Monday, August 6, 2012

Idaho Trip, Antiqueing, Movies, Projects, Salmon Super and a Baby Blessing

Last Sunday, Dad and I headed to Idaho driving along with Britt and her boys.  We got in late Sunday, then first thing Monday Dad and I took the boys to their Tae Kwon Do class.

We spent the rest of the day going to second hand stores, then watched the first three episodes of Downton Abby with Britt.  On Tuesday we spent the day going to antique stores, including the one above and the one to the left.

Dad and Britt both got in a lot of reading while we were there.  Dad also did a run on Monday and Wednesday in preparation for his half marathon next week.  Tuesday night Dad, Britt and Mike went and saw the new Batman Movie.  Then we watched the rest of Downton Abby season two on Wednesday night.  We headed home Thursday morning, stopping at the store pictured above after getting high recommendations from my friend Cathie Cox.  It was a  bit out of the way, and added a half hour to our drive home, but it was a great store. 
We stopped at Grandpa Perkin's on our way through Salt Lake, and met Aunt Karen there checking in on them.  I visited with Cheryl while Dad ran and got Mexican food for all. 

On Friday Dad went out for a killer 13 mile run, and then came home and sat comatose in his chair until I got home from some junking I did with my friends Cathie Cox and Jenn, the flea.o.logy trio.  He worked on filling in the spaces left on the window walls of the garden house, while I painted them as he added them, and then I did a repaint of the floor, later adding a pattern with a large wallpaper stamp that I have.

That night we met up with Cathie Cox and her family at the Park in Payson for the annual Salmon Supper.   The salmon portions are amazingly large, and delicious, which is saying a lot since Dad and I don't always love fish that much.  Cathie came over after to see how the garden house is coming.

On Saturday it was more garden house building under the supervision of Beckie and Admiral, shown above.

Dad and Sam did some real bonding up on the roof, and did a great job, it looks amazing!

Emily, meanwhile, felt the need to clean out the boat.  Now Dad just needs to get it repaired so we can get out on the lake before we lose the nice boating weather.

While the boys roofed, and Emily cleaned the boat, I worked on cutting new pieces for the railing that will edge the loft, and then painted it.   After we all finished up our projects, Emily and Sam invited us downstairs for dinner and a movie.  We got to watch Batman; The Dark Knight, which neither Dad nor I had seen, and which helped Dad make a lot more sense of the movie he had seen with Britt, Mike and Kai earlier in the week.

Then today after Dad did all his High Councilor meetings and met with his ward, we were off to see Adilyn blessed.  Davin did a wonderful job, and his grandmother-in-law told me what a fine job he had done too, so its not just me that thinks he did well.

Besides the Perkins clan, we got to see two of Bri's Mom's siblings, her grandparents, some cousins, and some Moes too, including Craig and his girls, and Eric!
 I liked this picture of Davin with his brother-in-law Gabe and his baby brother Spencer.

 Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the very nice buffet spread.  Dad and I headed home in time for him to officiate in an ordination in his 'other' ward.  I took my book and read and snoozed a bit before Emily, Sam and Beckie came up to visit.   Then Dad and I grabbed our books and walked up to the park for the band concert. 
That about does it for our week.  Hope all went well with yours.  It was so great to see so many of you!!  We love you!

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