'd share it!! 

That night Dad picked up Emily from Becca's where she'd spent the day, and we got to visit with her while she got in some hours translating!! 

Then came Thursday. hurray!! The day we would gain our 3rd of 4 new family members for the year!  Hannah!    Dad, Emily and I headed up the canyon around 10 to set up for the reception along with Ben, Hannah and her folks! 

We left Emily and Abbie to guard the goods and headed home to get ready. 
When we got back Ashley was setting up the lovely cake, she'd made. 
Rolled fondant frosting and individually molded flowers. We knew it was amazing when we saw it, but we didn't know just how amazing, until Sunday!! 
Let the celebrations begin!!  Favorite Aunt  Darby. 
Andy and his grown up daughter Kim, my oldest grandchild.  
Trevor and his baby daughter Penny, my youngest grandchild. 
Then we gathered for the main event, when minister Mitko aka Brittany, the online certified official, married these two amazing people!! 
Brittany did a very nice job and said her pay back was the sweet tears in the eyes of the bride!   Welcome to the crazy Perkins Clan Hannah!  We love you already!! 
Family members enjoying the ceremony. 
Becca made the bouquet and was the photographer too, along with Ben's friend Arron doing the videography 
McKenna was just plain old adorable, shown here in the arms of her great uncle Doug. 
Davin shared amazing grilling techniques as we enjoyed a barbecue dinner! 

 Spencer and Brittney also helped out with the food. 

We were all just thrilled that Nell was able to come, for her first time out since her surgery. It was so great to see her. 
Of course having best friends join us in our celebration added to our joy!!  The Kews even came in time to help us with take down. 

And introducing our new daughter to extended family members was lovely!  My brothers Emory, Bruce and Doug all came with their sweet wives!  Bruce and Dianne are shown above! 

Emily spent the night again, using Dad's lap top to work while Dad put away stuff he'd brought back from the reception. I, meanwhile, had stopped off at my book club meeting, which happened to be in Springville  too, and was literally on the way home. Best coincidence ever!  

Early Friday Dad was off to Richfield for another inventory. Emily snuck in more work as I straightened up a bit and chatted before heading to Pleasant Grove.  Emily stayed at the house a few more minutes before her friend Meg came and got her for a Russian Reunion she'd planned. Afterwards she went home to Ogden with Meg and spent the night. She rode Front Runner down to the station near Becca's on Saturday and she stayed the night with Becca!  Perfect planning, eh. And I still haven't ridden it!  

Meanwhile I got to spent the afternoon with Nell, as her kids and her helpful sister Bugs had gone to a family reunion, and Trevor was concerned about her being alone with the baby all day. 

I got to hold and feed Penny some, but she likes her mom best and nestles in perfectly with her.  Nell asked if I would like to watch a movie with her and chose 'Austenland', one of my favorites. She said its her current favorite, and she giggled in all the right places!  That was sooo fun!  

When a friend from Arizona came to visit I trekked off to DI to find treasures, but by then my busy Thurdsay had caught up with me so I ran home and fell fast asleep at 5:30 PM! 

Dad was doing some work from home by then, but when I woke up at 9:30 he agreed to what turned out to be movie torture as we watched Rockwell, a less than a stellar movie starring, among others, Carl Malone.   Yeah, that one! 

I was, however, able to go right to sleep afterwards and slept all night. That must have been a very deep tired! 

Bright and early Saturday Dad was off for a run.  
Then he spent the rest of the day framing the back doorway to the garage in anticipation of the stucco-ers. 
Meanwhile I had the best day ever!! It was filled with all my favorite things, starting with  fleattitude, a favorite flea ... 
Where I got to greet lots of fun friends who were there as vendors, girls I've met over the years in the business.  These girls are Marcy, Jami, Nikki and Jennine!! 

Thanks for the free advertising Cathy!!   
So many beautiful things.  Then I rounded out my morning at the Rose Park DI an old favorite, before heading to ... 
A beautiful bloggers luncheon at Jann Olson's  home in Alpine!! 
So fun to meet up with old friends and to meet new friends too!  Here are Joanne, Joanne, Jann and Trina. 
Jann's  house was just delicious, so besides a yummy lunch, there was plenty of eye candy for dessert. 
Then I hot footed it for Payson where I met Dad and two of our darling daughters for my first ever session in the Payson Temple. It was Emily's first chance to peak inside this beautiful edifice!! 

After the Temple, Dad and I went over to Kews for take out Mexican and movie torture, though we loved the movie!!  'The Theory of Everything!' And, as you know, the Kews are always good for a fun evening!! 

Sunday morning Dad was off to his church assignment, while I headed to American Fork to attend Becca's  ward with her family and Emily.  
When I got home I watered my flower boxes and by then Dad was home, followed by Spencer and Brit, then Emily and Becca and their children for a fun visit!   Emily had mentioned that Ashley was concerned about some medical problems while we were at church, so since  everyone  now at the house seemed to already knew, we told poor Dad of Ashley's upcoming surgery on Wednesday.  I can tell it weighs on him. Her surgery is to remove a small growth that has tested benign, but looks less than benign to the oncologist. 

Please join us in praying for her this week. She's worried about this for three months, but didn't want to tell anyone because she didn't want to take away from Ben's special day. What a dear girl.  Which so reminds me of a favorite quote from Jane Austen 

`` I have always observed that they who are good-natured when children are good-natured when they grow up; and [s]he was always the sweetest-tempered, most generous-hearted, [girl] in the world.'' (Pride and Prejudice)

              Here's our girl Becca! 
        Next Katie came by to see Emily   
Then Becca and Emily et al headed to Ashley's. Dad and  I followed, and we all had a nice visit with our girl and her family. 

So that was our week of ups and downs and of reassurances that families are a wonderful way to raise amazing people. Dad and I are so happy to celebrate our incredible children and the lovely people they have brought to join our family!! We love you all and ask for prayers for Ashley as she has her surgery Wednesday and for Nell who starts Chemo on Thursday.   C'est la vie

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