Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everybody Seems to be Moving! And an Antique Show too!

Yep, a new week, and back to normal life after our week in Idaho.  Monday morning I was off to work, to makeup for a trade I made to go to Idaho.  Of course Dad was back at it as well, working in Pleasant Grove, which made it easy to transport Grandpa to daycare the first part of the week.

I did the green flower bucket at work, so that I would have a craft to blog about.

On Tuesday Emily had an online interview in the morning, so she came up with the baby before I took off.  I thought it was a cute photo op for me.  Then the day went crazy. I ran and picked up the book I had on hold at the library, before delivering Valentines to 3 different care facilities here in Payson. Next it was an hour of junking in Salt Lake before meeting my friend and double sister-in-law (she is my sister-in-law's sister) at the fabric store to choose new fabric for our couch and chairs, which have been hit hard by our additional residents here the last few months, perhaps you have noticed.

Afterwards she and I went to lunch, before I met up with Darby and Becca at Aunt Cheryl's condo.  Becca and I had hoped to pack up the study there, but as Darby was moving into her new condo, and would be storing Aunt Cheryl's couches there, we used the time to move them instead.

Aren't my girls great workers?  Those couches were very heavy too.  As you can see Becca is training up Titan to be a hard worker too!!  Next I had to run home before the Payson City Offices closed to sign with Emily and Sam as a Payson resident, so they would have to pay a huge utilities deposit.  I got there at 5:58  whoa...  Then it was home to make dinner for Grandpa, as Dad had dropped him off before heading to the temple for the evening shift. 
 After sitting him down to dinner I headed to Jill Wilson's where we were making coffee filter wreaths for Spring decor ... of course its always fun to get together with ladies in the ward.


Of course Emily and Sam spent most of the week working on the Payson Cottage.  Emily even had Dad take grandpa up to be watched by Becca on Wednesday to give her a full day for painting and cleaning.
My Wednesday was a normal work day, with the KSL-Primary Children's Radiothon immediately afterwards.  Emily did watch Grandpa while we did that, our shift went until midnight.  Of course it was another chance to hang out with the Heuers and Moes, and Trevor and Nell too!! 
  Thank heavens for Emily, Nell and Becca and all they do to help with grandpa's care!

These are all pictures from the Radiothon.  It was fun to answer phones for the greatest cause out there, providing medical care to children regardless of their parents ability to pay.  Trevor and Nell, and Davin and Briahnna will be joining us at the Celebrity Dinner this year, which is always fun.   Davin and Spencer even donated a couple of pair of glasses from Hatchet Eyewear as incentives for donations!!  I just wish my pockets were deep enough to allow me to take everyone to the Celebrity Dinner!

Then I worked my normal Thursday shift at the antique mall, taking time to pack up boxes for the antique show I was doing.  After work that night Dad helped me get all the things I needed for the sale loaded into the van.  I woke up early on Friday and headed to Ogden for the set up day.  The picture above is of my booth after set up.
Dad worked on the bathroom on Saturday, but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  He then spent most of his time and energy helping Emily and Sam move into the cottage. 
 I had my best single day at an antique show ever, which was great, of course.  After work Dad took me to dinner, then we went over to Payson Cottage to see all the work Emily and Sam had done with the move in.
Sunday Dad was off to church, and I was off to the show again.  He also finished up the ward audits, then got home in time to make dinner for Emily and Sam, and Grandpa and Cheryl, of course.  Isn't he just amazing? 

 I had some friends help me load up after the show, which made it faster than normal, thankfully.  Of course take down and loading the van is definitely not my favorite part of an antique show.
So that did it for our week.  We hope yours was just as full and fun as you prefer!!

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