Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Week That Has Changed Us For Good

 Crazy week, and we will never be the same as we were.  To start, just for fun, I thought I would share a smile.  I was working on a project outside Monday when Emily brought the baby out and we were chatting.  Who should come through the drive through at the bank?  These four video game characters, Princess Peach, Mario, et al riding bikes.  I asked what was up, and they said it was the day before school started and they wanted to make memories.  Well, they made a memory for me!!  Also On Monday I helped Dad install the chandelier in the garden house, Emily even came out and helped hold the very heavy thing while Dad got it hooked up.
Tuesday was errand day for me.  I did some banking, bought some books, (on line and at the book store) grocery shopped and just for fun, hit the dollar store.  Good times, Dad worked then did his shift at the temple.
Wednesday was a work day, then visiting teaching in the evening. 
Thursday is the day that changed our lives.  I knew Dad was bringing Grandpa home to live with us, but while at work I got a call from Dad saying that when he took Cheryl to help get her set up at her condo, Uncle Kelly had rented it to someone .... oops.  It was a good thing Cheryl was here that night, because  I had book club here, and Dad had audits for a couple of wards in the stake. (The joys of having a degree in accounting, I guess).  Anyway, while I was listening to the author of Mark of Royalty, with my book club members, Cheryl, was helping keep our wandering grandpa contained.

Above are some of the ladies, with their copies of Mark of Royalty, I am shown here with Jennifer Clark, the main author.  It was her first book, and is based on a scene from a dream ...  She loves story telling and has been doing it her whole life, her sister, who co-authored the book, encouraged her to write down her stories.  We are so glad she did!!

Dad took the day off on Friday to help get Grandpa and Cheryl settled in.  Emily came up with baby girl to help keep grandpa entertained.
Then on Saturday, I got up early to paint the electrical conduit in the garden house before Dad, Grandpa and I headed off for a birthday lunch for Ben, Davin and Becca at Tucanos. (Of course Dad was off doing his long run of the week first thing)  Grandpa seemed to enjoy all that was going on around him at the birthday party lunch. I just wish Cheryl was up to getting out, but she prefers to stay 'home' at the moment. When we got home,  Dad and I hauled the mattress out to the garden house, and then he installed the rail. I then finished the floor with varathan. Then Dad screwed in a cup hook to hold the mosquito netting. I plan my big 'reveal' on my blog for this coming Tuesday morning. Its been so long in coming and Dad has worked so very hard, he's amazing.

 Then Saturday night Briahnna and Dave brought Elias over for us to watch him while they went to a movie.  I had to run to the grocery store, and when I got home Elias was playing the piano.  I made dinner, and we all sat down together and ate.  I needed some flowers for the garden house, so I ran to Walmart, while Dad watched Elias and Grandpa.  Unfortunately Grandpa was able to open our tricky front door, and I got a panicked phone call from Dad saying that Grandpa had disappeared, and to come home NOW!!  (I had drifted off into shopping for grandkids birthday gifts since we have a few coming up.)  When I got home, Sam, Emily and I all cruised the neighborhood in separtate vehicles to no avail.  Emily called the police, and yes, they had him and brought him home.  He is now in their data base, so in the future they will know where to bring him.  The policeman was very, very nice and said Grandpa isn't the only elderly Payson resident known to wander.  AArrrggggg....
Today we had church as usual, and Dad got to attend our sacrament meeting, which was helpful, as I brought Grandpa on my own (after Dad showered and dressed him, that is) .  Grandpa did do some talking during the meetings, and it was hard to remind him to be quiet as he can't hear you.  In the end it worked out.  Then I ran home to make dinner. After Dinner Dad and I went out to take some pics of the directional sign I have made for the garden, and Emily and Sam and Baby girl came out to the garden house.  As you see Sam and Beckie climbed into the sleeping loft,  Beckie wasn't sure what she thought about that. 
Now Dad and Grandpa have gone off to the concert in the park, Cheryl is watching some kind of sports thing downstairs and I am, well, blogging about our week. 
 When Dad and grandpa were up at the park they met up with Davin and Bri and the kids, as well as Emily and Beckie.  Emily called me from the park to tell me all the fun I was missing.  But luckily for me Davin and Bri and the kids stopped by on their way home and visited for a while.  They even posed for pics in the garden house. 

 Hope your week was wonderful!!  Love you all!

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