Monday, September 24, 2012

A baby, A play, A birthday, A muddy race and Grandpa Gets Kicked out!

On Monday, Dad took off to points south where he spent four days working on two different stores.  He did run home Tuesday to do his shift at the temple, slept at home and headed back.  Emily did the day care for the four days, leaving

me free to pursue such adventures as a dentist appointment in the morning and going to Becca's ultrasound. in the afternoon.   It was so fun to see the baby moving and to know that all is well with her development.

On Tuesday I got the van cleared of all the goodies I had found on Monday, junking.  I also did some tasks to get ready for the Fallow Field Farm sale I am doing this weekend.  That evening the Young Men and Young Women came by gather yard waste and hauled away the big branches we had gathered since our last trip to the dump.  They all wanted to come take a peek at the garden house and the Best girls and their dad were talking about making one of their own!

I worked on Wednesday, as always, and had Davin and Gabe come by to pick up some stuff, and to show me that they had put a full size armoire in Dave's new mini van, impressive!!  You can see it in our garage now, and you will be amazed at his packing skills.  (got some of his Dad in him I guess.)
Also on Wednesday Spencer had surgery on the finger he cut the previous week.  When he went in for a check up, they could tell the tendon had detached from the broken off piece of bone, so he is now wearing a big 'ol cast on his hand, and his three weeks of being unable to work will likely be longer.

After work I picked up Kim and we went to Cafe Rio and then to see Arsenic and Old Lace at the Hale Center Theater.  She loved this mustache car in the parking lot, so we saved it for posterity.  Below is a picture of the two of us 'on stage'  the picture was compliments of Tami who came in her mom's place.  Kim thought the plot was pretty weird, which it is, but I think she liked it.

Thursday was another work day for me, but before work Emily came up to show me how cute Beckie looked in the outfit I got her for her birthday.  We were visiting in the hall upstairs and Beckie noticed the toy dresser in the hall waiting to go to the sale this weekend, I wish I had my camera out at the moment she kissed herself in the mirror, it was too cute!!

Since Scott was home that evening we invited Emily and Sam up and celebrated Cheryl's birthday a day late. 

On Friday I worked on paint projects for the FFF show.  When Dad went to get grandpa from the day care place in Salt Lake he was informed that Grandpa could not come back because of the constant chattering and the fact we won't medicate to cut it out.  So silly.  That night we took Grandpa and went over to the Spanish Fork Water Gardens and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  Grandpa seemed pretty disoriented, and slept though a lot of it, but still, it was a bit of a change, so we hope he liked that, at least. 

On Saturday Dad got Spencer to come down to watch Grandpa, since I had to work and he had the Dirty Dash with Ben and Dave.  It was nice for me because he came early enough that I could talk to him about his owie, etc. 
 So here are the boys in their clean state before the race.  I love that Dad wore his old Foot
Locker shirt, from the days of Trevor's high school running, because on the back it says "got mud"!!  And yes, as you can see they do, "got mud", Dad had a great time, and I am sure my muddy boys did too.
On Sunday morning Dad watched Beckie, while Emily and Sam  went to the 9:00 Session of the temple dedication.  That afternoon he had to usher for the 3:00 session, so Grandpa and I got to come and go on our own, though he was able to sit with us. 
Here is a picture of Dad and grandpa enjoying Sunday morning in the garden house, Emily even brought them some corn muffins.

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  1. Scott cleaned up so well in the very next picture! I think I missed how Spencer hurt is hand in the first place (i believe I never go t back to last week's post---I will look it up!)
    I am so proud of your kids that they will pitch in and help with Grandpa! What are going to do with him now that he has been expelled!?!?!