Sunday, June 21, 2015

Temples and Treasures

Yep, another week is behind us, and this one was far more manageable. 
It started with me working on Monday, one of four days this week as I paid back work day trades I'd made during funeral week.  Then I got help loading up this great fainting couch. 

After work Dad and I went to the care center by the hospital to fill his monthly assignment doing Family Home Evening again. We had the Holmes share their experiences during their 3 missions to Russia this time. They are so amazing. We found out they also like to go on hikes!   Maybe Dad and I should do the same. 
On Tuesday I got to work with the two girls I 'bought' at the Young Women's auction. We spent an hour and a half pulling weeds, harvesting rose petals, weeding the gravel garden path and moving 2 rose bushes. We ended with tea in the garden house. These girls had only had nasty tasting medicinal tea. 

Dad had his second shift at the Payson temple...
And I went to the Ogden temple with Arlene ... In my quest to go to all the temples in Utah this year. 

I also delivered the fainting couch that I'll be using in our attic bedroom, as Arlene is my upholsterer. 
I worked again Wednesday. It's was ROCC listing day and I put up this men and cows picture that I've had in the mall for two years. It sold to a lady in North Carolina!! And I had a back up buyer! 

Dad met Gustavo that day, at the Payson cottage to look at the tipping garage.  He later told Dad there was no foundation. Yikes!! 
Also Wednesday I got this cute picture of Bekie reading to Abigail.  I love it when you kids share bits of your days with me! 
I walked with Ginny for the third time this week on Thursday, and visited with Hal and Rebecca Perry.  He's just built a big fancy pigeon house, and he told us about it. Then I commissioned her to paint me a picture of a sheep for my 'feed my sheep' focus for the year. Hal is shown here in his garden! They are such great people. 
At work that day I made this banner for the Fourth of July  that I'll leave up all summer.  I also packed up and shipped the big print to NC. 

After work the guys Gustavo recommended came by to consult on doing stucco on the addition, garage and our new dormers. 

On Friday I worked again. Dad got home from work a bit early and got started on the small wall section he needs to do to complete the back wall of the garage before stuccoing. 

Before I got home he ran down to Nephi where Zach and Lexi were suffering the results of a stolen credit card number and were stranded. Hurrah for Dad!! 

On Saturday I did some working in the yard and hung patriotic goodness inside and out. 

Dad went out with his superman cape on again to find Becca's leak at their Lehi  rental!  Ta Da!! 

I made cheesy potatoes for a funeral, before going with Becca to do some touch up paint as a good deed. 

Here's the inside banner hung in the dining room. 

When Dad got back from yet another temple shift, we went Fathers Day shopping then...
ran into the Moores from the Orem ward and hijacked their Date night!!  They'd just gotten back from a hike so we talked hiking trails in the area. So tempted!! 

On Sunday Dad ran down to Cedar City for an inventory, while I finished up my RS lesson. Then it was off to church. 

I loved the lesson in the Ezra Taft Benson manual on having the spirit with you. I felt the spirit so strongly while preparing and giving this lesson that when I got home I only wanted to read church books so I could keep the sweet spirit with me longer. 
After dad got home we headed to Darby's where she was hosting Fathers' day dinner.  Here we all are!!  
Ben and Hannah's last family dinner as singles!!  Woot woot. 
Loved this pose with Addie resting her feet on her Dad's leg!! Thanks for taking the picture Trevor!   
Almost  time to go!  

Thanks for hosting Darby. We love your house!! It was perfect! 

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