Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beckie Turns One and other stuff!

So, we are definitely getting into a routine with taking care of Grandpa.  Dad took him to the daycare place on Monday, as he did the rest of the week.  Monday, this facilitated me holding my Garden Cottage Warming.  We were able to sit 10, or would have been able to if my friend Stacy had not been sick.  Everyone loved the garden house, and we all had a great time.

That night Davin and Bri stopped by to visit, which is always fun. Here is Adilyn with her Grandpa and Great Grandpa.  After our visit, Dad and I were off to our once a month family home evening group.  Emily took over keeping an eye on Grandpa while we were gone.

On Tuesday, Dad got Grandpa up, dressed and fed again, and off to daycare, as he was working in Salt Lake all week ... I ran to Salt Lake to meet my best friend from college for lunch.  Arlene is also my brother Doug's wife, Shirley's sister.  We have sort of become disconnected, but she has recently divorced and has moved to a new neighborhood.  I was thrilled with the initiation to get reacquainted, she is really one of my very favorite people in the world.  I also dropped by Vine Street antiques to deliver an item to my friend Marcy who works there and did a bit of checking out the store, the gears and cogs above are in her Steampunk booth there.

On Wednesday and Thursday I worked at the antique mall, taking in some stuff to mark and put out, and also making more of the vintage lace cards, that have sold well in the past.  The banner above was a project for my pollyanna blog.

When Dad went to pick up Grandpa from day care on Friday, the lady in charge said that his constant chattering is a problem, that he had chattered for three hours straight and that other attendees had complained.  She suggested that we might want to get him some meds to quiet him down, really?  She said she has been doing this for 20 years and has never had a chatterer like Grandpa before.  She said it might be a problem for him to go there if we don't medicate him.  Which of course we won't.  We may just have him go there less often and get the kids to help with his care instead.  The way I see it is when he is chattering, he is happy.
I, meanwhile, was off to the Relief Society retreat at KOHOLOWO up Payson Canyon.  The leaves, by the way, are lovely.  Ginny, far right, is new in our ward, and offered to drive me up.  We spent the night, along with Janean Waite.  There were 4 other ward ladies who came up for the evening.  It was pretty fun to be back at girl's camp.

On Saturday we got to celebrate Beckie's First birthday.  Here she is with Dad's and my gift to her, I love how when she gets excited she does this little O thing with her mouth, its pretty cute.

A friend of Sam's got her the U cheerleader outfit.

She obviously enjoyed destroying her cute turtle cake.  Her turtle party theme was due to the fact that she LOVES Sam's turtle.
That night Dad and I took Grandpa to the adult meeting at the stake for Regional Conference.  The Kews invited us over to watch the BYU/Utah game and order in, but with no one to watch grandpa we had to decline, its the first invitation we have had to set aside so far.   Dad ended up watching the game with Cheryl and Grandpa while I read.

On Sunday, Davin and Bri and their kids came down and went to conference with us, as did Emily, Sam and Beckie.  Afterwards we all got things ready for our bi weekly family dinner.  We missed seeing Ben and Darby, but had the rest of the gang, including Brady because we were able to have it earlier than usual.
That night I put together this display for my Monday morning blog post.
So that was our week.  We managed to keep busy and do some fun stuff.  

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