Sunday, June 14, 2015

Grandpa Carlo's Funeral and Dad's Half

 Monday bloomed bright and early as Dad headed off for another singing practice, this time at the Cottonwood 5th ward.  I finished up my talk and followed later. 
When I got there I had five grandsons sitting in height order and tried to get a picture, in the end, Titan didn't want to 'play' so I got these cute boys, without him. Dad says "they are Grandpa Carlo's four oldest Grandsons."
Here are the pal bearers with an honorary thrown in. 
All Perkins save one, thanks Brady. 
Becca with three kids on her lap, or should I say two and a half. 
Vern, Karen, Patrick, Trevor, Leeman, Ashley and Scott. All but one born Perkins. 
Lunch at La Cocina, Grandpa Carlo's favorite Greek-Mexican Restaurant.  ,,, the owner's Greek, so Grandpa liked to make that joke.  It's where dad took him to dinner once a week for years. 
The grands seemed to like it.

Grandpa Carlo's' two oldest greatgrands.
Ashley and the kids, Andy was called to work in Idaho, so missed the fun(eral)!
Since no one was in the mood to say goodbye just yet, most of us headed to Becca's for shower left leftovers and Bri and Dave brought healthy snacks. 

Trevor headed to the hospital in Provo where our Nell was just coming out of the anesthesia after her surgery.  BTW your prayers for a quick recovery would be appreciated.  

On Tuesday Dad was back to work, getting off a bit early for his first real shift at the Payson Temple.   I was pretty worthless and I spent the day catching up on laundry and reading. 

I loved  this picture of Eleanor with "Elvis". That Trevor sent me. Of course insiders know it's really grandpa Milt, Carlo's father. But there are those pictures of Elvis in uniform, so I guess for Eleanor, clothes make the man. 

I was back to work on Wednesday. 

Dad, along with other office staff went to the Salt Lake food bank and loaded bags for children to take home from school on weekends.  Yep,  that's Dad's right arm on the Fox13 News. 

Then, he stopped for a slurpee and brought me a sugar free one on his way home.  When I got home we watched 'Big Eyes' with Amy Adams. 
On Thursday dad headed down to Overton, Nevada.   I worked, and loaded boxes of clearance stuff at work for the upcoming parking Flea Market. 

I also put together this fun ad for FB and Instagram to advertise it. 

After work I met Dad at Darby's house to deliver her long lost bookcase I was using for display at the mall. We had a nice visit too, and she fed us dinner.    At home again, being on Movie kick, we watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and found Amy
 Adams  as the costar. 
On Friday Dad did Store Tours by himself!  I worked in the garden and cleared the middle of my herb garden to put in lavendar, protecting it from the mighty mint with a barrier, hope it works!!     
I also redid my Chawton sign.  

I'm loving my urns this year, hope I can keep up with the daily watering it takes. 
That night we went to a YW fundraiser, and got to see the Yorks from the old ward. Fun visiting. That's Eli Robertson giving Dad bunny ears. 
This is the goodies I picked up at the auction.  

When we got home we purposely watched Amy Adams in Enchanted. She's a pretty darn versatile actress, and we haven't, obviously, even seen in her R films. 

Saturday came super early for PaPa  as he left for his half marathon at 3:30 A.M.  Here he is into chute, complements of Becca who came with her family to cheer him on. 
I, meanwhile, was up at 5 (are you jealous Dad?) to load the van for my flea market at Treasures.  About an hour after it started, Dad stopped by on his way to his way to his nap!! 
The sales were slow for me, but it ymade me clear some dead wood from the mall and the garage, so it was a win. 
And as always it was fun to spend time with friends, old and new. (Gigi, Vicki, Patti, Laurie and Polly) 
We went to DI afterwards to drop off the unsold goodies, and to look for Sleepless in Seattle, which we only own on Video. Dad found this copy off my mom's second book, it was signed and made me tear up a bit, as it had her standard signature!  I love her grand faith!!  "The Lord is still in charge of this world".  She was such an amazing woman with so much faith, I wish I'd been  more like her!!

That night we celebrated Dad's bonus by eating Indian food at Tadka's here in Payson. Spendy but yummy!! 

I loved this picture that Emily took of William with 'power tools'. Sam was building a bunny house that can be used for a chicken coop later, if needs be. All from recycled wood from a fence a neighbor took down. So  fun!! 

Sunday was pretty standard, church,  naps and a Stake Priesthood meeting for Dad.   Afterwards I tried an African Curry recipe I found on line.  It has fresh mint and cilantro, both of which I had on hand, but I was out of ginger root and had to use the powdered.   Still turned out yummy!! 

So that was out week after. Seemed slow  at the time but looking back some good stuff happened. Hope your week was amazing. Please don't forget to pray that Nell will heal fast. 

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