Monday, March 4, 2013

More Painting and Painting and Furniture Moving too!

This past week, Dad spent most of his time working on the Dick's store in Bountiful.  My week was pretty laid back to begin with and I got a lot of reading and blogging done.

 On Tuesday, I spent the morning painting the bedroom of the basement apartment.  I had a couple of appointments to show the apartment that day as well, since we were trying to get someone in by the beginning of March.  I also managed to get my visiting teaching done, in two different shifts. 
Dad brought grandpa home from being watched at Nell's after I finished up my first two visits.  I was able to fix dinner for him and Cheryl before showing the apartment to the man that we would later sign a lease with.  Then it was off to do more visits. 
Brittney, Spencer's fiance, is in Washington DC this week, and sent me this picture she took on her phone, telling me it made her think of me ... boy would that be fun!! She is having a great time, but I know that Spencer is really missing her.

On Wednesday, Emily came over until the carpet layer left, so now we have nice medium brown carpet in the bedroom of the basement apartment.  She had Grandpa that day and Thursday, and sent me this cute picture of Grandpa and  Beckie eating crackers together.
 I worked again on Thursday, coming home to dinner made by Dad before heading off to book club that night, which is always enjoyable.
On Friday I had a buying appointment in Spanish that I had made the day before.  The gal was selling heirlooms from her Grandparents, as her husband had just been laid off.  I felt bad until she told me she had never unpacked the stuff since she had been gifted it 15 years before ... now I have some nice stock for my next show ... and yes, I was very generous in my buying amounts.
That night Dad and I went to see The Life of Pi with the Kews, and then to dinner at Wingers.
On Saturday we had intended to spend the day painting the apartment kitchen, but Aunt Dorris (Uncle Blaine's wife) passed away Wednesday and Dad was giving the family prayer after the viewing thast morning.  He then went on to the grave side service in Payson.  I attended the viewing with him before heading to Genola for an estate sale, and then I picked up Emily (see Beckie and Sam saying goodbye?) to meet up with the girls, who could make it, at Becca's baby shower lunch at Mama Chu's in Orem. 
We all had a great time visiting, and Becca seemed to enjoy more baby gifts, as well!!  We missed Darby and Brittney and Brittany who were all out of state, Darby in Nevada, Brittney in DC and Brittany in Idaho ...  Ashley was in state, but had to work!
After lunch Emily and I headed to Salt Lake to pick up Aunt Cheryl's dining room set, that she and Sam will be storing until Aunt Cheryl is ready to go back to living in her condo.  Here is our very preggers girl helping me move the very heavy table ... OK, heavy to us, when we got back to her house Sam, bad back and all, carried the thing into the house by himself ... maybe we are just wimps  Anyway, Becca's been working like crazy get the condo emptied and cleaned and has finally been able to list it.  Unfortunately it looks like we are going to have to recarpet most of it before we will get any takers, dang.
I got back from unloading furniture at Emily and Sam's in time to take Grandpa back to Emily and Sam's so that Dad and I could go out to dinner with the Brough's in Orem.  We had a nice visit, hoping we would have time to paint when we got home, but they were more chatty than normal, so no painting happened on Saturday.  Dad had fixed the shower in the apartment, and done a couple of other things at our house as well, while I was dawdling with the girls, so he was pretty tired and ready for bed. 
Then on Sunday it was off to church, three hours for me and 7 1/2 for him.  He started with  his bi weekly high counsel meeting, then came to our ward's Fast and Testimony meeting and Sunday School, then he went to his assigned ward's ward counsel, before going to choir practice for our ward, then he attended his assigned ward's three hour block!!  Yeah Dad!  When he got home I had dinner ready for him, then it was into painting clothes to go to the basement to get out ox out of the mire, painting the kitchen of the apartment, which took an hour and a half.  Then Emily called and invited us over to watch Love Actually with them.  We went over in our paint grubbies and enjoyed the movie, getting home by 9:30, so Dad could put grandpa to bed, and then head there himself.  By the end of the day he was exhausted, as may be expected, so I ended up cleaning up the paint dripped floor in the apartment myself ...  Alas, we really need to plan better, I guess.

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