Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting and Moving and Holding Babies and DINNER!

Our week started with Presidents' Day, which means Dad had the day off and was able to help Emily with a few things at the Payson Cottage, besides working hard on getting the sheet rock mud done in our main floor  bathroom.  I even got drafted to help Emily load up her kitchen and move it.

In this picture we can see Beckie in a heavily loaded car ... I followed in the van with a couple of kitchen chairs, while Dad followed in his car with the dismembered kitchen table!!

All did not go smoothly, but Becca and her kids came to help and visit and make it all a lot more fun.  Here we see Titan being protected from cousin Beckie, by the gate he insisted was put in between them.

Emily bought lunch for all the adults, Mexican takeout, of course, while Titan got some speghetti-os.  I also got in some serious baby holding, as well.
 Spencer stopped by, to get Dad to help him drag his broken car down to Joel's ... it was fun to visit with him while he waited for Dad to finish up his current plumbing job.
 Tuesday I did some serious reading, since I had a library book due, that I needed to finish for book club.  I also got in some cleaning time.  Dad was off to work, and then spent the evening at the temple, as usual.
On Wednesday I worked at the antique mall, which included reworking some booths to make room for things I was bringing back from the antique show.  Dad was in Salt Lake, moving gondolas, which is really back breaking work. (A gondola is the back to back isle long shelves in grocery stores... you may recall in a previous blog seeing a picture of wheels placed under them, then a dozen or so men pushing the loaded 6 foot tall shelving to reposition it.)
Then Dad came home to work on another coat of mud in the bathroom ...
Thursday was a lot like Wednesday ... but I managed to move in most of the stuff from the antique show that I had been driving around in the van for almost a week.  
Friday I drove to Salt Lake to check out a new antique show, and then to meet Becca to work on packing up Aunt Cheryl's library.  Lots of paperwork to be moved to storage, as well as a full load of goodies to take to DI.  It was actually George Washington's birthday, so I thought moving these particular apple boxes that day was a good way to celebrate!!

Becca, with Reagan in a sling, managed to do just as much work as I did.  She's amazing, sort of a modern day pioneer don't you think?  She even went back on Saturday and got just as much done that day.  Emily, mean while was cleaning and painting the basement apartment in the Payson house.  Doesn't it look great!!  Can't wait to see what renters we get to bridge the 5 month gap before Spencer and Brittney can move in.  Dad was working another evening shift at the temple that night, so I ran home to relieve Emily of Grandpa and feed him and Cheryl dinner, etc.

Saturday I was off to work, for my one Saturday a month.  Dad got the bathroom painting finished up, installed the sink and brought in the little cupboard we are using in there.  There are still a few details for me to do, like cleaning up paint, painting the small cabinet and painting the old wall cabinet as well.  Its so nice to be so close to done .... Yeah Dad!!
Also on Saturday Darby held another painting party and Trevor and Nell were there painting some more.  I head the condo is looking great, we can't wait for the promised family dinner is going to host there so we can all see it!
Beside their time painting at Darby's condo, Trevor and Nell also pulled out the single size door/doorway from their kitchen to their upstairs family room, and put in an open double size doorway that looks amazing ... I know there was some painting going on there as well.  So by my count we did moving of furniture at 6 different residences, and painting at 5!!  Busy us!!  And Becca is totally looking forward to some limited painting at Aunt Cheryl's, fortunately the wall's there are in pretty good shape.
After work I ran Grandpa over to Emily's for the evening, so Dad and I could meet up with the Moes for dinner in Orem.  It was great to get to visit and catch up, since the last time we saw them was at the Radiothon, which didn't really lend itself to chatting. 
After dinner they came with us to RCWilley so we could pick out some carpet to replace the blue carpet in the apartment that has been there since we bought the house (can it be 15 years ago?) .... yeah, I know, its about time!!
On Sunday it was Grandpa's first time back to church since the first of the year.  Sort of sad that it took us almost two months to figure out  and inititiate a working schedule.  Later that day Grandpa even said, "We went to church today."  That is the first sentence I have heard from him in 6 months, that made sense without having a sense based prompter, like "Its cold out there."  or "Be careful cowboy."
And speaking of cowboys, or should I say cow girls, we went to Trevor and Nell's that evening for dinner.  Nell made up Cafe Rio pork and made assignments for the rest of the elements for a Cafe Rio salad, which I think everyone loved.  Bri grilled the tortilla's and Brittney helped with clean up.  The rest of us held babies, and played with babies, and just had a general good time, as you can see in the pics below.

Yep, its Grandpa and the scout.  He see Scott in his cub uniform when Nell is watching him on Mondays and Tuesday, and even out of uniform, Grandpa refers to him as the scout or that scout.

I loved the cute sleepers that the Summers' kids came in.  Their Summers Grandparents brought them back from a vacation so all their grandchildren could sport "bear butts!"


When we got home, Dad and Grandpa headed to bed, while I made up the Easter banner below and put it on the wreath I had made at Relief Society for my Monday morning blog post ...  And believe me, I am ready for the snow to melt and for some serious chicks and bunnies weather, aren't you?

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