Friday, March 29, 2013

The Week in Which Emily Indeed Popped! Or Welcoming Liam!

Yes siree Bob ... or should I say yes siree Bill Bob!!  Its been an exciting week already... On Monday it was grand kid watching day!! Hurrah!  I watched Beckie while her mom went to her doctor appointment ... can you tell she found an malt ball Easter egg? 

After Emily came back, I ran Grandpa up to Becca's to be watched ... and caught Reagan napping!!  Next it was back home for a minute where I noticed some of Grandpa's decorating handiwork ... (see left) that's always good times!  After a visiting teaching appointment I drove to Nell's to watch those grands for a couple of hours while she ran off to a photography job.  It was fun to visit with Trevor when he got home, and I got to order some cookie dough from the  kids who are doing it as a fund raiser for school, so if you have a hankering for cookie dough (I am getting white chocolate-macadamia nut and Dad's getting oatmeal raisin.)  give them a call and you can get some too!!
Tuesday was crazy ... I ran grandpa to Nell's for day care, then hit DI for a half hour, then took the van back to Payson for new brakes at Joel's and walked to Emily's, just a block.  We went shopping (her car) for cruise essentials, then back to her house for a yummy pasta-veggie salad for lunch.  I addressed Brittney's shower invitations, while Emily looked up movies to down load on her Nook for me to take on the cruise.  Next she drove me to PG to pick up grandpa ... Thanks Emily for making my day! Dad came home while we were gone and changed into his clothes for his temple shift ... I saw him for about three minutes that night before we were both sawing zzzzz

Wednesday it was Emily's turn to do day care for grandpa here, while I ran off to mail the invitations for Brittney's wedding shower, then to work. Becca came down to help Grandpa shower, since the Tuesday's shower date was a fail. The shower went well, and since Becca was in town, Emily left her to watch everyone; grandpa, Titan, Reagan, Aunt Cheryl and Beckie, and ran up to get her (sorry guys) membranes stripped, which sometimes starts labor.
I got home from work, to the news that Emily was in labor and they thought Beckie might be coming over for a sleep over, which she did.  William Robert Talley was born at the Orem Community Hospital (her insurance doesn't cover Payson, and she wanted a smaller hospital.) at 11:05 PM ... so we now have two March birthdays!

Since Emily 'failed to show' to do Grandpa's day care Thursday, I made arrangements with Ashley to do it.  She took it on, at the very last possible moment, and we appreciate her flexibility!! Thanks Ashley!!  Above we see grandpa refusing to get out of the car at her house .... for a half an hour, as Ashley and Zach look on.  I finally called Sam at the hospital (about 2 minutes away) and he came over, between us we managed to 'muscle' grandpa out of the car!  Thanks Sam!  Ashley did a great job with him, and evidently he was chattering all day, which we sort of think means he's happy!

After dropping of Grandpa I got to go and meet Liam!! What a beautiful baby ... with downy blond hair!

...and he is smiling already ... as is his mother.

So I was off to work for a very crazy day!!  

I took the LuRay Pastels dishes set, that I brought home to use for our early Easter Dinner, back and set it up for display.  I have had this set for four years ... and wouldn't you know it, a half an hour later a lady came by and bought it!!  I figured that I had dropped the price so many times, that I made $7 on the set ... but boy it feels good to have it gone .  Now I just need to figure out what I am going to see the tables wit for Easter next year!! :-)
I had the customer I bought from last week, come in with more to sell, including a chandelier I had agreed to consign for her.  But it was the last minute of the day, and between the buying and the hanging of the chandelier and the fact that a customer had driven over from Helper to buy something, he knew exactly what it was ... etc.... which took another half hour .... I didn't get to Orem to see Emily again until almost 7:00, so Ashley ended up having Grandpa (if you count the half hour in front of her house in the car) for almost 12 hours!!!  What a way to get initiated into Grandpa care!!
Friday I spent the day washing clothes, packing clothes, writing up blog posts enough to last for the week we are gone ... etc.  Dad called and asked if he could stop on his way back from Provo to pick me up so we could catch up and make plans for the cruise. 

Of course we first had to run over and see William/Liam ... poor Dad missing all the action.
Then we ran up to Bountiful together, where we dropped off the gondola movers at Dick's.

When we got home, we worked on packing up Grandpa, as he will be staying with Trevor and Nell .... Dad bought another set of door alarms for their house, as we feel this one tool has been incredibly helpful.  When Dad got back from taking Grandpa up to PG, he started in packing.

Brittney's Mom was in town, so she and Spencer brought her down to meet us.  We had a nice chat about the wedding plans.  Its so exciting that we are getting so close .... just over a month now.
Saturday we were up early to meet with the Heuers and Moes in Highland at 6:15 A.M. so we could drive to the airport together ...  Two long flights and a few hours in the Dallas Airport on layover took the biggest chunk of the day.  Then off to our hotel for the night ... We checked in then met for dinner at a sports bar in the hotel.
Sunday morning, Easter really, saw us boarding the ship ... we will tell you more about our adventure in our next blog post.  Bon Voyage!

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  1. A smiling picture of little William, too cute!!