Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hannah's Shower and Grandpa Carlo's Passing

On Monday I walked with LaVern, and then when I got home I worked in the garden and saw what I thought was a tiny humming bird ... 
But it had antennae, so I googled that and found this picture of a hummingbird moth.  How cool is that!!
I worked that day, and reworked my big front booth.   After work I stopped at Kmart in Spanish and they had the right color of green spray paint to touch up the green folding chairs I'd be taking to Becca's for the shower later that week (4th times the charm) 

After dinner we went to Docsteaders,  where I taught the FHE lesson from the Preach My Gospel manual. 
When we got home we found out that Brittany  was headed down from Idaho hoping to see Grandpa Carlo before he passed. Most of her siblings had stopped by to say goodbye the day before or that day.   She'd been at the house less than an hour when we got the call saying Grandpa had passed.  

The three of us went to Hearthstone and sat with his body for three hours until the mortuary arrived. 
Here is Britt the next morning  as we prepare to head to the mortuary in Salt Lake.  We spent an hour or so going over the plans Grandpa and Kelly had made at the time of Grandma's death. 
Then we headed to the cemetary to sign papers and discuss the service there. 
Afterwards we met the kids and grands at Zupa's in AF. 
It was fun to visit and remember Grandpa. 

Then we decided to see if Britt really is taller than Becca .... Hmm 
Which lead to the more obvious... 
And discovering that Ashley and I tie!! 

There was lots of baby snuggling ...

Then it was time to break up all the fun and head home. 
Dad had his temple training session that night, but I went to dinner with Spencer and Brit, and got take out for Him and Aunt Cheryl. 
On Wednesday I was off and did more gardening, and hung these lace curtains in the garden house. 
Next I was off to DI, Where I ran into Sherry Scott and her daughters, such beautiful girls!! It was fun to catch up a bit. 
Back home again, with just an hour available, I spray painted 10 of my folding chairs for the up coming wedding shower. 3 were painted for the first time, the rest was just touching up wear. 
Then it was off to the Provo City library to meet my friend Shirley and to hear Anne Perry speak!! I've been reading her books for almost 20 years!! 
Here I am with her as she signs her latest book for me!! 
This is the director of the library, several staff members were dressed in Victorian garb as that is the period in which Anne Perry sets her detective novels. 
Dad had picked up Eva, who was sick and had a high temperature, to get her away from home so Nell, who was scheduled for surgery, wouldn't get sick. Brittney entertained her a lot over the next couple of days, as she was not feeling good either. 
On Friday morning Eva watched and helped as I finished up the final touches for the shower 

Then I left Eva making a reflector oven with Brittney and went to Becca's to set up the decor. 
When I got back the girls showed me this prototype, Eva said they needed a pizza box to make the real one!  So Dad and I had pizza for dinner while Eva had a date with Spencer and Brit. She came up later and got the box and then about an hour later ...
She brought up the finished oven!
Saturday morning I headed to work for a half day.  Lizzy Merril, one of my Fleaology dealers, moved into Treasures, which will be awesome ... Then I was off to the shower. 
Here is Hannah and her niece at the shower. 
Brittany had come down for the shower and funeral. She picked up Emily at the airport on her way. 
Becca did a stunning job on the food. I loved it!! 
Here Hannah checks out her gift from several of her new sisters, a money bouquet with folded flowers that Briahna made. 
Here's Aunt Nina and cousin Jill with her girls. 
This is Hannah's mom Pat,  far right, as well as her sister-in-law and two nieces. 
Saying goodbye to Aunt Dianne and her grandson. 
And then there's all the Perkins who'd attended!! 
After the shower we hung out at Becca's and Dad joined us to watch theCultural  Celebration, as part of the Payson temple dedication. 
That was super fun. After that we watched a movie and ate leftovers from the delicious shower menu. 

Sunday morning Dad went to the first dedicatory session at the stake center, then he watched Abigail while Emily and I attended.  

Afterward Emily and I drove by the temple and got to feel the electricity  of the event!'

Then we all headed up to the mortuary for the viewing. Here my best college buddy Arlene and my sister-in-law Shirley  (sisters, can you tell?) arrive at the viewing. 
Here's Trevor's family with my brother Doug. 

Emily wallks in with Uncle Doug, Brittney and Spencer! 

Davin with munchkins ... 

Kim and her Aunt Brittany. 
And Uncle Doug with Penny. 
Uncle Leeman meets Ann Hintze, a neighbor from his boyhood, who actually dated Carlo a few times. She used to live in our ward in Cottonwiid Heights, and would tell Scott that she might have been his mother. 😉

Elias and his Aunt Darby. 
Aunt Wendy with her Mom and Katie borrowing Abigail. 
Becca's family and her mother-in-law. 
Zach and Spencer. 
Uncle Emory and Aunt Nina with Ben and Hannah. 
Dad in front of the coffin with his Dad's siblings and Trevor. (Unknown man to left)  

Cousins and buddies. 
Dad and me with Dad's best friend Clark Sevy and his wife Margaret. 
Ashley and part of her family. 
The boys and dad practicing for their musical  number. Jan Vanderhooft steps in to coach. 

Kim getting acquainted with Abigail. 
Emily with her friend Meg   

Ashley's turn with Abbie. 
And Nell's turn with Kenna! 
Trevor with his Great  Aunt Karen and Great Uncle Leeman.   

Then the viewing was over and we all headed south!!  Dad and I went to Trevor and Nell's so Dad could assist Trevor on giving Nell a blessing. She was to go into surgery the next morning.  We had a nice visit then headed back to Becca's where Ben and Hannah as well as Davin and Bri has brought dinner. 

That finished up  a busy week for us 

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