Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Week Where-in a Gorilla Played a Part!

What a week, and it all started with a parade that came to us!! 

The Payson Onion days parade rerouted to go past our house about 10 years ago, its hard to miss a parade that is that easy to attend, eh?

Trevor's family, Ben, Emily's family, Becca's family and Grandpa Carlo joined in the fun, with Aunt Cheryl catching some of the fun as well.

There was even a float that was perfect for Dad and Grandpa ... and it was sponsored by Macey's, how fun is that!!

After the parade Wendy, Rick and Kate dropped by for a visit.  It was nice to catch up, and I know it was nice for Grandpa to get to visit with more of his posterity!!
 But the partying did not end there, because that night we all celebrated J. Scott's birthday at his house in Pleasant Grove.

No really sure why the gorilla was invited, but it was so fun to see all the almost 2 year old's varied reactions to him.

Look how good the gorilla looked after the beautiful princess gave him a kiss, and you though fairy tales were not real ...

After all that, Tuesday was pretty mundane.  Dad took Grandpa to the daycare place in Salt Lake for the first time.  That evening Dad had his session at the temple.
 On Wednesday and Thursday I went to work as usual, and did some displays to get ready for our big sale on Saturday.  The one shown to the right is the autumn display I did.  Dad went to one of the southern stores on Thursday, so Emily came upstairs to take care of Grandpa.  Aunt Cheryl loves getting to see baby Beckie, as does Grandpa, though he mostly refers to her as 'the little guy' or 'cowboy', unless she's wearing a dress.  Pink rompers and huge hairbows won't do the trick, it has to be a dress.
Thursday night Emily and I had our ward book club meeting, and Dad had another ward audit to do, so Sam, bless his cotton socks, came up to watch Grandpa until we got back.  The book club was fun, with 8 women there.  Its great to see it expand, Emily and I have both been promoting it.  Between us I think we could account for all but one guest (from the RS presidency) and the hostess ... GO PERKINS/TALLY!
On Friday I got the birthday gift packages ready for Britt's boys, did some house cleaning, laundry and errands, before doing a tiny bit of junquing in SLC after which I met Dad at Aunt Karen's.  She was taking care of Grandpa for the evening, while Dad and I met with the Heuers and Moes for dinner and a play.  I think its going to be very important to keep up our social life, if we are going to survive taking care of Grandpa.  Thank Heaven we have such supportive family.

On Saturday it was up early, add a seat to the van, stop by the birthday sale at Treasures to get rid of all my cash, pick up grandkids and GO TO LAGOON!! (Emily and Sam watched Grandpa, if you are keeping track.)

 We all had a great day, Becca and Brady and Titan split off first, to ride on their own, then we lost our Dear Darby who had plans with friends ... 

I think the kids all had fun, and when we had tuckered them all out, we loaded them in the van and drove up to a little mountain town to the north where we had heard they had free cable spools out laying in a field (Thanks Nellie). Dad managed to load in a couple in the back with his magic packing skills, then we stopped for gas and a slurpee and headed home.
On Sunday, Dad got his Dad ready for church then headed off to meetings, I took Dad and when to church and when we got to the chapel, he chose a different place for us to sit.  Sam joined us on the side row behind Denise Ekins, because Emily was home with Beckie who was cutting teeth.  They traded places after Sacrament Meeting so Emily could teach both her Young Women's class AND her Sunday School Class.
Dad came into Sunday School late to sit with Grandpa, and I rushed into Primary, 20 minutes late, fortunately the presidency was covering for me. 
After church we all had a quiet dinner and evening at home.
Well, that did it for our week.


  1. Love the Gorilla mask on the little guy! I enjoyed our date night!

  2. You're right! I love your orange chair! :) it's so fun.