Monday, March 18, 2013

Walking Partners Past and Present!

So here is our week.  Dad was in St. George for a big makeover, but came home Tuesday afternoon to do his shift at the temple, leaving again on Wednesday, early. 
Here's my week: On Monday  I walked with LaVern for the first time since the big chill that was our winter.  Then I took Grandpa to Becca's.  She showed me the cute princess outfits she made for Reagan for their upcoming Disney World trip.  So cute!

Here is Grandpa getting settled in.  Be sure to note Titan behind the couch with a pot on his head!!  While Grandpa did time in Highland, I ran to Salt Lake to pick our carpet for Aunt Cheryl's condo.  Oh, and did some junking too!
 On Tuesday, I missed walking with Ginny because she was sick, but then I took Grandpa to daycare at Nell's.  Becca met me there, since she helps Grandpa with his Tuesday shower.  Loved Eleanor showing Reagan how to do blocks!  I did some junking, then ran home to do a visiting teaching visit. 
Then I ran back to Pleasant Grove where I worked on princess books with Eva, before bringing Grandpa back to Payson, and making him dinner before doing another pair of Visiting Teaching visits.
 Just have to say I love Eva's cute school outfit, don't you?
And here I am with my new visiting teaching partner, Andrea, who is also a blogger. 
 Wednesday and Thursday were normal work days at the antique mall for me, with Emily watching Grandpa. 

After work on Thursday Sam watched Grandpa while Emily and I went to my ward's book club, here's part of the group, shown above.
 On Friday I ran to Salt Lake to let in the man who was to measure for Aunt Cheryl's carpet.  Then got in some junking including a quick trip to Vine Street Antiques before...

 ...heading south again to meet Ann (former walking partner) at her new house in Salem, to help her choose colors for paint and carpet in her new house.  Its a repo, and they got a great deal ... the house is huge!!  And I am so jealous, in the basement there is a room that is 15 feet wide and 35 feet long .... I want that for my banquet room, how cool would that be? (It was formerly a batting room, as the original owners had two sons that played professional baseball!)

Dad, finishing up his week in the south,  had to take the gondola movers back to Salt Lake for another store to use over the weekend, so he was able to pick up Grandpa at Becca's on the way back.  We met at the house in time to head out for dinner and a play with the Moes and Heuers. (I think that Barb and I were walking partners at one time, for maybe a week, or something.)  Here are the guys and Robin before the play starts ... as always it was great to get together ... and to talk about our upcoming cruise ... wahoo!  (Emily and Sam took care of Grandpa that night, and even brought him back to the house and helped him to bed!!)
Saturday Dad caught up on some small chores, then ran the load from cleaning up Grandpa's house last week, to the dump.  I worked, and Spencer and Brit dropped by to see what antiques I had that they might want to use at their wedding breakfast/reception.  That was a lot of fun, of course. 
That night Dad and I got a Redbox movie that was a waste of time ... but it was good to be together.
On Sunday Dad and I went to church together, for sacrament meeting, then I headed to Pleasant Grove for the Farewell of the Campbell girls.  The Campbells were in our ward in Orem, in fact Heather and I were walking partners for a couple of years after Ann moved to south county, but before we did,
The girl's talked about obedience (Shelby and JayLynn) and one of them told the story of the time their parents went to tithing settlement, at a time when money was very tight for them ... The bishop told them about a story he had just read.  President Spencer W. Kimball had told a stake conference group, somewhere, that if they would double their fast offerings, their income would double too!!  The Campbells took the challenge and it happened!  I knew immediately that the former bishop was Dad, because I knew that another family in the ward had the same experience, so cool!!

When I got home from the farewell, I made a nice dinner so that when Dad got home from his assigned ward's church we could have dinner early, hoping to get him off to St. George, before it got late.  Unfortunately the guy with the gondola movers was late getting them to us ... see above ... and Dad didn't get off until 8:00.  We did run over to Emily and Sam's to see all the work that he has done on the yard before Dad headed out.  The yard at the Payson Cottage looks amazing!!

And Emily got to show us her extreme shopping skills with this dress that she got for about a third of its original price ... yea Emily!!
So that was our week of separation, and there is more of the same this week.  So gotta run now, off to take flowers to RaeLene DeWitt (former walking partner) for her birthday!


  1. One third the original price? Try one TWENTIETH of the original price. Also, Rebekah Janey looks adorable in the blanket all wrapped up with grandpa. Also, I look like I'm about to explode in that book club picture.

  2. I do remember walking together a few times! I also remember many walks together on trips! Like across the entire town of London!