Monday, February 18, 2013

A Baby Shower, a Ball, Dinner w Friends, Valentines and a Special Heart Attack

Oops, Becca texted me to tell me I had not blogged about the week  before last, so here goes.  Monday of the week before Valentines, found us still in Idaho.  Britt had been delayed in coming home, but was able to come home that afternoon.  We hauled the two huge boxes, which comprised the "Shower in a Box" that Becca had conceptualized, arranged for and collected for, into the house from the garage.
The first box was full of balloons, including these that were full of helium ...  Next it was on to open the gifts.  It was a lovely way to welcome her home from the hospital and to remind her that she has a whole bunches of Utah peeps that LOVE her!!  Thanks Becca!

Dad and I spent much of our day times out looking at goodies in antique malls and second hand stores.  Dad also, as shown above, managed to keep things under control with his work crew at home, by phone.

 Wednesday night we took the boys to Fuddrucker's for a school fundraiser.  All purchases by students families have a percentage that goes back to the school.  Kai insisted he could eat the full pound Legend burger, we doubted him, but we should not have, he ate the entire thing, even after we told him he didn't have too .... whoa, what an eating machine!
  • One day Scott let Alex play outside in their electric car ... which his mama says requires adult supervision ... what a blast he had.   Then it was time for us to hit the road.  We headed out on Thursday morning, and spent about four hours in Twin Falls doing some junking, which really did break up the trip.  That and the fact that we were listening to The Host on audio book really made it a pleasant trip. 
Friday morning Dad got up early and got the tile floor laid in the main floor bathroom that he is renovating.  The small tiles made it a fairy quick job.  I cannot say how glad I am to get the tile saw out of the middle of the kitchen!!  So glad he managed to get it done so fast!  Also that day, though we were not there to witness it, Darby signed papers and became an official home owner, buying a condo in the Millcreek area, yeah Darby!!

That night we took Grandpa up to Becca and Brady's to be watched.  You can see how he enjoys a change of venue and grand kids being around.
Then Dad and I were off for an evening with the Moes and Heuers at the Heuers house.  Robin made these delicious bacon wrapped chicken breasts for dinner and we played some 'hand and foot'  (Randy and I won!!), before heading over to Maui Chill for some frozen yogurt.  Of course its always great to get together with them these days, especially since we don't get to do it as often as in the days when we were all young and lived in the same ward ... in those days there were times we got together three or even occassionally four times a week.  Ah the good old days!
On Saturday Dad was up early to run before getting some chores done including getting the floor grouted in the bathroom!!

That evening it was time for the romantic Regency Ball, put on by the Utah Chapter of JASNA, to which I belong.  It was held at the Masonic Temple on South Temple in Salt Lake and it was a snowy evening.  It was Becca's first time away from Reagan, which took some planning on her part but we had a great time.  Above she is shown with two other young women in her dress she borrowed from Emily, which I made for Emily to attend a Regency Ball back in her single days at BYU.  To the left she is wearing the fur trimmed cape that I bought for her when she got married.  Brady was an awesome companion, and we even caught him laughing and smiling several times!!  Yeah Brady!

Dad and I are to the left, and a couple who must absolutely have been Aunt and Uncle Gardner appear to the right.  (Her dress really is an exact copy of one Aunt Garner wore in one of the Pride and Prejudices, I just can't find it!!)

On Sunday it was church as usual, with the added responsiblity of Dad doing audits for some of the wards in the stake.  He got home in time to help me put together our Valentine's Dinner.

 It was my first time to use my red transferware collection to actually eat on.  The place cards I made reminded me of toile fabric, which I have always thought looked great with red transferware.

We had pink mashed potatoes, heartshaped meatloaves, heart shaped carrots with peas, pink rolls.  Nell helped me put together dessert which was angel food cake with heart shaped strawberries.  Of course the sweetest part of dinner was the guests.

Darby came a bit late, but just in time for Dad's heart attack.  I had asked everyone, in honor of Dad's 60th birthday to bring valentines and hearts which extrolled his virtues ... AKA a heart attack.  It was super fun with all kinds of creativity involved.  There were open hearts with words written all around, fancy valentine cards with sweet notes on the back, a tissue paper heart with a heart cut out, and even some commercial valentines.  It was super fun and as we read them aloud the same traits kept popping up, such as:  Hard working, taught his kids to work hard, always willing to help, super grandfather, had taken grand kids camping, had a fun work party at Christmas every year, has an amazing testimony, has lots of building skills, is romantic, loves romantic books and movies, etc.  I know that Dad was very touched, he is such a great man, its fun to see him get his due once in a while. 
We all LOVE you Grandpa/Dad/Brother/Husband/Friend/Scott Senior!!

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