Monday, March 11, 2013

Things That Made Us Smile This Week.

On Monday Scott was smiling as he dropped grandpa off to be watched at Becca's because he got to hold Reagan!!  Maybe grandpa is made because its nothis turn yet?

 I was smiling because I got to go to We-Can where we made hooded bath towels for the Christmas Box houses.
 Then I got to go with Spencer to check out some barns in Payson for his and Brittney's wedding reception ... this one is in our ward, and I had never noticed it until I started looking for barns!!  Brittney was still in DC so missed all the fun!
Tuesday I got to run to SLC to meet with our realtor at Grandpa's house, for a walk through.  I even had a chance to visit with Aunt Karen, which made me smile ...  Then I got in some junking.  I found this subway style night stand that has Utah references on it  and that made me smile!!

Tuesday night, Cheryl kept an eye on grandpa for a couple of hours, before I got home to make them dinner, since Dad was off for his night at the temple.  And speaking of the temple, it made me smile that Trevor wore his bow tie for the first time to the temple ... he's trying to work his way into it, slowly... Trevor sent Dad and me this picture, which, of course made us both smile!!
 Dad and I both worked on Wednesday and Thursday, as usual.
Then on Friday I put together the mantel in the dining room with my new Easter crafts, I had made to blog about, so that it would be ready for our family dinner on Sunday.  Of course crafting and decorating also makes me smile.  Afterwards I headed to Salt Lake to get a start on Grandpa Carlo's house, getting it ready to sell ... lots more to do there.

Saturday was a guilty play day for me, and I was all smiles all day.  Here I am with friends visiting the new Vintage Whites show at the Utah Fair Grounds.  (Meanwhile the clan was at Grandpa's house cleaning and hauling.)

When I saw these vintage shirts with fun 'hipster' bow tie price tags, that absolutely made me smile, and made me think of my own hipster son/s.

On the way home we stopped at a boutique in Lindon because I knew it was being held at a 'barn' that Spencer had found and I wanted to see it.  As soon as we walked in the door, we saw this --->  that definitely made me smile!!

Meanwhile my dear family had finished up at Grandpa and had moved on to  Aunt Cheryl's condo where they pulled carpet.  

Not sure the slave labor of a two year old would make anyone smile ... or does it? A special thanks to Darby, Trevor, Nell, Scott, Eva, Eleanor, Emily, Davin, Bri, Elias, Adaline and Becca ... of course Dad was in the thick of things, and I know that working with his kids always makes him smile!!

On Sunday Dad and I did our regular morning at church then headed to Emily and Sam's ward to hear them speak.  Beckie wasn't feeling good, and Grandpa managed to work wonders with her.  The talks were both great, and Emily said, after hearing Sam's talk "No wonder everyone in the other ward loved his Gospel Doctrine lessons so much."  She had never heard one, since she also taught Sunday School.  Hearing them speak definitely made Dad and me smile!!
That evening we had everyone to dinner.  Emily and Becca were first to arrive!  Hearing there banter, of course, always makes me smile.

I know that sitting next to Brittney made Eva smile!!

Hopefully not having to make dinner made everyone smile ... and I know that the fact that Brittney and Spencer did the dishes made ME smile ... Other smiling moments included:

Snuggling sweethearts!
 Holding babies!

 Special Surprises!
 ... and being faux forced to eat the black jelly beans ... by our favorite jokester made us all laugh and smile and guess what?  We found out that Nell actually like black jelly beans ... a little known fact!
Watching our little cuties eat lots and lots of little cuties ... hmmm is that cannibalism?  Another little known fact ... Eleanor can peel her own little cuties!! That's a pretty talented two year old if you ask me!

... Then watching Adalin eating her Uncle Trevor's, very clean, head, was also a cause for many smiles and even some laughter ...
But the thing I missed, that even the thought of makes me laugh ... is that ... Titan and Eleanor were discovered jumping on my bed each holding two fists full of pennies ... (from the pile of 60 pennies that Davin and Bri gave Dad for his birthday!)  How fun and funny, so sorry I missed that, but even writing about it
 makes me smile!!

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