Monday, March 25, 2013

Waiting for Emily to Pop!

Our somewhat crazy, party laden week, began on Monday with a visit from Emily and Beckie, wherein I was very entertained.  Emily had business in north county and kindly took Grandpa to Becca's for day care, which made it much easier for me to get to the dentist in Provo by nine.  Afterwards, I did some junking in Provo, came home and did one visiting teaching visit, before collecting Grandpa and calling it a day.

On Tuesday I dropped Grandpa off at Nell's before heading to Salt Lake to meet my friend Arlene for a quick lunch, which was cut short by the carpet layers who needed me to open Aunt Cheryl's condo so they could lay the new carpet. More junking rounded out the day in Salt Lake.
Dad dashed home from St. George so that he could put in his Tuesday evening temple shift, before heading back Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday I had to work which precluded me attending Darby's big birthday bash.  As you can see there was quite the turn out!!

I also worked Thursday, as usual and ...

 hurried straight to the Relief Society Birthday party immediately afterwards.  It was actually a couple affair, but fortunately there were other single sisters to hang out with ...
Friday was a little crazy, with me running Grandpa to Becca's before hitting a couple of pathetic sales in PG and AF ...  Fortunately I also had a buying appointment in Springville that day at this house .... please note the striped doors.

I have known Linda as a customer for several years, I just never understood that she was a kindred spirit.  Above is a picture of her fairy room, it opens off her dining room, one of the double doors is open on the miniature room, the stool is for interested grand children's convenience.  I love her play house out back too!  Oh and she gave me great deals on everything I got from her which was about 90 percent of what she showed me, which is very unusual, a typical buying appointment will see me leaving with about 10  to 20 percent of the items I am shown.  Whoa!

Then it was back to pick up Grandpa in Highland , and when I got home Dad had made a very nice dinner for us all.  How sweet is he!!  Next we got to spend a 'romantic' evening getting our accounts ready for the tax man the next day!!

Saturday started early as we had to empty the full van of the results of my buying appointment the day before.  Three pieces of furniture went to the mall, in the snow storm, that morning Thanks Honey.  Then it was back to the house for a waffle breakfast, in which we were joined by Emily and Beckie, what a nice surprise!!

Then I was off with my book club to meet the potter who had written the book, Remembering Isaac, that we had read for March.  We had lunch, and shopped and shopped, but meeting Ben Behunin, and watching him work, was amazing... as was his art!!

When I got home, Scott was back from the accountant, with news of what is likely our last ever tax return ... so sad.  I took Grandpa over to Emily's for the evening, and snapped this cute picture of Beckie!!  I should have taken a picture of the back stair case in the cottage, they have painted it all and it looks amazing!  Then Dad and I were off with the Kews to the Cajun place in Payson, before returning to Kews house to watch the last Batman movie ... compliments of Sam and Emily.

Sunday morning Dad got the eggs ready for the egg hunt to be held that night, before heading out to speak in another ward for High Counsel Sunday.  I worked on getting the tables set for our 'Early Easter Event' and starting the food.  He picked me up after attending his other ward's ward counsel and we headed to Salt Lake.  We attended Kristen's oldest son's missionary farewell.  He is headed to Hong Kong.  Here is Dad with my brother Emory and nephew Jon.  We also saw and talked to my nephew Andrew who was there with his three oldest children.

We had just a minute to talk to Kristin, promising that we would be able to hang around and visit when Leah goes on her mission, sometime this late summer or fall.

Then it was back home to finish up dinner, and start welcoming our beloved children and grands.  Here is Dad with Reagan, so precious!

Here is Emily in the last weeks of her pregnancy, feeling very big.  To the right is Titan, who brought his basket, and put in lots of 'little black eggs' with small holes in them ... yummy (olives)

Here is Adilyn with her Daddy, wearing pigtails for the first time!

...and here Adilyn and Grandpa get acquainted!

After dinner, it was time to find the Easter bunny and get him to hide the eggs ...
 This bunny looked great but just didn't make the cut ....
Instead it was this bunny who did the job!!

Its always fun to see the little one's doing a hunt ... here they are all ready to run ... Do you think Elias is excited?  I loved how the big kids helped the little ones to gather the eggs.  It was all new to Beckie this year, and I am not sure she knew just what to think of it all. 

It was a lot of fun to watched not only the grand kids, but to watch our kids being parents, and Aunts and Uncles ... they all do it so well!

So that is it for our week ... lots of fun lunches and dinners and just general fun sharing and caring for each other. 


  1. Wow! Amazing week! Emily does look ready to pop! And what do you mean your last tax return ever???/


  2. Holy cow, I look crazy Preggo. Becca looked adorable on Easter Sunday, and mom, you're right, I love that pic of Beckie.