Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our First Full Week with Grandpa

Monday started early for me, as soon as it was light. I had promised my blog followers a 'garden house reveal' for Tuesday, but since I worked I had to hurry and decorate and photograph it before work.  Emily came up and hung out with Cheryl and Dad all day, along with Baby Girl of course. 

Tuesday was really my only 'day off' and it was consumed with making this baby dress for Beckie.  Emily had me use her high school graduation dress, some buttons from her M-I-L's wedding dress, and some purchased lace and netting.  I added a bow at the neck made from a ribbon from Emily's blessing dress ... definitely an memorable heirloom.
After making the dress I ran into my Doctor's to get some blood work done so I could get my cholesterol med prescription renewed, and also so I could get some paperwork signed for Grandpa's application to the day care place in Salt Lake.
Scott attended the temple after work, and had his dinner in the cafeteria there.

On Wednesday and Thursday I got four items of furniture painted for flea.o.logy that weekend.  I also gathered some items to take to sell.
Briahnna watched Grandpa on Thursday as Emily had company in town to entertain, and was unable to help again.   Dad ended up getting off early that day and picked up Grandpa, then spent the afternoon with Grandpa and Cheryl at home.
I stayed after work to pack up more goodies for F, getting home about 7:30,  Dad had just left to go to the first BYU game of the season, meeting his sons there.  While he was gone, I did a bit of finishing up and gathering items for flea.o.logy, and watched Mitt Romney's talk at the Republican Convention.

Friday, Dad took the day off to help me set up for flea.o.logy.  Isn't he a saint?  He started by getting the boat moved, then helped with little set up issues all day.  I painted out the booth outlines for the dealers, and greeted the early dealers as they came to set up.  I got everything that I had brought out to the garden house on Monday, hauled back out, then hauled in, with Dad's help, all the stuff I planned to sell.
Next Dad and I were off to Salt Lake for a family gathering there, including some friends, and the company that Emily had in town.  It was a lovely, memorable evening, the culmination of which is shown below at the Iggy's where Darby works on Saturday evenings.


When I got home, I pretty much stayed up all night setting up my booth, and doing my share of the 'night watch' over the sale.  It had rained some right before Dad and I left for Salt Lake, but we were still hoping for good weather for the sale.

Here is my friend Cathie, working on last minute blog posts and adds for the sale, at 3:00 AM, just made me giggle.  She headed to bed about 4:30, and within 5 minutes there was  huge crash from lightening and thunder hitting at the same time.  It even woke up Beckie in the basement and so Emily and Sam came out to see what had happened.  It started to pour, and I was glad my goods were in the garden house, as I don't usually set up a pop up on the lawn.  Most of the dealers, because of the earlier storm, had gathered their goods and hung them with tarps, so most things were in good shape after the solid half hour of pouring rain.

Then morning came, and everyone rushed to get ready to open at 8:00 AM. Here is Nell, with the booth she shared with Aunt Joyce, Emily and Dad have come by to visit, and keep dry as another rain storm hits around 9:30 AM.

Here I am with Pauline, she is a regular blog follower, who saw my post of the white magazine table, and who rushed down to flea.o.logy to buy it.  She said she reads my blog everyday and had been following the building of the garden house with much excitement and wonder.  That was so fun to hear about!!

Here is Emily with her M-I-L, Sheila, who paid me the compliment of comparing the rush she felt at flea.o.logy to the rush she feels when she goes to First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas, the oldest continuous Flea Market in the United States ... (1850's)  Wow.

And here I am with Eva, after Trevor came, bringing the kids, to help Nell pack up after the show.

The garden house got a lot of attention, and there were many customers who took pictures of it.  This lady is actually going to build one, as she has a handy husband and took a ton of pics to help with the project.    I also thought you might enjoy seeing how mud tracked the floor was by the end of the day.  My sales were great, even though I had fewer things for sale, I have dumped the idea of using flea.o.logy to clearance stuff, so it was great to make as much money as I usually do with about half the stuff to haul in, set up, and later take down and pack up.  I also think the garden house made people want to buy, because its so cute ... kind of weird, but cool.
Sam also taught in Sunday School, and did his usual stellar job.  Then I got to teach my Sunbeam class for the first time.  The little girl who is the big problem in that class was there, and in full blown mode, but all went well, and I think I am going to love teaching them.  I so appreciate the Primary President arranging things so I can teach and still go to Sunday School and Relief Society some.

Emily hosted dinner after Church, baking frozen lasagnas and garlic bread.  We had a great time visiting.

Here I am with my friend Pat who also came by.  It was an amazing week getting into a routine with caring for grandpa and Aunt Cheryl, while still managing to fit in most of what we usually do.  I will say that Cheryl is a great help with Grandpa, and I am not sure we could pull it off without her.


  1. Glad to part of your big week! It was a great night. I can't wait to see your Garden house!

  2. Football wasn't only with sons - one daughter was and is always there too :)