Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Dinner Party, A Play, Book Club, A Concert, A Baby Shower, Dinner and a MovieToo!

Yes, we had another fun and full week.  Though it started with a call from the antique mall Monday, to inform me that I had a shelf fall off the wall over the weekend, ouch.
 Dad worked all week through Thursday, finishing up in Centerville.  He moved a couple of gondolas (remember that is a whole row of shelving, both sides) 6 inches each, because it was 'bothering his eye'.  He then added the kick plates to all the shelving.  Hurrah!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was getting ready for a dinner party.  Dad's cousin Eric had come out to bring his daughter Gabby to the MTC.  He also brought his daughter Sam, who is still in high school and his daughter Francesca who has been accepted to Columbia to do graduate work this fall and will be moving into the city. (They all grew up in New Jersey)  As you can see I did some crafting, making the cannister above that day as well as getting ready for our dinner.  Emily came up to do laundry and put Beckie in the top of the laundry hamper to carry her up ... Beckie, surprisingly, liked that.

I got a call before they arrived to tell me that the girl's cousin Michael was coming as well.  Michael is Dad's cousin Mark's son.  (You may recall that Mark married a Dannish girl, had two sons, divorced and was killed in a coast guard accident, when Michael was 8)  I guess Eric has worked hard to keep these boys connected with their American cousins.  Michael and his Mom and brother lived in California for several years before moving back to Denmark.  As it turns our Michael, who lives in Provo while his wife attends BYU, was a lot of fun.  I am now friends with him on FB.  I was already friends with his mother. Emily and Sam joined us, and we all laughed and laughed, so much Perkins humor, so fun.

On Tuesday Emily came up along with her friend Emily from the ward, and we all got glitter toes.  That night Dad worked with me and we added a row of drawers to my desk that was made from an old organ.  I also noticed that my tomatoes are getting ripe.... yummy can hardly wait.
 I  worked on Wednesday and Thursday, moving things around, removing wallpaper border, etc, in the booth that had the shelf fall.  I think it was a good thing for me to change things up a bit, which means that (looking at this from a Pollyanna perspective) there was a silver lining to the shelf falling off the wall, right?

Thursday night I had bookclub which is always fun, and Dad stayed home to show Dayton Weight my old craft room, because we are going to have the furnace ductwork moved up to allow us to make it into a bedroom for the apartment!!  :-)

Dad took the day off on Friday and we went to Home Depot and spent $300 bucks for wood for the garden house.  Whoa, this is getting spendy.  

That night we met for dinner with the Heuers and Moes and then went and saw Crazy About You at the Hale Center Theater.  As always it was good to get together.  The Moes new Yogurt place is opening this month, and we doubt we will see much of them for a while, so it was good to get to go out!!

On Saturday Dad worked on the garden house all day.  Emily and I ran off mid afternoon to go to Jennifer Crump Cameron's baby shower.  It was fun for Emily to see old Park Ward friends, I think, and Sam got to have Daddy daughter time with Beckie.

That night Sam BBQed chicken and he and Emily brought dinner up to us, how nice was that?  (I had been having a 'craft-a-thon', trying to get several things done for blogging, enough to cover the coming week.  Yeah!!)
 They also invited us down to the apartment to watch a movie we had missed at the theaters called 'One For the Money', based on some detective type books about Stephanie Plum that I have read,  she's aa 'Joy-see' girl who works as a bounty hunter.  Sam didn't love it, but Dad and I both did.

Today we had church as normal, which means Dad is gone all day doing church meetings for his 'ward', and I get to sit without him in Sacrament meeting, or Fast and Testimony meeting as it was today, then he joins me for Sunday School.  I got called on at the last minute to sub in Primary, as they only had 2 teachers show up (Out of 8!)  Whoa.

Then as you can see Dad and I went to the first concert in the park for the year.  It was great to greet neighbors there, and to make new friends too, including a three legged dog, a fleaology wannabe, and a charming autistic adult woman ... so very fun.

So that wraps up another week for us, hope yours was full of fun as well.  Love you all.  -Mom/Paula/Polly

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  1. Sorry about the shelf! What happened? Did a bracket break? etc? It was good to see you. I can't wait to see your completed Garden House!