Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Shower, Maui Chill, Eating Out, Fathers and Sons, Garden House and More

This week was packed ... it started on Monday with our traditional baby shower luncheon for Adilyn.  We met at Milagros in Orem.  Here we see Ashley with Zach and Emily with Beckie waiting for the rest of the crew.

Then the tiny guest of honor arrives, though I am not sure that the proceedings really impressed her.

Afterwards we all reconvened at Maui Chill on its grand opening day.  We were all impressed with the range of flavors, and enjoyed stretching out the party, of course.

The party reconvened once more at Trevor and Nell's, with the boys added into the mix to celebrate Spencer's 22nd birthday.

and though our plans for a family picture this summer fell through, I did get this picture (Actually Nell's pic was better and will get printed off, but was too large to download here) of all my grandchildren in one place at one time ... also a pic of all my sons. 
And a good time was had by all!!

On Wednesday I worked, as usual, but had someone come in a half hour before the end of the day so that I could head up a Relief Society service activity that night, where we made bibs for an orphanage in China.

Next I was off to our Relief Society Book Club.  Emily also attended and we talked about To Kill a Mockingbird.

When I got home I found a wonderful surprise.  Dad had hung the windows in the front and back wall as well as the door!!  I was just so tickled!!!

On Thursday I worked again, but spent a huge part of the day repainting one of my  booths to make it into a white on white style space, which is pretty trendy right now.

After work I had my regular book club, which is always fun.  We discussed David Copperfield which I had really enjoyed reading.

On Friday I worked on projects, including helping Emily a bit with redoing the chairs she got from Becca who got them from Brittany ... wonder who will end up with these chairs next.  I also got to help her make curtains for the kitchen that matched the chairs.

The boys, including Dad, Sam, Alex and Kai all went off to Father's and sons up at Strawberry, where they ate goodies and caught crawfish. 
Meanwhile Emily, Britt and I went out for Mexican and then came home to watch one of Emily's favorite movies, Stardust, which we all loved.


On Saturday we got our men back and Dad and I worked on getting the window walls up on the green house, with a bit of fun and entertainment provided by the boys ...
while the girls provided the audience.

Our crew and our audience ran off to seven peaks in the afternoon, where they met up with Darby.  Then we all met up again, and Becca and Titan joined us at Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner.

That night I finished up a craft project for my blog and made sure that I had enough pictures uploaded to do a week's worth of blog posts for my Pollyanna Blog.   Then Sunday morning I uploaded the pics I would need, then worked with Emily on making a nice breakfast for our house guests before heading off to church.  After sacrament meeting we finished up packing for a week in Idaho, then loaded up the van with Dad and I and the Mitkos and headed to Idaho.  We arrived at Britt's house around 11:00 PM ... yawn!!  Hope you all had a great week too, and enjoyed the family get togethers, I know that Dad and I did.  Thanks all... We love you!!


  1. Yhanks for coming to Maui Chil! (twice in one day is the mark of a TRUE friend! I LOVE YOUR LITTLE GARDEN HOUSE! CAN I HAVE A SLEEPOVER THERE?

    What day and time is our little Jane Austen thing?

    1. Austen thing is next Monday at 11. And yes, a sleepover in the loft would be great!!

  2. Wow!!! Love that little house. Soooooo amazing! We NEED to get together. Maybe we could set up something when you get back???

    1. Yes, we definitely need to get together, why was it you couldn't do the Jane Austen thing? Barb is going, I bet you could get a ticket at the 'door'.

  3. Cute pics this week, mums. Especially of Zach and Dad.